Concordia Close to Setting Sail Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

callitri has finished his extremely detailed Concordia Supercruiser model. The ship stands at about two million polygons, so there's quite a bit of interior geometry clean-up going on to optimize the model, but the exterior shape is solid. callitri has tried to share the actual file, but the size is prohibitive at the moment. This was made in Google Sketchup, which is quite impressive. Up next are textures and possibly a starbase environment for the ship to dock in.

I have only 4 gigabytes of memory and when I load the full ship I can barely work on it. Would love to make a shipyard of sorts and to make the other smaller type ships in the fleet: destroyers cruisers and such based on the Concordia's design but that's a long term plan. I am looking for some metal looking texture to start texturing it myself. I know nothing about it so I hope I can import whatever I find into Google and paint it there. :p

More Micro Mock-ups Manufactured Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's another preview of Klavs' miniature ships. Although current technology still doesn't make large designs really feasible, the scale here is half of what was intended. Compare the tiny Super Rapier to the larger craft for real 1/600 scale. The great thing is how much detail is present in the accidental 1/1200 scale models. Since the penny-size ships came out so well, the larger designs should all look great!

They work! Except I accidentally ordered them at half scale. So they're even smaller. Amazingly enough, these little guys still hold detail quite well. Compare these to the 1-600 scale Super Rapier. Even the fragile little Dralthi laser cannons came out completely free of defects. Keeping in mind that these little ships are the size of a penny! ($0.01 USD)

Going to order a set at 1-600 scale now just to make sure they work, then I'll make them available!

Academy Is Here! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Hopefully many of you are already enjoying Wing Commander Academy on DVD. If not, here's a couple shots to salivate over! The second image adds in the two major American releases of the Wing Commander Movie DVD, plus the DIVX, movie soundtrack and old fan-made Academy DVD for good measure. The set does appear to be coded for Region 1, so Wingnuts in other areas may need to get creative to view it. It always feels great to hold a new boxed Wing Commander product!

Wing Commander Academy DVD Available Now Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The wait is finally over, VEI's Wing Commander Academy Complete Series DVD set is available now! Fans began receiving their preorders this weekend and initial reports are very positive. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, it's available for under $20 at Amazon.
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Happy Memorial Day Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The Combat Information Center wishes everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day. While enjoying the day, remember to take a moment to remember those who have given their lives so we can enjoy Wing Commander today and into the future.

More Confed Models Made Available Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Cybot078 has completed a couple more Wing Commander style ship models. In line with his previous designs, these vessels take familiar craft and embellish them with extra modifications. The original inspirations for today's designs are the popular Behemoth and Exeter hulls. Cybot's ships have been finding their way into a variety of different Wing Commander projects lately. These and many other ships can be downloaded from the CIC Forums here.

All the models I post here are free to use anything you want use them for.

Finished Fralthi Forges Forward Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

CMDBob is done building his Fralthi, and here's the result. The final livery complements the traditional brown/orange durasteel with blood red accents and clean white panels - a very nice contrast! Although the design is essentially complete, Bob is reworking turret designs for all his craft. A preview of the new Confed turrets is also available below.

Knew it wouldn't take me long! Here it is, the finished Fralthi! Next up are turrets, as the existing models I have for em look like crap. After that, the Exeter/Gettysberg!

EDIT: Fun fact, with this ship finished, I've hit 50% completion for the WC1+expansions ships! (and after the Exeter/Gettysberg? Time to raise hell in a Hellcat!)

Gaming Mag Excitedly Shares WC3 Information Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Deckard of the Ultima Codex spotted a cool vintage Wing Commander 3 preview from the August 1994 issue of PC Games Plus. It offers up tantalizing info on features such as the "stunning 640x480x256 SVGA view," fly-through capships and atmospheric missions. As this went to print about half a year before the game itself was released, it also refers to the game shipping on just two CD-ROMs. The issue also includes a review of Origin's Wings of Glory game and mentions of the upcoming Wing Commander Armada multiplayer game. Finally, there's a cute write-up from the magazine's editor on how their new email system will enable them to interact with readers over the internet!

