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Origin composer George Oldziey has provided an update on his work to create more Wing Commander music. Over the last several years, he's worked diligently to crowdfund and create wonderful orchestral and jazz albums based on our favorite WC tracks. There has been good progress on a second album intended to be recorded by a live orchestra, but the coronavirus has sidetracked all those plans for this year. Nevertheless, George is committed to push forward on this front. Stay tuned for word on a future crowdfunding campaign to help make this a reality next year! You can still purchase (physical or digital) copies of his previous work online here.
Greetings all. I am so terribly sorry that I have not seen or replied to any of the recent comments about Phase 2 of this project. I have no excuses other than to say life distracted me from fulfilling this goal. Late last year I got involved in working on a big Netflix project, and then of course Covid shut everything down.

I am indeed planning to rejuvenate the goal of recording an orchestral volume 2 some time in 2021 when the recording studios reopen. As I'd mentioned a while back ALL the orchestrations are ready to be printed and recorded for the project. There will need to be additional funds raised to see it through to the end. I hope I haven't lost your trust to get the word out once the time comes.

I wish you all a glorious holiday season and a much brighter 2021!

Most sincerely, and musically yours,


Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

DefianceIndustries has another great model to share. This one is the UBW assault shuttle flown by Colonel Dekker. The ship is a huge contrast to the boxy Confed shuttle. It doesn't get an enormous amount of screen time in WC4, but it's a very neat design. Despite being a transport craft, I feel like there's an aggressive killer bee aspect to it, and the pair of turrets helps drive that sense home. Even without textures, the powerful little craft already looks super solid! We're looking forward to seeing it eventually make an appearance in the WC4 Fan Remake.
Minor update from the art department - The UBW Hermes is now meshed and art department approved. There will be two versions, one that is rigged with landing gear and doors for FMV work, and an in-game model without the extra rigging and triangles. Additionally, the turrets will be rigged so they won't be as toothless as before. :)

Livestreams Done Differently Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We've been sharing Plywood Fiend's unusual musings for some time, but in case you haven't watched his playthroughs of Wing Commander and Unknown Enemy for yourself, he's boxed up the highlights into one neat package. It's a super mix of his custom intros to the various series of the game. Per his instructions, send all invoices for any time wasted straight to Plywood Fiend.
Finished... well, Vega sector at least. A compendium of all the peculiar introductions I made for the videos in my let's play of Wing Commander. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll demand your 46 minutes back.

In any case, on this less-than-calm of days for many, I figured a distraction may be in order so I've twisted together this compendium of all the strange and/or comical intro videos I made for the series.

Take care all.

Happy Black Friday! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I don't know what you've found, but it seems to me like Black Friday sales are somewhat lackluster this year. Even Cards Against Humanity wasn't in the mood to pull any kind of stunt. But there are still Wing Commander goodies out there, so whether you're looking to complete your collection or find a thoughtful gift, consider the items below.

GOG can always be counted on to pull out a holiday discount, and they've once again put the entire Wing Commander series on sale for 75% off. This year we've also added a couple vendors to the list of Wing Commander Academy distributors below: Walmart and Deep Discount are now carrying it. It's a must have and an absolute steal for eight bucks!

Games ($1.49 each)
Movies & TV
Novels ($6.99)
Audio Albums
  • Team Fat's Wing One: Amazon $7.99 | iTunes $9.99
  • Wing Commander Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Amazon $9.49 | iTunes $9.99

Happy Thanksgiving! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. We usually take a moment to wish everyone a good day and hope they're enjoying time with loved ones. This is a Thanksgiving like no other though, and if it means cutting the spread of coronavirus, I hope you're having a boring day with a connection to friends and family via video chat. I've asked people to have a safe holiday many times, but never has it been so critical to take specific steps to protect the people around you. Thank you for doing your part! And you're always welcome in #Wingnut on Discord if you'd like to hang out with us.

