Cool Intrepid Gallery For All Update ID

AD went through a lot of effort to capture some great shots of the BWS Intrepid for Major A Payne's Durango recently, and they're too neat to not share. The images reveal some great details on the weapons, propulsion system, hull and flight deck. Damage is also particularly visible and accented by lit and unlit windows throughout. AD used the WC4 DVD as a source for these.

Making the Game - Part 26 Update ID

August 2, 1996 - development of the Tigershark begins! I sure wish we knew more about the Maniac project - we can see here that a basic story was developed... but I've never come across a single document. There's lots of interesting talk about the cartoon here, too - EA UK is still working on a Wing Commander Academy game project and Origin is in preliminary talks with Film Roman to do an Ultima animated series! Everything seemed so possible in 1996...
Story Concept Document
Download (3.4 MB)

Date: August 2, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 5

Plastic Yorktown Gets Virtual Escort Update ID

After completing his plastic model Yorktown, Stefan Schoenhoff has turned his attention to the Tallahassee class cruiser. Although he's run into some difficulty with the model edges, these preliminary design shots have been released. The current plan is to smooth these issues out over the summer and see about physically recreating this and other new designs when he returns to school (and their 3D printer equipment) in the fall. The last shot gives a good side-by-side scale comparison for the final creations.

Making the Game - Part 25 Update ID

The July 26 Component Manager Meeting agenda shows less progress than other updates but still features some interesting points. One is a reference to the "Maniac code," suggesting that more work was done on Maniac Missions than even these documents had yet implied. The other is the continuing relationship between Richard Hilleman, an EA executive once charged with saving the team after Roberts' departure, and the rest of the group.

Story Concept Document
Download (2.1 MB)

Date: July 26, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 5

Empire at War Mod Builds First Ship Update ID

Major A Payne has released some shots of his revamped Border Worlds Durango. It's a 5000 poly model that will hopefully end up in the Star Wars Empire at War mod currently in the early stages. Payne's taken a number of cues from pictures of the cinematic model of the Intrepid to keep the ship fairly faithful to the original. A couple of details are also based on slight differences in the WC4 game model. A Hades class strike cruiser has also been started and should come together next. Both ships haven't gotten a whole lot of attention in many recent mods, so it's interesting to see fans' current takes on the designs. The project is also looking for a name, so suggestions are welcome.

Thanks to those images provided by AD, this new version looks a hell of a lot more like the original stock version. Unfortunately, I don't have the same kind of quality textures as the FMV version which is a big shame. So any further suggestions or corrections, feel free to point them out, but I believe this is as close as its likely to get.

Making the Game - Part 24 Update ID

We're seeing some familiar specifics in the July 19, 1996 Component Manager Meeting agenda document -- for instance, we can see the art team going from one known ship to another... in this case, working on the Panther and then the Vampire. The team is bringing Robert Foshko, an important film professor at the University of Texas, on to teach a class in cinematics. Is he related to Adam Foshko, the Maverick veteran who will eventually direct Prophecy's film shoot?

Story Concept Document
Download (1.9 MB)

Date: July 19, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 5

GameTap's Satisfying End Update ID

Six months ago the GameTap gaming-on-demand service abruptly dropped their contract with Electronic Arts and pulled three classic Wing Commander from their library. Insiders credited the move away from classic gaming licensing to a focus on creating gaming-related video content to complete with the likes of the G4 cable network. As any Wing Commander fan could have told them in November, that was a stupid idea. Now Wired reports:
In a statement on the company's official forums, GameTap Vice President of content Rick Sanchez said, "While we have been very happy with the work done by our editorial and video teams, we've made a decision to focus the business on our biggest strength, which is our game catalog. As a result, we will be restructuring the site to focus exclusively on gameplay."

In short, as several sources have confirmed to, everyone at GameTap who is not in charge of running the games service will be let go in the middle of June.

Good riddance! Now let's see what's left of the service fix what it broke - my subscription money will be eagerly awaiting the return of Wing Commander.

Making the Game - Part 23 Update ID

Today we begin several days of Component Manager Meeting agendas which will bring the project into early September 1996. The varied amount of audio work being done this week (July 12th) interests me - especially the notes about the Kilrathi Saga soundtrack. As you all know, Kilrathi Saga featured reworked versions of the original songs - but there was also an extensive legal component to the project, as the music for the original game was done on a contract basis rather than by an employee of Origin in 1990.