Wing Commander III is certainly the biggest project ever undertaken in the computer gaming industry. In order to accomodate the video footage, it is being shipped on 2 CD-ROMs (no floppy version). Sales projections have set their sights on numbers well past platinum level just to break even from the game's US$3,000,000 budget.

WC3 shows a lot of promise - the new flight engine looks great, and the storyline has a degree of flexibility very rarely seen in today's "interactive movies." If Origin can pull this one off, action and non-action fans alike will be storming the doors of software stores everywhere this November.

Technically It's Called The 'Lance' Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's been a great week for fan-made pictures of Wing Commander ships, but it's been even better for real space ship action! The SpaceX Dragon capsule successfully docked with the International Space Station today. It launched into space on Tuesday and conducted a variety of practice maneuvers before becoming the first spacecraft launched by a private company to dock with the ISS. Regular cargo flights could begin later this year and human passengers could come along a few years after that. This is the first of several commercial ventures that are currently developing orbital space vehicles. We're one step closer to Wing Commander Privateer!

Following a series of system tests and a successful fly-under of the space station Thursday, the Dragon capsule was cleared by NASA to approach the station Friday. Dragon then performed a series of intricate test maneuvers as it approached the orbiting laboratory. These maneuvers were required to demonstrate the maneuvering and abort capability of Dragon prior to approaching and moving into a 65-foot (20-meter) "berthing box" where it was grappled by NASA astronaut Don Pettit using the station's robotic arm at 9:56 a.m. EDT.

European Space Agency astronaut Andre Kuipers installed the capsule on the bottom of the station's Harmony node at 11:52 a.m. NASA astronaut Joe Acaba completed berthing operations by bolting the Dragon to Harmony at 12:02 p.m.

"Congratulations to the SpaceX and NASA teams," said William Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for NASA's Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at the agency's headquarters in Washington. "There is no limit to what can be accomplished with hard work and preparation. This activity will help the space station reach its full research potential and open up space-based research to a larger group of researchers. There is still critical work left in this test flight. Dragon-attached operations and cargo return are challenging and yet to be accomplished."

Some Ship Viewer Sample Shots Shown Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

BoH_Havoc is continuing to move forward with his online ship viewer based on feedback he's received so far. Here are some new prototype images with the TCS Concordia rendered in the program. Pretty neat! You can try out the functional mock-up here! (Ferret only for now)
While putting together the first version I also had your Concordia model in-engine at some point but then decided to use the Ferret for the first prototype of the shipviewer as the shading was much nicer.

Destroyer Destined for Guard Duty Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Kevin Caccamo's Ralari has taken a huge leap since the last time we saw it. The model has been plated with nice metallic textures that don't overdo the look. Running lights, windows, powered engines and intake glow all add significantly to the presentation here too. Everything looks energized and ready to go!
I just finished importing the Ralari into FSO for Woolie's Wing Commander: Advance Guard mod. Textures are still WIP, but it looks awesome even in its current form. The model itself (including all of the child meshes) has 10404 polys. Thanks to Wedge009 for the Kilrathi logo!

GOG Talks Space Sims Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

centaurianmudpig spotted a new PlaySF interview with the folks at They discuss the state of the space combat genre and the possibility of releasing expansion packs for Wing Commander games. The GOG spokesperson cites ongoing licensing negotiations as a possible reason for their continued delay, but we can't wait!

PSF: has a number of classic space and sci-fi games available, but do you think that the reason games such as FreeSpace are successful on GOG is because almost no big studios are making those kinds of games anymore? Why do you think that is?

Trevor Longino: There are a few reasons why I think these games don’t get made anymore; market pressure and homogenization, how gamers play games, and how we get news about games.

