Bi-Annual Pilot Evaluation: Lt. Adam Polanski (callsign Bishop)

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Executive Office
Commander Paul Gerald, 2654.02


Lt. Adam Polanski (callsign Bishop)


Lt. Polanski is a skilled front-line pilot, with experience on several carriers and with several varieties of fighters. He is an equally competent wingman and wing leader, able to calmly give or receive orders under fire.

Of particular value is his ability to design and implement battle tactics based on visual, scanner and command -ship communication. He has a firm grasp of how Kilrathi react to different situations, and has on one notable occasion turned the tide from failure to victory, based solely on heat-of-battle calculations.

On another occasion, he was able to lead five pilots in a controlled retreat, bringing them in safely from an asteroid-field ambush. Decoration for this action is pending.


Although he has only been on the Tiger Claw for three months, I have had to change my opinion of Lt. Polanski several times already. At first he seemed too open and optimistic, and I was concerned that he would not be up to the daily tragedies of front-line battle. It then turned out that was a temporary front, brought on by the stresses of adapting to several new environments in succession. He is in fact a quiet man, inclined to introspection.

His peers respect him, but do not yet feel they know him.

All in all, he is an excellent officer, and could go in any direction that interests him, subject to the needs of the service. My personal suggestion would be Command and Control, although he would also be an excellent flight officer or trainer.


He should decide what direction he would like his career to proceed, and be given responsibilities in light of that decision.

He should be assigned the position of wing commander as often as feasible, and encouraged to debrief after each mission with a eye to the overall war effort.