Story Concept Document
Download (2.6 MB)

Date: July 12, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 5

Collateral Damage Ships Get Revved Up Update ID

JasonRocZ has released a handful of new screenshots from his WC Collateral Damage project. This time around, the images show off many of his recent ships in Prophecy's Vision Engine. The Arrow Scout, Broadsword Executioner, Rapier Vanguard, Darket Dragonfly, Paktahn Phantom and WC3 Strakha are all included in this batch. The textures have all been updated to reflect Arena styling, and new hardpoints and afterburners have been added. Some of these shots make it hard to believe that these are homemade digital models flying in an engine that's more than ten years old.

Making the Game - Part 22 Update ID

This Wing Commander V Project Update is a more generalized version of the Component Manager Meeting agendas -- it includes status reports, important questions and other information on the state of the project as of July 2, 1996. It still sounds like the art department is having the most fun... although the audio guys seem very excited.

Story Concept Document
Download (3.0 MB)

Date: July 2, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 5

Paper Clydesdale Construction Kit Released Update ID

Péricles has released the the impressive Clydesdale model via Paper Commander. The transport ships comes in three sizes: tiny 1/1000 scale, intermediate 1/700 and a hefty 1/200. All are available in this PDF pack (4.8 megs zipped). Péricles has also put together a detailed step-by-step tutorial for Wingnuts eager to set up their own shipyards. Have fun building!
The model of the Clydesdale is from the venerable Standoff mod for the Wing Commander Secret Ops. This great work of Eder Vieito has a different interpretation - a little more towards the ship's original Wing Commander II "cleaner" and longer look. The model comes in a supercombo of three scales: 1 / 1000, 1 / 700 and 1 / 200. It has a medium level of difficulty.

Making the Game - Part 21 Update ID

Now this is beginning to feel more like home! Today we offer the Wing Commander V Mission Series Overview from July 2, 1996. This is similar to the plot concepts offered earlier in this series, except that it is the result of the team's three months of work. You'll find that it's very similar to the finished script in structure. Key differences include opening with a training series in which the player fights Kilrathi renegades and including a second character who is kidnapped and ultimately lost with Blair.

Mission Series Overview
Download (5.0 MB)

Date: July 2, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 6

Tracking Down The Gettysburg Update ID

Last week, the community replay of the Wing Commander series made its way to the first WC2 addon, Special Operations 1. Now Wingnuts will have to deal with the situation on the Gettysburg. It's taken us four months to get here, so it's definitely not too late to start in at Wing Commander 1 and sync back up with everyone else later this spring. Here are DaveO's notes from Pembroke.
I meet Angel in the briefing room, and she tells all of the pilots that with our victory in K’Tithrak Mang the Confederation controls the Enigma sector. With our victory, however, comes the need for vigilance since the Pembroke system we are currently in is a jump nexus between Enigma and Vega sectors. The only way for the Kilrathi to win here is to either take or destroy Pembroke station and block Confed troop movements. In an effort to prevent this, a thorough rotation of patrols will be undertaken. Stingray and I will take the lead patrol. Angel advises us both to use our best judgment when engaging the Kilrathi, but not to get too cocky. She emphasizes that we can’t afford to lose any pilots, and Stingray assures Angel that he’ll help me come back in one piece. For this mission, we’ll be assigned to Super Ferrets with new control systems and two heat seeker missiles. On our first enemy encounter, there are three Drakhri Sarthas. It’s a pretty simple matter of ‘scoot and shoot’, and I take out two of the enemy fighters while Stingray scores a kill. The next wave of Kilrathi are even easier. Just two standard Sarthas, which are wiped out with little effort from the mass drivers of my Ferret. The next nav point is where all the action is! Four stealth fighters are flying escort for a Kamekh. Due to the cloaking ability, the stealth fighters certainly make survival more challenging. I weave around to avoid any stray Kilrathi from getting any easy missile shot at me. I manage to take out two of the cloaked fighters. My aft shields and armor get wiped out, and it looks like Stingray tagged me! This is NOT helping, but I concentrate on any other fighters. Stingray tags a Kilrathi, and now it looks like it’s just the Kamekh. I hear stray stealth fighter attacks, but I don’t see the fighter or any shots so he’s either on my six and a bad shot or attempting to take out Stingray. Due to the fragile Ferret shields, I go full throttle against the Kamekh. My first run gets a very satisfying series of explosions, but that cat does not want to go down yet. On my second pass, I let that Kamekh have a full barrage of guns again and it goes up in a ball of flame. The final stealth fighter decides to reveal itself (nice Kamekh defense there, NOT!) but is blown to bits by my guns. I autopilot back to the Concordia, and wonder how those techs will react.