This takes us to our next point: how gamers play games. The people who want to play games with fantastically complex control schemes (I recall games like TIE Fighter or MechWarrior 2, where I believe I used 20 keys on the keyboard, plus my joystick, to control the game) aren’t nearly as numerous as the people who want to sit on their couch, kick back, and play a game whose controls you can master in five minutes. Take a quick poll of your friends who call themselves gamers: how many own a joystick? The answer will very likely be “not many”. At some point we left behind the joystick for the dual thumbsticks, and it’s hard to make a game for a controlling device that even people who call themselves gamers don’t have any more.

PSF: The release of some old EA games has been particularly exciting, especially seeing Wing Commander and Syndicate again? But why no expansions or speech packs?

Trevor Longino: We’re working on the expansions and speech packs, but the rights are apparently very difficult to secure; progress is going very slowly, so while I won’t say “give up hope”, it won’t happen next week either.

Note that the GOG releases of Privateer and Wing Commander 2 do already include the speech packs. You can read the full interview here.

Enigma Mod Measures Out Confed Fleet Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's a new Confed showcase of capships for the Enigma 2666 mod. Each ship's length and scale is still subject to some potential tweaking to sync better with fighters, but the current lineup is displayed below. The TCS Concordia is very far along the design path, as is the Gilgamesh. The different destroyer shots show how capship turrets have evolved into a rounder design that fits with the larger spaceframe better. Finally, there's an updated peek at the what the fighter will look like with a well bump-mapped Scimitar.

Exeter 360, Gilgamesh 312, Waterloo 503, Wake 500, Gettysburg 850, Bengal 700, Confederation 987 meters.

Sleeper helped me with upgrading the fighter textures using the bump map texture from Kevin's Scimitar with the decals from the Hornet.

Perhaps the pig was not too bad afterall ;)

"Sir, if we spot this ‘Fralthi’, should we engage?" Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Now we go from Fralthra to Fralthi WIP images. CMDBob's latest design is a classic Kilrathi light carrier/cruiser. His model has real clean lines and an animated WC1-style set of textures. I'd even call the look quite charming, but such a sight would be nothing but terrifying to Confed pilots in 2655!
Just here to say, yes, I am alive, and the Fralthi is nearly done. I've got to finish the texture map, which is coming along nicely, then generate the height/normal map and specular map, as I do. Here, have some WIPs!

Fearsome Fralthra Filling In Fast Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Red Baron has started to texture Cybot's Fralthra, and it's quickly turning into quite a work of art. The color scheme already does a great job of evoking Wing Commander 2. He's also scaled a Jalkehi as a point of reference and imagined what the entire fighter complement of the ship might look like. Let the baron know what you think at the CIC Forums.

This Fralthra apparently belongs to clan Kiranka now. Currently I'm still using the original WC2 colours. I'm thinking about lowering saturation a little.

I said myself texturing them might ruin the simple beauty they have, but here I am doing one anyway.

I'm not very good at UV mapping *or* texturing, I hope I do them justice.

Wing Commander Saga Download Reminder Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

If you haven't yet downloaded the long-awaited fan game, now is as good a time as any to get your hands on a copy! The Windows installer weighs in at a hefty 3.4 gigabytes, so we recommend some kind of download manager that can resume paused or failed transfers. Older Windows editions may have trouble unpacking a zip file of this size. If you experience any difficulties, use 7zip to extract the package. Wing Commander Saga is a standalone game that runs on top of an updated Freespace 2 engine. The game takes place during Wing Commander III, but in different theater of battle. You may also want to grab the soundtrack or mission editor and tutorial. The official website has more cool downloads like printable DVD covers.

New RPG Kicks Off Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The TCS Phoenix has launched and the game has begun in the Wing Commander: From the Ashes forum-based RPG. Some of the first characters have already been defined, and action in the Pentonville System is now in motion. There is also an out-of-character area where new players can ask questions and get situated before they begin role playing. Check it out for yourself at Phoenix Roleplaying here.

