Wing Commander 2 SNES

In late 1994 Origin developed an expansive port of Wing Commander 2 for the Super Nintendo console. The game altered the original significantly in much the same way as Wing Commander 3 3DO, giving it a more arcade focus and redoing many art elements - including full color Kilrathi faces, a new turret screen and a dual-VDU Ferret cockpit. The game was finished, tested, reviewed by magazines and shipped off to Japan for duplication... and then never seen again. A last-minute decision to cancel the title was made because of the low return expected on an SNES game at the end of the system's life-cycle.

Although the game is complete somewhere, no prototype has ever surfaced and no members of the development team have copies. Because of the odd numbering of SNES ports (Wing Commander 2 is actually the third game, after Wing Commander and The Secret Missions), most mainstream SNES groups do not realize the title existed. These two magazine reviews and few scanned screenshots are all that remain of this promising Wing Commander game...

Electronic Gaming Monthly Review, April 1995

GamePro Review, May 1995

Other Screenshots

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