With all that being said, I'd be remiss if I didn't take my annual opportunity to remind people about Wing Commander Pilgrim Truth, Peter Telep's third entry in the series of novels based on the Wing Commander Movie. Unlike the original and Pilgrim Stars, Pilgrim Truth did not get a proper published release. Fortunately, he was kind enough to digitally release the manuscript several years ago, and we're proud to host a copy to share with you. It's available in several formats: web browser, mobi (Kindle) or epub (iBooks or other). Grab it and read it. Don't be like Michael Scott!

Check This, Mate Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

There's a scene with a chess board in the Wing Commander Movie, and that means we need to figure out exactly what set was used in the filming! LOAF studied the footage up close and grabbed some good shots of the pieces. He put a call out online, and surprisingly, fellow fans zeroed it almost immediately. You might have to repaint it, but you too could own the same set as Adam "Bishop" Polanksi!
This came up over the weekend and I have to throw it to any chess experts out there: does anyone recognize the set they use in the Wing Commander movie?
Recreated the board with help from AD. And then Rosie's final move is (I think following one (1) reading of the Wikipedia entry on chess notation) Nxb3.
Also it’s odd that Lt. Polanski is so obviously terrible at the game given that his call sign is Bishop and his nose art is a little chess board.
Bruce Erickson spotted this, which looks like a good match! It might just be a different color variation. One more mystery solved!

Forgotten Interview Revisits Fond Chris Roberts Memories Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Paul Dean has posted a "lost" interview that he conducted with Chris Roberts back in 2013. It's a fantastic and in-depth conversation about Mr. Roberts' history getting into games, his thoughts on early Wing Commander development and what he's doing now (then). The piece was originally intended to be part of a larger profile, which ended up not working out. But the interview is still great, so I'm glad it was posted! You can find it in full here.
CR: I remember when we did the mission packs for Wing Commander. It all came out of the fact that when I made the game, I had all these assets created and I didn’t have enough disc space for some of the ships so I basically had to shelve them. They were sitting around and Wing Commander was doing so well. It was going to take a while to do the next one. Everyone’s like, “Well, what can we do in the meantime? Everyone loves this.”

I said, "I used to play D&D, they had this little campaign modules that you would get. Why don’t we do something like that?"

Everyone was like, "Ooh, I don’t know if that would work!"

We would have to put a disc in a game and in a box and get it to retail and we couldn’t charge full price for a game. I’m like, "Well we could maybe add $20, the cost of one of those D&D modules. Let’s try that out".

We had this big debate. The marketing and sales guys weren’t sure whether the retail guys would want it. We said, "Ah, what the hell, we’ll give it a try" and we thought we’d sell 10,000 copies which wouldn’t be bad back in those days. We sold, I think, about half a million copies of the first couple of mission discs on Wing Commander. It’s amazing for back then, because just selling 100,000 units of anything was a huge deal.

Lego Dralthi With a Side of Orange Flair Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

AD spotted an awesome rendition of the Dralthi IV over at Bricksafe. Malcav put this together based on the ace variant, which is pretty slick. I don't know how people have the patience and talent to pull creations like this off, but it's very impressive! He's got plenty of other designs from Star Trek and Star Wars that look great too.

WC4 Fan Remake Offers Enticing Cockpit Option Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

WCRespace has another nifty article on an interesting aspect of development. It talks about how cockpits will be implemented in the WC4 Fan Remake. While the game will offer an authentic experience that mimics the original game's full HUD interface, they are also modeling awesome cockpit setups. The various displays and readouts will be embedded appropriately, which will give people a compelling reason to stick with this more artistic and immersive mode. Check out the article here to find more detail on what the team's got in work.
The goal is to try and make each ship feel unique and to offer the player a different experience with each ship they fly.

A New Poll for a New Generation Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Since we've kicked off a new console generation this month, it's time for a new poll asking about your preferred platform for a new Wing Commander game. A lot has changed in just the couple years since we asked about mid generation options (Xbox One X/PS4 Pro). For starters, cross-platform play has become much more standard, so it's easy enough to buy the system you want and still play with your friends if they're on a different machine. It's also not uncommon for practically identical versions of a game to be made available for everything from PC to Switch to mobile OSes. We've also added cloud gaming services for the first time. We've grouped them all together since no single service is a major player, but they certainly kind of exist. This stands in stark contrast to promises for the last 15 years or so that such a thing could be viable. There's also been minimal change on the Nintendo side - as they've been the best selling system for the past two years running. Without further ado, here are the options! Pick which one you would like to next see Wing Commander on:
Our last poll was the annual CIC Birthday question that asked how long people have been visiting the site. Nearly a third came right around the year 2000. Another sizable chunk has been with us since the CIC grand opening - or earlier! And despite having so many old timers still around, nearly one in ten visitors is new o the site!

