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This page is outdated. Go here for the current WCA download mirrors.

One season of the Wing Commander Academy animated series was produced containing thirteen episodes. The best cartoon series in history is now available online in high quality high compression divx format!

We'd like to thank the Killer Bees, the Mystery Men and Matthew O'Neill, Death, the Blacklance HQ and Lord Nightwalker of for hosting the episodes.

The Divx Academy episodes are currently being hosted by! They were recorded, edited and encoded by LOAF. The smaller lower quality realmedia versions were made by Byydo.

Please remember that there are only a limited number of connections at any one time, so if the server is busy simply try back later. Please do NOT link directly to the files from your own web site -- instead, link here or to the front page (preferred) -- and remember to give credit appropriately.

To view these episodes, you will need to install the DivX ;) codec, which is available here. hosts one episode each week on a rotating basis. A new episode is usually made available each Sunday. Lord Nightwalker has a complete mirror up at Please check the CIC or CIC News Archive for the latest information. The smaller lower quality realmedia versions of Wing Commander Academy are currently being hosted by Meson. You can find them here.

Wing Commander Academy: Episodic Information

  • Episode 1: Red and Blue
    Mark Edens/Michael Edens
    Plot: Blair and Maniac are assigned to the Tiger's Claw for training.
  • Episode 2: The Last One Left
    Mark Edens/Michael Edens
    Blair and Maniac encounter a Confed war hero turned renegade.
    Additional: Scary tattoos.
  • Episode 3: The Most Delicate Instrument
    Mark Edens/Shari Goodhartz
    Mentally unbalanced from stellar phenomena, four cadets begin to exhibit erratic behavior.
    Additional: Excellent episode, probably best of the series.
  • Episode 4: Word of Honor
    Mark Edens/Richard Mueller
    Blair and Grunt crashland on an alien world, but they're not alone...
    Aditional: Grunt has a freaky lingering disability from his days on Repleetah.
  • Episode 5: Lords of the Sky
    Mark Edens/Matthew Edens
    Blair and Maniac land on an alien world where the local savages worship the dastardly "Lords of the Sky."
  • Episode 6: Chain of Command
    Mark Edens/Brooks Wachtel
    Tolwyn meets an old "friend"- who just happens to outrank him now!
  • Episode 7: Expendable
    Mark Edens/Ted Pederson/Francis Moss
    Blair and Payback scout an unstable jump node.
  • Episode 8: Walking Wounded
    Mark Edens/Ralph Sanchez
    Maniac scores guard duty on a crippled medical ship. <
  • Episode 9: Recreation
    Mark Edens/Matthew Edens
    The crew of the Claw discovers a mysterious being in suspended animation aboard a derelict space capsule.
    Additional: Guest Star- Michael Dorn
  • Episode 10: On Both Your Houses
    Mark Edens/Shari Goodhartz
    Blair, Maniac, and Archer pursue Kilrathi fighters to a lush tropical planet where things are not as they seem.
  • Episode 11: Invisible Enemy
    Mark Edens/Richard Mueller
    The Kilrathi have a new and terrible weapon: the Stealth Fighter.
    Additional: Actually enhances the plot of WC2, instead of destroying it.
  • Episode 12: Price of Victory
    Mark Edens/Steve Cuden
    Blair crashes on an ice world, where he meets an unusual Kilrathi- who just happens to have an agenda...
    Additional: Another excellent episode.
  • Episode 13: Glory of Sivar
    Mark Edens/Mark Edens/Michael Edens
    Blair and Grunt land on the planet Dolos- and find themselves surrounded by fur!

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