Phase-transit cannon

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Phase-Transit Cannon
Type Anti-Ship Weapon
Introduction 2653 - 2665
Range 8000 k
Refire Rate 1.5 sec
Energy Rating 100 nJ
Source Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

Borger's All The Sector's Weapons Systems

This weapon forms the keel of the Confederation-class dreadnought; it is too large to be mounted on any other ship in the Confederation Navy. The phase-transit cannon bypasses shields and is capable of destroying any ship with a single shot. It is a refinement of a similar weapon found in the wreckage of the Sivar-Class Dreadnought, the Kilrathi dreadnought that single-handedly destroyed the Goddard colony in 2654.

Continual problems with the phase-transit cannon led to its retirement in late 2665.

TCS Concordia Destroying a Fralthra