Absolute Territory Adds Achievements, Quality of Life Upgrades Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's been a couple months since the Wing Commander-inspired space sim Absolute Territory was released. We had fun with it, and developer centaurianmudpig has been steadily making improvements to make it even better. One of the first tweaks was to expand the hit boxes a little to give space combat a bit more punch. The game has also gotten achievements in Steam as well as leaderboards. A handful of other upgrades are listed below, with more to come! You can pick a copy up for yourself for $18.99. I've also included a video of SpaceGameJunkie running the game through its paces to give you an idea of what it's like.
I'm waiting for someone to knock me off 1st place for Squadron and Gauntlet game modes. Some other notable updates since release include:
  • Additional 3rd person views
  • New HUD art
  • Added controller Shift binding for gamepads (bind all the controls to your controller using combined button presses)
  • New music effects in Squadron and Gauntlet game modes, for reaching milestones (i.e. completing waves/missions)
  • Missile balancing and seeking behavior improvements
  • Larger hitboxes for increased accuracy with guns
  • Improved wording and grammar in campaign briefings and debriefings
  • Over one hundred bug fixes and improvements (but whose counting?)
Up next... Ship Selection and Weapon Loadout for the campaign.

See the Screens of WC4 Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Science fiction is known for showcasing futuristic means of communication, but LOAF was recently going through footage from Wing Commander 4 and wondered, "What's going on here?" There's all kinds of screens shown off from interactive surfaces to floating holograms to old school '90s CRTs. They all sort of fit in context, but there's certainly some odd variety!

The screens of Wing Commander IV: Star Trek viewscreen, Star Wars hologram projection, Malcolm McDowell coffee table and 32" Panasonic CRT.

Alternate Editions Join European Collection Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Dennis Mull has been on a bit of a Wing Commander bender lately, and he's added several nice additions to his extensive PC gaming collection. The first up is an Italian Hit Squad release of WC1. The original game was bundled with a wide range of EA titles and compilations, but a solo pairing with an Indianapolis 500 game is a new one for me. I guess if that and Wing Commander were just what you were looking for, then you could buy this box and save some money! He's also got an Italian copy of Privateer 2, which is tons of fun. Last, but not least, he also picked up a combo lot with various European editions of WC1-4. That's a pretty good haul so far this week!
More beautiful Wing Commander games arrived 😍 You can’t have enough, right? Now I have to reorganize my shelves, again 😁
I know what you mean!

RPG Mission Briefings Amplify the Action Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Rear Admiral Tarsus has posted a handful of really neat YouTube clips to share the latest goings on with the Gemini Sector WC RPG. The gang is having tons of fun role playing on Discord, and they're welcoming new players now! One unique aspect of the Gemini RPG is that they try to blend in clever artistic elements to spice up the game. While the action predominantly plays out over text chat, they've animated these briefing sequences to provide a compelling visual. You can check out the whole playlist here! Also don't miss their website for more background on the game or their Discord to meet the group.
Hey all, I just finished hosting the Xytani module of the Discord based Wing Commander RPG. The group was great, it was missing a certain player... the one reading this message at the moment. Hope to have you on our six. Heaven knows my character needs all the help she can get. ;)

Pause for Effect Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Fans are eager to get their hands on the WC4 Fan Remake, but there's a whole lot of work yet to do. Even a demo isn't expected until well into next year, but various components and modules are in constant development. It can be hard to imagine what all goes into a complete game, but one critical but under appreciated aspect is the pause menu. In later games, the pause/options interface also served as a toggle for various options - complete with in-universe style interface. A slick mock up of this humble interface is now available to mess around with here. Check it out, and then read the rest of the article on the pause menu here.
Now we’re ramping up towards releasing our first playable demo next year, our thoughts are turning towards the more mundane elements of the game. It can’t all be flight engine and sexy HD videos. As such, Pedro tasked me with overhauling the game’s pause menu, in a similar vein to the redesign I already did for the game’s mouse cursors.

