Roman Lynch - Mission D

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Roman Lynch - Mission D
MM - PRIV - Roman Lynch D.png
Date 2669
Type Rendezvous Mission
Jumps 1 (New Constantinople, Newcastle)
Objectives Go to Newcastle, Nav 3
Cargo Alien Artifact (1)
Designation S2MD
Previous Roman Lynch - Mission C
Next E. Masterson - Mission A
Saved Game S2MD.SAV

Roman Lynch - Mission D is a mission in Wing Commander Privateer. It may be accessed by talking to Roman Lynch at the bar on New Constantinople in the New Constantinople system after completing Roman Lynch - Mission C.

Mission Description

Collect Lynch's researcher from New Castle system, Liverpool refinery base.

Pays 30000 credits.

Mission Layout

Location # Faction Ships Intelligence Notes
Newcastle System
Nav 1 1 Pirate Talon Miggs
3 Pirate Talon fanatical pros
Nav 2 1 Pirate Talon Miggs
3 Pirate Talon fanatical pros
Nav 4 1 Pirate Talon Miggs
3 Pirate Talon fanatical pros
Nav 5 1 Pirate Talon Miggs
3 Pirate Talon fanatical pros


Mission Briefing

Initial Offer

Talk to Lynch

$NM. I trust you took care of my dear cousin.
Intersys was ready for us. But I got him to Romulus all right.
Excellent. Please accept this payment, 30,000 credits, with my warmest thanks.
But now, steel yourself for bad news.
Smythe, a man in my employ, found vital information regarding the artifact at the Oxford Library.
Unfortunately, Mr. Smythe is currently trapped on a base in the Newcastle System.
The authorities there, rife with corruption, have stopped me from...exerting my influence.
I see. What kind of information?
Smythe has not communicated that, but I believe our best chance of identifying your find...
...resides in the files at Oxford. Smythe has access to this information.
I'll pay you 30,000 credits to retrieve this man. It's in our mutual interest, after all. Deal?
Accept Refuse
Smythe is on Liverpool. A small refinery in the Newcastle System.
He'll be waiting for you in the bar there.
Look, why don't I just head for Oxford myself and locate the information?
Smythe is a data retrieval expert. You'd never find what you need alone.
Okay, I'll get him...but I hate to run off without giving Miggs a kiss. Where is he?
Miggs is currently eliminating a...labor difficulty. I'll convey your regards.
I think I've gotten enough out of you. Our business is done.
I'm headed for Oxford to find the information I need.
Smythe is an information retrieval expert. You'll never find what you need alone...
...but I suppose you'll need to learn that the hard way. You'll be back.


Talk to Lynch

$NM, I am truly dismayed at your haphazard attitude regarding our business.
Unless you retrieve Smythe from the Newcastle System...
...our mutual search for information on the artifact is stymied.
We know he uncovered something at the Oxford library.
Why not go there?
Wasteful duplication of effort. Smythe knows what we want to know.
Better to retrieve him than to attempt to duplicate his research.
Okay, Lynch. I'll get him off...Liverpool, was it?
Yes, in Newcastle. And I'd advise you to hurry.
Return here afterwards with Smythe for your payment of 30,000 credits.


Talk to Lynch

I've been thinking...maybe you're right.
Your man Smythe uncovered something important at Oxford...
...something it might take me months to locate on my own.
An optimistic estimate, I'm afraid. The Oxford stacks are voluminous.
We'll both be better off if you rescue Smythe.
I'm offering 30,000 credits for his return here, payable on delivery. Interested?
Accept Refuse
Smythe is on Liverpool. A small refinery in the Newcastle System.
He'll be waiting for you in the bar there.
No thanks, I'm headed for Oxford to find the information myself.
You'll be back, Captain $NM, you'll be back.

In Flight

Talk to Miggs

# You're making me nervous.
# Hope you're not looking for trouble.
# Hey, what's going on here?
Hey, bright boy, guess who's in deep trouble? Mr. Lynch wants that artifact. I'm gonna count to ten. Then I start shootin'. One, two, uh ... Forget this! Start shootin' boys!

Privateer Playtester's Guide


Summary Miggs is absent from the table as Lynch proposes that you assist a researcher of his, Mr. Smythe, get off Liverpool refinery in Newcastle system. This fellow found important information in Oxford's Library, but now the authorities are not allowing him to leave. While this information is true, the mission is a setup. Miggs will ambush you in space and Lynch never intended to pay you. You must accept this on, however, in order to advance the plot. When you have sur-v mived Miggs' ambush, head for Oxford to try to find out what Smythe discovered.
Payment 30.000 credits promised, no actual payment.
Requirements Survive Miggs' ambush.
Opponents Miggs (a fanatical ace) in a pirate Talon and an escort of three hostile pirateTalons (fanatical pros) at Nan I, Nav 2, Nav 4 or Nav 5 in Newcastle, depending on your approach.
  • When you get into Newcastle, you will find out that Miggs and three friends will be there to "assist" you in your trip to another lifetime. These guys are only flying Talons, so you should be able to take them out with no problem. Just make sure you destroy them one at a time and don't let them gang up on you too quickly. If you do, you will notice that you're being attacked from four different sides, and then you're toast, so be careful. — "Deetchman"

WC:CIC Game Guide


Lynch tells you that a man named Smythe is being held on Liverpool mining base in Newcastle system. You need to go fetch him. But where is Miggs...


Fly to Liverpool Mining Base in Newcastle system and rescue Smythe.

Scripted Encounters

Miggs upon entering Newcastle system.


  • It's a trap. Lynch has sent Miggs to steal your artifact. Blow up Miggs and his 3 pirate buddies, and carry on to Liverpool.
  • No "Smythe" on Liverpool either. But Lynch said something about Oxford having information. Your best bet is to head to Oxford base in Oxford system and talk to Masterson.

User Comments

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Mission : Roman

Comments : 1) No you don't have to shoot at Seelig, but how hard could it be to knock down one Talon? 2) Kroiz and his two buds are so easy to kill - just fly towards them and they'll smash into an asteroid and get killed without you having to do anything.

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Date : Sat Aug 10 18:49:30 2013

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Comments : jt: You are talking about Righteous Fire, you are in the wrong place!