When the Kilrathi fighters had arrived on an attack run, the Intelligence Officer had delivered her analysis calmly and dispassionately. She never gave her opinion - but to be honest she didn't need to. She'd been prepared to die with the rest of the crew.

Except the flag officer had decided to jump, leaving four transports to their fate... something the Kilrathi had made propaganda hay of.

Now this 'coward' ship, having survived by only one vote on the repair board, was starting to work its way back. Not going up against the enemy, oh no, they were stuck dealing with pirates.

Langer moved over to the com, calmly pressing down the button.

"All air crew to the briefing room at 1100 hours", he said over the intercom. Then he went to fix himself a sandwich, filling it with some of the tuna his father's company produced.

Vega Sector Reinforcements Inbound Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's a preview of new designs that Klavs is working to bring to the Shapeways model factory. If all goes according to plan, this foursome may be available in a future bundle pack together. It's an interesting assortment of ships - Rapier, Super Wing Commander Rapier, Scimitar and Dralthi - and they all look fantastic!

I've ordered prototypes of these, just to make sure everything is working before I release them to you guys. :) I'll also update the single Scimitar when I confirm that the prototype is working.

All ships are scaled to their correct sizes, except I actually made the Dralthi a couple meters shorter than cannon (28M) since it already looked to big by comparison. The Super Rapier has similarly been scaled up slightly, reflecting a slightly larger spacecraft. Mostly to keep the canopies the same size as modeled.

The 1-600 scale ships wind up being nearly the same size as some of the old Star Wars action fleet Micro Machines, and conceivably if you had any of those little stands remaining, you could drill a small hole and mount them on a stand.

Hmm... Might have to design a stand...

Academy Just Two Weeks Away! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Wingnuts now have less than 14 days to prepare for the release of Wing Commander Academy on DVD! All thirteen episodes of the television series will be available in this set starting on May 29, 2012. Barnes & Noble and Deep Discount have some of the lowest prices, and there's still time to order from with release date delivery!

A spirited and elite corps of novice fighter pilots attends the Wing Commander Academy in the year 2655. Often thrust into battle against the mighty and ruthless Kilrathi race, the crew must master daring manoeuvres and veer through constant danger to save the world. Sedate and honorable Maverick, devil-may-care and impulsive Maniac, and serious-minded, cautious and competent Archer make up a quarter of the cadet wing at the academy under their brilliant, if argumentative, captain, Commodore Tolwyn.

Exotic Designs Hit the Spacelanes Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

ScoobyDoo has put together several more concept renders inspired by a variety of sources. The first is a medium size capship with fighter-carrying ability, and it's followed by a beefier looking take on the Bearcat. The last design is a more unique idea that mixes Wing Commander elements with a Freespace ship. Check out the Ecantonas escorting the frigate!

The Olympia, one of Lar's designs: a frigate with a full hangar. I was aiming for a coast guard setup.

The Cougar, from the earlier post.

Peagasus, one of Aldo's models, scaled down from a FS2 destroyer to a bomber size.

Fleets Increase Presence in Enigma Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's a big update for the Enigma 2666 mod. A handful of new pictures show off where the game is at today. Four different capship classes are pictured near a large Confed base, and all the fighters sport updated textures. The Kilrathi Starpost has also been significantly enhanced, and its defensive craft have been rescaled slightly to fit better. Deathsnake has gotten some assistance from sleeper and Kevin on cleaning up some of these designs. The new looks help bring some consistency to the game's visual style.

Echo Sector Reopens Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The world's biggest website dedicated to the Crusader series, Echo Sector, has gotten a big revamp. New features include a streamlined menu interface and increased security. Not all of the links work yet, but more features will come online soon. Head on over and help support a fellow Origin fan site!
Greetings Crusaders! Welcome to the all-new Echo Sector website. I’ve been wanting to redo our website for years now, but the attack to our vulnerable, out-dated website by a script kiddie recently kicked me into overdrive.