I thought it might be helpful for him to have an aesthetically functional prototype to work from, so he can see how I envisage it all laid out and how the UI animations could work.

Formal Crewed Dragon Spacecraft Successfully Launches! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

On top of following how other Origin games are going, another one of our non-Wing Commander passions is obviously real life space travel. It's not every day when a major tenet of science fiction turns into science reality, so we're happy to pause for a moment to acknowledge the incredible achievement made possible by thousands of smart people working together. Trust and support science and anything is possible. This new chapter in space travel continued today with the first full crew launch of the SpaceX Dragon. It was only earlier this year when the company became the first private entity to successful launch people into space. That mission carried two astronauts aboard, and today's mission includes four people destined to operate on the International Space Station for the next six months. To say we wish them well is an understatement!

Ultima Online Announces New Legacy Shard Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Origin Systems is known for two big franchises, Ultima and Wing Commander. At some level they're forever intertwined, so we like to check in from time to time and see what's cooking. For more than two decades now, the Ultima series has been defined by the massively multiplayer Ultima Online. As one of the first traditional MMOs of the internet age, it's also one of the longest running. The game celebrated 23 years of continuous operation recently.

A few years back, Electronic Arts spun off daily operations and support of the game to a new company called Broadsword. Some fans took that as a dubious omen and thought the game might be on life support at that point, but the arrangement has worked out for almost seven years now. And while there haven't been major expansions or revolutionary changes to the game, there is an air of not wanting to fix what isn't broken. With that being said, they've recently announced one of the biggest updates in years. Ultima Online: New Legacy is the first new shard in 15 years, and it's "focused on returning Ultima Online to its fundamental roots as an RPG." The setup has been retooled to provide a custom server designed to convey the game's classic original feel. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, there's more info here. It's great to see there are still plenty of people out there having fun with UO, and we hope they continue for many more years!

Ultima Online: New Legacy is a chance to forge a new Britannian Legacy in an untamed world born of mystic arts and ancient sorcery!

Get Your Virtual Kilrathi Stickers Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Messaging app stickers! They're all the rage in Japan in 2017, and now you can get your own Wing Commander-themed pack. The characters are based off the fun sketches that EmuMusicFan has created for his graphical novel project. All kinds of emotions can be conveyed from "confused" to "laughing" and more. Just save the images below! They're transparent PNGs for easy application.
Here are some stickers made from funny portraits. ;p

Unique SNES Intros are a Treat Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We talk a lot about the Super Nintendo ports of Wing Commander here, because they were a major vector for many people to get hooked on the series in the early '90s. Despite that, there were a few major things that generally fly under the radar and haven't been widely seen. One such change is the intro to The Secret Missions. It features an entirely new cutscene talking about the march of the Kilrathi and the development of their new super weapon (which ends up being the graviton weapon employed by the Sivar dreadnought at Goddard). I love the WC1 intro below for its clippy music and downscaled graphics, but you have to check out the second clip with the new Secret Missions vid! You can find more classic game intros at Retro Opening Games. Nintendo World Report TV also recently put out an exhaustive overview of WC on Nintendo platforms, which you can find here!

The Thunderbolt's Ready for Anything Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

DefianceIndustries is having more fun with spaceships, and the trusty Thunderbolt is the fighter on deck this week. He's spent a lot of time looking at different official TBolt art examples to help tackle the heavy metal textures. Wing Commander 3 earned the ship a lot of fans who are happy to see this one getting prepped. It's almost hard to believe we only really flew it in WC3, since it reappears in the CCG, WC4 and Secret Ops!
Fun Tbolt renders. Having fun playing with a Thud.

