Sigma Wing (Port Hedland System)

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Sigma Wing
Date 2654.141.0600
Fighter Scimitar
Wingmen Joseph Khumalo
Other Friendly Ships Exeter-Class Destroyer at Nav 1.
Medal Gold Star
Objectives Defend the Tiger's Claw

Defend Exeter-Class Destroyer
Eliminate Fralthi-Class Cruiser

Previous Xi Wing (Port Hedland System)
Next Gamma Wing (Rostov System) (Win Series)
Kappa Wing (Hubble's Star System) (Lose Series)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

"I was hoarse after the Code Red mission," Knight reminisced. "The Kilrathi were on a roll, attacking Confederation ships throughout the system. The Claw was our first priority, then move to help out an Exeter under attack, then on to destroy a Fralthi."

"I won't bother you with the details of each dogfight, but I was constantly screaming out insults to every Kilrathi pilot I could contact. It's only effective about 50 percent of the time, but that cuts the odds in half for the ships we're protecting. That's quite an edge, and I just hope the Kilrathi pilots never figure out how helpful their attitude is to our mission objectives."

"We hit four Jalthi who were attacking the carrier, then four Gratha when we reached the Exeter. When we went after the Fralthi, we had four Krant to deal with. It was like staring at a Joan's Fighting Spacecraft publication but the ships moved, fired, and launched."

"It was impossible to make it through all three parts of the mission without sustaining some damage. When you're protecting ships, you often have to break away from weakened targets and go after stronger ones that are attacking. It changes your strategy."

"The Jalthi took their toll on my weapon and ion drive. I couldn't fight in one long slide, so they managed a few hits with their neutrons. By the time we made it to the Exeter, my computer system was lightly damaged and Spirit's was out. We couldn't communicate."

"We burned the Gratha around the Exeter, but when we hit the Fralthi's protectors the battle was really tough. With all our damage, we really had to fight defensively, and that really added to the time span of the dogfights. We managed to destroy the fighter wing, but not before the Fralthi jumped out of the system and escaped. The mission was only a marginal success."

Preflight Conversations


Hello, my boy. How's about a cool drink and a tall tale?
Word is, we're pulling out soon ... maybe for the Rostov System.
Remind me to tell you about a little place I know, when we get there.
I heard that one of the Kilrathi aces is flying around these parts.
Go and ask Paladin...I think he's tangled with him before.
Take care of yourself, Maverick.


Ah, Maverick. Join our party.
There is little time remaining to turn this war in our favor...
Should we fail now, I fear that we will be pushed back to the Homeworlds.
But there is always hope. You, myself, all of us can affect that outcome.
Think about that when next you fly. It will guide your actions.


Well now, lad. 'Tis good to see you again. Have a seat and tilt a glass.
I hear ol' Shotglass rumblin' on about one o' the Kilrathi aces.
Last I 'eard, laddie, the only ace around these parts was Bakhtosh Redclaw.
T'was back a few years when I had a tussle with him.
He's one o' their nobles, so it's said. While most Kilrathi look at humans as animals...
...he thinks that we're not even that high or mighty.
Anyhow, lad, I was servin' on a cruiser when he led a Jalthi attack on our ship.
He's easily the deadest aim that Kilrah's got to offer.
He took out four o' me mates before we knew what hit us.
Keep an eye out for him, lad. He's a tough warrior.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Port Hedland System, 06:00 hours, 2654.141.

Peter Halcyon
We've got a Code Red out there, people...
Every Confederation ship in the system is under attack.
The rest of our fighters have been Blue Devils will defend the Claw.
Maverick and two will form the final wing. Maverick will lead.
Listen close, boys, there's a complication...
One of our destroyers has sighted another Fralthi-class cruiser...
You'll need to move to assist the Exeter against several fighters...
...before you can continue on to attack this new Fralthi.
Computer, display Sigma.
First, you'll need to assist in the defense of the Tiger's Claw.
We'll have two more Scims in space before you...
...but there are four Jalthi closing with the Claw, so it won't be easy.
When you've cleaned up the Jalthi, move on to Nav 1...
...where you'll help defend one of our Exeters against a wing of Gratha.
If you're still in good enough shape after turning the Gratha away...
...I want you to fly on to Nav 2, the last known fix on this Fralthi.
Take a crack at her, if you can, but try not to get yourself killed.
That Fralthi has to be where all these fighters are coming from.
If we can take her out, we won't have so many furballs to worry about.
Very well. Good luck, boys.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 16:40 hours, 2654.141.

Peter Halcyon
Glad you're back, Maverick. Let's have your report.
Christopher Blair
The Exeter's safe and sound, sir.
Peter Halcyon
Well done. She's too valuable a piece of hardware to lose.
Christopher Blair
It was quite a scrap, sir, but the Fralthi is history!
Peter Halcyon
Congratulations to both of you.
According to your flight recorder...
You did get 9 of the fuzzballs, Maverick...
and Knight shot down 4.
Major, I need to see you in my office, now.

Colonel Halcyon’s Office. 16:50 hours, 2654.141.

Peter Halcyon
Blair. Come in. I need to speak with you.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir?
Peter Halcyon
I’ve been speaking with sector command.
The brass have been reviewing your record, and I have good news.
The order came in this morning, I’ve been authorised to promote you.
Congratulations, Major Blair.
Keep up the good work.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir. I’ll do my best.
Peter Halcyon
Glad to hear it. We’ll be leaving Port Hedland soon and I need to make some personnel changes.
Effective immediately following the jump, you’ll be reassigned.
I need you in Star Slayer Squadron, flying a Raptor-class heavy fighter.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. You won’t be sorry.
Peter Halcyon
Good. I’m glad to hear it.
That’s all, then, Major.

Hangar Deck. 17:00 hours, 2654.141.

Peter Halcyon
For meritorious conduct in confronting the Kilrathi enemy, in the Port Hedland system,
on or about 2654.141, the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Gold Star to Major Blair.
Your courage is exemplary of the Confederation’s finest defenders.
Good job, Maverick. Congratulations.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir.

Filled with pride, Maverick meets the applause of his fellows.

Win / Lose Series



Human Colony on the water planet, Hurricane, Port Hedland System.

After the Terran fleet has defeated the Kilrathi at Port Hedland,
Hurricane’s planetary defences head off a last-ditch Kilrathi assault.

Next Mission: Gamma Wing (Rostov System)


Human Colony on the water planet, Hurricane, Port Hedland System.

While Kilrathi vessels over Hurricane gain control of Port Hedland space,
a wing of Dralthi fighters descend to attack settlements on the surface.
The defeat of Hurricane’s colonists is swift and complete.

Next Mission: Kappa Wing (Hubble's Star System)