Va ka Garga ka naru ha Garga Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

NinjaLA has sketched a new fearsome Kilrathi. With his latest warrior, Ninja has done a good job of introducing menacing facial features, and this sinister look goes beyond just drawing a humanoid tiger. The armor is inspired by the classic WC2 style with a WC Movie headpiece. Hit the discuss link to let Ninja know what you think!
And now.. one big kitty

Kilrathi Destroyer Continues to Take Shape Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Kevin Caccamo is once again working on a Ralari model. Since we last saw the ship, additional detail has been added to the window areas and secondary structure. It appears to conform to the Claw Marks schematic quite well. You can let Kevin know what you think at the CIC Forums.
The model itself is largely based on the game sprites (like the Rapier II in Hostile Frontier), but it also draws inspiration from the Claw Marks drawings and other fan art as well.

Wing Commander Stories From The Fatman Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

In recent weeks, Armchair Arcade has been conducting a series of interviews with famous videogame composer George Sanger. The newest issue talks about his and Dave Govett's work on the soundtrack for the original Wing Commander. Well worth a listen! Hat tip to centaurianmudpig for finding these clips.
Have you played one of the following: Wing Commander, Ultima Underworld, The 7th Guest or the 11th Hour? If the answer is "yes," then you've heard the Fat Man's work! The Fat Man--aka George Sanger--is the greatest of all PC game audio composers and pretty much invented modern game audio. Plus, he's an epic storyteller and one of the original Cool Dudes.

Super Rapier Models Ready To Go Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Klavs has completed design and prototyping of another physical model. His Super Wing Commander Rapier is now available for fellow Wingnuts in 1/600 scale from Shapeways. The image below reveals that, although tiny, the ship packs some incredible detail - very distinctive hull markings and guns! Klavs has also hinted at what ship might be next...
It's real, and it works! Really surprising how much detail came through. The Super Rapier is now available in 1-600 scale! You'll note that the new version has the guns moved further outboard, just like the SWC version.

Long range scanners are also picking up some sort of "flying pancake".

WC Saga Soundtrack Released Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The WC Saga team has released the soundtrack to their Freespace mod. They are also working on a spinoff album based on George Oldziey's tunes from Wing Commander 3. You can grab the Darkest Dawn OST here (187 meg zip).

As an extra for all of you, we’ve got just what you need if you can't get enough of the game - we have decided to release the music of Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn. This huge compilation of all-new music was created by our team of talented composers: Jeff Ball, Tim Janssens, Edward Bradshaw, Glyn R. Brown, Jeff Broadbent, and Peter Dmitriyev. As an added bonus, there are several deleted songs that are included in the archive. You know that's right.

We will also release a second album soon. It will be a collection of remastered Wing Commander 3 music, based on the originals composed by George Oldziey, whose electrifying soundtrack provided the inspiration for the original music created by our composers for Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn.

Garriott DVD Drops May 15 Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Richard Garriott's Man on a Mission documentary will be released on DVD next Tuesday! This charming film captures Lord British's successful dream to become the world's first second-generation astronaut. Most reviews have been quite positive and the documentary has come highly recommended. Retail price is around $28, but preorders made by May 10 are just $18! MOAM is also available to rent from most streaming sources for about $4-5 with digital copies in the $15 range. Here's the trailer:
Firmly ensconced in the geeky pantheon of computer legends since high school, Richard Garriott can afford to pursue his dreams - even the wildly improbable ones. For instance, following in his astronaut father's footsteps. NASA won't take you because of bad eyes? No problem! Pioneer your own private space industry and buy a $30 million seat on a Russian Soyuz. Richly funny and invigorating, Man on a Mission tags along with Richard on his years-long quest to be the second Garriott into space. And maybe come back.