Arcade Attack Talks Classic Game Programming with Ken Demarest Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

AD has stumbled upon a fantastic interview by Arcade Attack. They have a fun and extensive conversation with the talented Origin programer Ken Demarest. He played a big part in programming Wing Commander, The Secret Missions, Super Wing Commander, Ultima VII, Bioforge and more. Ken is credited with the anecdote about coding the "Thank you for playing Wing Commander" message as way to cover up a memory error. He's got plenty of other stories about the good old days at Origin as well, so check out the full interview here.
Ken: My first pro game was Wing Commander 1. The very first thing I did was make a one-pixel water droplet fall from the ceiling in the barracks into a bucket. Then a heartbeat monitor on the bunks. By the end I wrote the AI engine, asteroid fields, navigation and waypoints, and a bunch of other stuff.

Arcade Attack: You mentioned it there, we’re are huge Wing Commander fans here at Arcade Attack. How did you get the opportunity to work on this classic title and did you know from day one you were working on something so special?

Ken: I was a 100% tech geek in those days. I knew the tech was exceptional, and I could see that Chris Roberts’ style was driving the game hard towards a vision he really felt with his heart. I took a lot for granted in those days.

Beyond the systems I named I was a jack-of-all-trades. I remember it as a kind of boot camp and really enjoyable trial by fire. When I had been at origin three days the general manager, Dallas Snell, brought me into his office and told me that Origin would go out of business if we didn’t ship Wing Commander by October 2nd. I saw nothing wrong with this. It inspired me.

Concept Meets Reality in WC4 Match Up Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

After a tense week, LOAF thought you all could use some good old fashioned Wing Commander ships. WC4 had some gorgeous promo renders that are quite well known, but people may not be as familiar with their concept prototypes. There are some fascinating similarities - and differences - from drawing board to finished spaceframe!
It’s time to get back to what this is all about: Wing Commander errata. Here are some Wing Commander IV ship concepts and their finished models!
If anyone ever tells you the Bearcat isn’t the handsomest space fighter they ever saw... that person is a liar and can’t be trusted.
I feel like the Lance (or Dragon, whatever you call it!) changed in tone quite a bit from the initial sketches.
The Intrepid, seen here without the bridge damage! The novel names it a converted Durango-class heavy cruiser.
The Avenger ended up very similar to the initial sketch.
The Black Lance transport! Later named Evansville-class. (Note the 3D asset is missing the turrets.)

WC4 Fan Remake Talks Future Demo Work Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The WC4 Fan Remake team has posted a bit of a roadmap that lays out their next steps to make progress towards something playable. The target for next year will be to release an enhanced version of the actual WC4 demo that originally came out in 1996. It's a big leap from exciting teaser trailer to something interactive, so they've got their work cut out for them in the months ahead! You can learn more about the project at WCRespace.
Originally we had planned to do a first playable using mission 1 of the game, however LOAF of the CIC gave us a much better idea; to recreate the often overlooked original Wing Commander IV demo. Most of us had never played the demo, but we were pretty excited for a number of reasons. ...

The switch to producing a public release is not one to be taken lightly; a video can hide a multitude of incomplete features, the same can not be said of a demo. We’ve already made a start; we now have mappings for mouse, keyboard and joystick (until recently the game only supported gamepad). You can now toggle between 4:3 and 16:9 for the room files (as shown here), as well as classic vs AI upscaled.

One bit of good news is that we have new recruits to help us out with the audio, and more importantly the tools. Again these won’t lead to sexy updates but Defiance Industries is very excited about the prospect of an improved particle editor.

The Winning Ending Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Victory. Peace. After a long struggle, it's a good feeling.

This is a special 4K sample of the WC3 ending to celebrate triumph over tyranny. You can download complete HD movies from WC3, WC4 and Prophecy here from ODVS' fantastic enhancement pack.

Watch More Classic Hardware Run Wing Commander Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Last month we posted a video of an old Tandy playing Wing Commander, and it was surprisingly popular. I admit I was also captivated by it. There's just a magical feeling associated with those chunky beige boxes. Marco Plays DOS Games recently took a similar crack at it and got everything going on a trusty old 386 DX33. Compared to the last video, this one has a lot more narration and Marco also shows off the game's box contents. Plus, he's armed with a vintage CH flightstick and uses it to dutifully pilot his viewers on a trip down memory lane. It's fun watching him have fun! Give it a view below.

