WCPedia: The 2011-2012 Thread


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
With all the recent Wing Commander excitement from Chris Roberts and GOG to WCA DVD, it's been a good end of summer for Wing Commander.

The WCPedia effort has taken a bit of a hit because of this. The team has been busy working on several other projects, however we are planning to start focusing on the project again around the middle of the month.

We are planning on finishing off Privateer 2 and having it be completely uploaded into WCPedia. I've started going through WC1 mission text again and am slowly making progress.

We need volunteers to help us hit our article creation goal for next year! If you are curious please PM me or drop by #wingnut to get a crash course!

Given the recent news, everyone should realize the potential value of an authoritative Wing Commander canon resource. So please volunteer today!
Slowly chugging away at the WC1 mission conversation tables. I'm up to the Gimle system (which means 9 systems still to go).

We are talking about having a WC/WCPedia meeting on #wingnut on Saturday, September 24th (Anniversary of Lancelot Flight and the destruction of Kilrah). We'd like to get as many wingnuts as possible to show up, talk some shop, play some games and give intros for working on WCPedia to those who are interested. I'll be posting a front page update next week, but I wanted to start to put the information out there.

We'll also be on #wingnut tonight (east coast US time) working on WCPedia related stuff. I'm hoping to get a bunch more convo tables in this weekend.
Have fallen off a bit on mission convo tables. I am going to try and work on a few this weekend. Things are quieting down a bit so the WCPedia team will be back to work on the project in the coming weeks. I really, really, really want to finish off Priv2. It will be a nice weight off our shoulder's when it is completed.

We have a variety of projects that people can volunteer to help with if you are interested.

We are in the process of planning the next #wingnut chat for October 29th (that way people can have their WCA DVDs already!) and we are aiming to hold this one at an hour that is easy for European wingnuts to attend. (We haven't set a final time yet, but we were thinking around 1 or 2 pm EST should make it early evening in Europe correct?)

A front page story on the last conference and the upcoming one will be posted in the coming days.
Well we have a few things going on. One thing we are in the process of doing is moving over CIC Green (/Ships) to WCPedia. Although, we are still trying to settle on an article layout. If you have any ideas about this, they are welcome! We've been playing around with a few ideas, but none are really sticking with us so far.

WC1 conversation tables are a project I'm slowly eating away at, but I could really use help on! I can provide all the files you'll need, it's just a matter of coding the table and inserting all the text. WC1 is the real big one in terms of dialogue variation so there's a lot to be done. 9 systems worth of conversations to be exact.

Categories like Weapons need to be gone through to make sure each article is of the same basic layout and to have the remaining weapons added along with relevant images and data.

Equipment is another category that can be fleshed out with stuff from other sources for more content articles.

There is also things like conversation tables for Secret Missions 1/2. There is also creating the basic layouts for all the other game missions. I could help by creating the system name categories and things and then someone would just need to create the mission articles themselves. We can provide a list of how the names should be in each game as well.

Those are a few things off the top of my head that can be worked on. Drop by #wingnut sometime and we can go over some wiki 101.
We really need help deciding on the best layout for the Ships pages. We want to set the pages up so that they display all the ship data in well organized manner.

I keep flipping between layouts, but this is something that's not my speciality. I'm good at filling it in, not drawing it first.

Anybody want to take stab at making a layout page template? As a test for your layout design please do a temp of the Arrow. It has quite a few variants (and these are the ones we want to make sure are displayed in a efficient manner) so it will make for a challenging template.
I could also use some help acquiring the missing images need to complete the Kilrathi installations section of WC3 found here on WCPedia.

Grabbing those would be a big help so I can then complete those articles.

In relation to the Ship page layouts, if anyone sees a layout on wiki or another wiki elsewhere they think would work, link to it! We are looking for all ideas for how to have these articles be the best since they will be some of the most trafficked pages on the project.
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Here's the Arrow V page which is best defines my best effort at organizing a ship with a lot of variants. It's missing the History text section (which will push that gallery down) and some final touches.

Most ships won't be so complicated because they only have a single variant/appearance. There are only a handful that have numbers like the Arrow.

What does everybody think about it? Suggestions? Etc?
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Ok...well I'm going to start converting the existing articles all to that format. I'm also going to create empty articles with layouts for the remaining ships. That's my immediate goal. It would be a great help for wingnuts then to help fill in stats and things from CIC Green (Ships) and the manuals into the WCPedia articles.

I'll even start to put in the data tables so all someone will have to do is plug in the actual numbers/information.
Alright...I'm stuck on how to layout the stats tables. I don't like how the Armor/Shields data is all on one line displayed in a X/Y/Z format. For the Hornet page I tried to break it down more hoping to make it clearer...I don't think it worked. Hornet Page Stats.

Any ideas about how to better layout the stat tables?

This is really outside my area. I'm better at adding in the information and history....not with setting it up.
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I agree. Something similar to that with the main images off to the right. Sections for history, specifications, and images plus whatever else fits.
Dund asked me to add the Prophecy-specific fields to the fighter infobox and I took a look at it and decided to make life harder for everyone by creating an entirely new infobox instead.

Ships should now use this handsome fellow: https://www.wcnews.com/wcpedia/Template:Infobox_Ship

I think you can see the visual improvement right off the bat, but it's also completely modular and organized now. Entirely easy to add/remove fields to without breaking all the entries.
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What this means is that we now have to convert every ship currently in the project to use this new infobox. We could really use some help in the process!

Then finally the Fighter, Fighter New, and Kilrathi fighter infoboxes can be deleted and we can streamline that area of the project.

LOAF did a pretty nice job on the infobox! It looks pretty awesome filled out!
Heh, the exmaple Darket has to have everything to show how it all works :)

That said, you CAN mount a cloaking device on a Darket in the CCG...
The Hornet page is the prototype for what we are thinking for every ship article (so both class like this and then individual ship like the Tiger's Claw, Tarawa, Concordia, etc). This way every page will be a master repository for every relevant reference. Eventually this will be ported to every WCPedia article that is applicable. We are going to need some help in doing so! We've got 2,834 articles so far, and 2,833.5 need this done! :eek:

If you want to volunteer stop by #wingnut. We can set you up with all the information you'll need to start adding information and where and how to upload it to the project.
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