Paradigm Deployed to Enigma Sector Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Deathsnake has integrated a new model by FekLeyrTarg's into the Enigma 2666 mod. This time it's one of the Confederation's most advanced destroyers, the Paradigm. There's some ongoing discussion about the proper size scaling, since a specific length is never given. The shots below show the ship at a couple of different sizes, and there's some potential to make it comparable in bulk to the Gilgamesh.
The textures and thrusters will be changed again. Turrets are also not done yet on the model. Armament will be only in turrets (you can't give the capship guns in Saga). So I want to install: 2 Dual-Tachyon turrets, 4 Dual-Laser turrets and 2 IFF Launchers (1 up/down).

New WC Ship Viewer In Development Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

BOC_Havoc has put together a very sharp 3D ship viewer. The program is still in the prototype stages, but you can try out the current build here. The unity web player plugin is needed to see the model. Klavs' Ferret is available to manipulate in the current mockup, and it's already pretty cool. Havoc has some ambitious ideas for this app, so let him know if you can help!

I had the idea of building an online 3D shipviewer for the wcnews shipdatabase, so I sat down today and created a very basic first version. Please not that the GUI is horrible (I just wanted to try some things out) and most likely isn't needed at all. Press and hold the left mouse button to orbit around the ship. Use the mousewheel to zoom in and out.

The intention of this is not to create another standalone shipviewer, but rather to create a web application that can be easily included whereever you like. Want the viewer in the wcnews shipdatabase? Inlude it. Want to post on the forums and to make your post more clear include some shots of a ship from a specific angle? Inlude the shipviewer in your post along with coordinates for the camera and you're done. The purpose is to have some sort of interactive screenshot that can easily be shared with others.

The only thing that's stopping me from finishing this up is this: Would anyone be willing to prepare the needed models for this (remember that the database can be filled step by step)? There's some in the download section, but not every ship is available. Also, would you guys back this up if I open up a kickstarter for this to get the needed funds for Flash support (remember that this is optional)? And most importantly: Would anyone use it at all?

Still Worthy of an Honorable Mention Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

There aren't as many gaming sites name dropping Wing Commander as there were a decade ago, but they still pop up all over if you look. Here's a couple from just this week: HotHardware ran a feature on gaming clichés. The story decries the linear nature of modern games that screech to a halt if any losing conditions are met. Wing Commander's branching mission trees and losing paths are held up as a high example of how games should be made.
One of the reasons why the Wing Commander and, to some extent, Freespace franchises were so great is that both of them allowed you to fail. They handled the concept differently -- Wing Commander had a "Losing Tree" of missions that was separate and distinct from the main game, while Freespace handed you difficult mission objectives that you could fail without losing the game. Both approaches created uncertainty and left the player wondering if better performance in-mission would change elements of future missions.

GameSpy also ran a preview of the upcoming space sim Miner Wars. They say the game has a distinctly Privateer feel to it. A demo is available to try for yourself!

Rosa and I had a chance to talk for a bit at this past GDC, but it wasn't until a few days ago that I had some time to play the Miner Wars 2081 demo (you can download it here) to see how this space sim is coming along. In short, it feels like Descent meets Wing Commander: Privateer, which if implemented right, could be awesome.

Warren Spector Revisits Origin Memories Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Yet another Wing Commander mention this week came from an interview with Warren Spector. caught up with the famous developer to discuss Epic Mickey 2. When talking about his early career, Spector confirms that some of his very first games were Origin titles such as Wing Commander, Space Rogue and Bad Blood. Check out the full interview here.

GC: Well, I think we're all glad you made that choice. Now, I'm afraid I'm relying on Wikipedia for this question but it seems like your first game, or at least first retail game, was one of the Wing Commanders, is that right?