Slick 3D Printed Arrow Readies for Paint Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

While this may feel like an interminable week, Wing Commander fans keep creating and doing fun stuff to pass the time. Conrad Teves posted this excellent 3D printed Arrow. As the machines get more and more advanced, these designs continue to get larger and more detailed. There's a little bit more work to do to prep the ship before paint, but it's already looking great! We can't wait to see the final product!
Top and bottom of a Wing Commander “Arrow” fighter straight off the 3D printer with the support structure still attached. Much filling and sanding ahead before it sees paint, but an excellent print!

Improve Your State of Being With Wing Commander Music Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Welp, war with the Border Worlds has neither been declared nor averted yet, so while we all work to collectively get our heart rates under control, I thought some invigorating Wing Commander tunes might help serve as a nice distraction.

The remastered WC2 soundtrack by Jason Walton is always a favorite. Note there's a whole entire playlist embedded below.

Jason also made this tremenous Privateer soundtrack remaster. Also a playlist.
The Massed Bands of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines performing the Wing Commander Overture in concert here:
Several sample clips from George Oldziey's reorchestration.

A rousing take on the WC3 theme by Chris Kabigting.

The Admiral · Wing Commander III - Last Mission (Opening Theme)

A peppy upbeat take on the jazz music in the Victory's bar from George Oldziey's WC Jazz Album.

A beautiful rendition of the WC1 theme by Improbable Cadence.
There's a just a few that were top of mind. If I missed some good ones that you'd like to share, hit the Comment button and help your fellow Wingnuts out! You can find tons more Wing Commander music here.

Mark Hamill Narrates Ad in Support of Absentee Ballots and Joe Biden Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Wing Commander's Mark Hamill has starred in the latest Lincoln Project ad posted on the eve of Election Day in the US. In response to calls to immediately declare the winner of the presidential election on November 3, Mr. Hamill touches on the long history of mail-in ballots and their importance to democracy. In the face of a global pandemic, mail system delays and voter suppression tactics, he reiterates demands to "count every vote!" There are global implications for human decency, climate change, international relations and more on the ballot this year, and Mark has been outspoken on all these issues. In recent days he's expressed hope that he could soon return to a world - with President Biden - where he can focus on posting silly apolitical memes again, and we hope he gets his wish!
Mark's Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford also narrated this companion ad. It supports Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the world's foremost experts on infections diseases - truly the hero we need, even if not the one we deserve.

Catch up on the History of Wing Commander on Nintendo Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

John Rairdin at Nintendo World Report TV has produced a fantastic video on the "History of Wing Commander and Nintendo." It's a wonderful subject for so many reasons: Most people might have first experienced WC1 on PC, but a decidedly sizable chunk of fans found their way to the franchise via the Super Nintendo. More than just a straight port, there were a handful of arbitrary Nintendo-dictated tweaks as well as impressive technical changes made to accommodate the transition. The Secret Missions was also ported to the SNES, and it even has a couple minor additions. Longtime Wingnuts will also know about Wing Commander 2, which was made but never released. Last, but not least, Prophecy was an enormous achievement in its own myriad ways. This overview covers all of that with some nice visual comparisons to boot. Check it out below!
Nintendo and Wing Commander aren't exactly synonymous but the two do share a fascinating history. From ambitious ports spanning two systems and a finished game that was never released, join us to explore the history of this relationship.

Super Wing Commander Ad Uses Original Hornet Art Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

LOAF spotted a neat oddity in the third issue of "3DO Magazine." It features a full spread of different 3DO titles, which includes Super Wing Commander. The screenshot is clearly some kind of prerelease prototype though. It's the Hornet cockpit, but the gun capacitor, fuel display, speed numbers and other minor elements appear slightly tweaked in the final game. Most significantly, it shows a DOS WC1-style Hornet on the targeting VDU. The SWC version of the Hornet is a bit more squashed, and the VDU targeting displays are more bluish in tone. It's an interesting throwback and shows the development team may have been using placeholder assets from the original game! The first image below depicts the preview and second image is the final in-game shot.
Look closely at the SWC screenshot - WC1 Hornet VDU
And here's a nice look at the model used for the Hornet in Super Wing Commander:

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