WS: Ah, no. [laughs] I actually did some uncredited testing on the very first three gold box games from SSI, Pools Of Radiance and the others. The first thing I actually did in the electronic games world is I went to work for Origin and I worked on quests and adventures on Ultima VI, I did all the story flow-charting and dialogue writing for a game called Space Rogue. And then I did some work on a game called Knights Of Legend and then after that was Wing Commander. I worked on Wing Commander and a game called Bad Blood about the same time.

A Trip to the WC Universe is Right Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

PlaySF magazine has put together a wacky article on Wing Commander and Christopher Blair. From the perspective of an inter-dimensional time traveler, the author jumps back in time to the year AD 2700 within the Wing Commander universe. Once there, he encounters James Taggart and the TCS Midway. The traveler learns first hand of the "century of turmoil" from the Pilgrims to the Kilrathi to the Nephilim before departing back to his own time. The GOG Privateer advertisement on the following page is a nice touch! A subheading also teases that this is "encounter one." It's a weird premise, for sure, but you can check it out for yourself here. Copies of the full magazine are available online for about $2.50 to $3.
Far from slicing through the tension as her antics often do, my pet cat nearly got the both of us killed yowling into my small craft's mouthpiece. It took many assurances before my captors accepted that I did not belong to the apparently feline 'Kilrathi' race, though the benignity of my intentions remained in doubt.

Everything's Ship Shape! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

In recent days WCPedia contributor Iceblade has worked on finalizing a layout for the ship articles on the project. After experimenting with the Broadsword article, and creating a great layout in the process, he's started to implement that layout across the Confederation fighters category. Currently, the F-36 Hornet article is the most complete. You'll find not only ship statistics but also a wealth of information including game conversation and novel references, mission appearances, and a healthy image gallery. An updated history text and a few other additions and tweaks are all that is left before we call the article complete. Wingnuts can now get a sense of the level of information we are hoping to provide in each article. It's going to be amazing! Be sure to watch the ship categories in the near future.

Since August 2007 and the launching of WCPedia, Wingnuts have added 2,866 content articles, uploaded 4,196 files, made 30,458 edits, and viewed the pages of the project just under 3.5 million times. Quite a feat for the community! The project continues to steadily grow thanks to the efforts of the contributors.

And the WCPedia team is always looking for more contributors! You don't need to be a WC expert to help out. Every little bit helps toward the creation of the ultimate Wing Commander resource. Be sure to check out the WCPedia thread in the Chat Zone or drop by #wingnut on the CIC's IRC server if you are looking for ways to help out.

HUDdle Up and Check Out New Cockpit Displays Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Aginor is working on a new Wing Commander mod, and this game will be played from the Kilrathi perspective. Although there won't be full dashboard cockpit graphics, each ship will have a unique heads up display. Most games use the same targeting crosshairs and reticle for all ships, but here are some examples of how Wing Commander 4 differentiated its craft.

And here are some of Aginor's new designs inspired by this diversity. They are more angular overall, and check out that asymmetrical one! It will belong to the Sorthak. You can find more concept art and help provide input for further designs at the CIC Forums.

Don't Miss an Infoburst! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Are you linked up to get the latest Wing Commander news right as it happens? In addition to the main website and CIC Forums, dedicated Wingnuts can follow the CIC on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and with RSS to stay in the loop as news breaks. In addition to hot stories, followers also see occasional special features and behind-the-scenes updates. Today is 2nd anniversary of our Facebook page's creation - check out how much the layout has changed in just that short amount of time. And thanks to all of our followers!

Glance at Mod's Gwynedd Mission Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's some new shots from the Enigma 2666 mod that show off a fighter launch, autopilot fly-by and ship size comparison. Sharp players will quickly recognize the familiar Broadsword/Ferret pairing from the Fralthra Strike at the beginning of WC2 - a very fun mission, if you can keep the Broadswords alive!
Here I used the Confederation Class from Klavs and the converted Broadsword from Standoff. The Confederation is 990m long, the Broadsword 36m l, 32 w, 14h. Close fit.. but it can launch :)

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