I land and am informed that Angel wants to see me. I meet Angel in her office and tell her that there is certainly clean-up work to do here. I explain that the real action on this mission was the third nav point with the Kamekh. Stingray says we’re a hot team, though I certainly hope he uses a bit more discretion on his target selections. Angel tells us both that she’ll take this to Tactical for analysis. She agrees that there is still a good deal of work to do here in this system.

Making the Game - Part 20 Update ID

Today we have another selection of emails. These are dated early July, 1996 and they cover the early development of Wing Commander Prophecy's weapons systems. Here you can see comments which lead to the creation of both the Dragonfly rocketpods and the interest in the ultimately unfinished shield-killing gun (here given to the player rather than the aliens).

Weapons List E-Mails
Download (625 kb)

Date: July 1, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Jorg Neumann
Pages: 4

George Oldziey's Shaiya Album Released Update ID

Wedge noticed that the complete official soundtrack for Shaiya has been released. This Korean massively multiplayer game features 21 awesome orchestral compositions by George Oldziey. Many of the pieces are distinctly reminiscent of his classic Wing Commander music. For Oldziey fans, this album is a real treat of familiar goodness. Visit the Shaiya OST page to stream each of the songs or grab the complete package here (24 meg zip).

Mr. Oldziey also had this to say when the first Shaiya track was released a couple years back:

A lot of it is influenced by the Wing Commander music I've previously composed. Actually, I thought it might be fun for you all to try to guess which Wing Commander pieces influenced which Shaiya pieces. Check it out! BTW, the coolest thing is that it's all LIVE ORCHESTRA and CHOIR!!! Something I tried for years to get Origin to support. It was recorded at the Clint Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Bros. just a few week ago. Enjoy!

Here's our very rough translation of each track title (in bold). Wedge has also tried to translate the usage of some tracks to help listeners get a better sense of the music (after the dash).

  1. Main Theme - Anthem of Shaiya: Title Screen
  2. Peuroton Tears - ?: Random areas in Erina, Alliance of Light territory.
  3. Human Town - Beika: Human town
  4. Chaos of the Continent - Gliter: Major Union of Fury city.
  5. A Sign of Darkness - ?
  6. Peaceful Continent - Aelbeageu: Elf town.
  7. Covert Raid - Union of Fury Frontier Zone.
  8. Inevitable Destiny of a Blood Enemy - Keolloseu: Major Alliance of Light city.
  9. Brave Warriors Face Forward - Union of Fury Main Town.
  10. Second Coming - Loading screen between areas.
  11. The Road Eteinege - Dungeon?
  12. Pledge of Darkness - Dungeon
  13. The Darkness of Satu - ?: Combat music. There's definitely Wing Commander references in this short track.
  14. The Fate of Struggling Towards Victory - Another combat track, also used in Alliance of Light frontier zones.
  15. Unity of Light - Alliance of Light frontier zone.
  16. An Alliance with the Forces of Light - Elf Human Creation: Create/load Alliance of Light characters (Humans and Elves).
  17. The Anger of the Unity Coalition - ?
  18. Aura of Darkness - Battle.
  19. Rebellion - Death Eater: Formerly known as the Nordein and the muscle behind the Union of Fury.
  20. (Aura of Darkness) Two Wars & Abandonment - ?
  21. Somebody Wake Me - Combat or 'enemy approaching' track.
I could be wrong about these, but I find it easier to appreciate music when I have an idea of what it's supposed to represent.

Making the Game - Part 19 Update ID

The early development continues in the June 28, 1996 Component Manager Meeting agenda. One thing that strikes me as interesting is the continual appearance of issues with EA legal over signing a screenwriter for Prophecy. Why is this? Is EA holding back the budget, are they worried about even developing the game or is there simply no standard for payment on an interactive script at this time?

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (4.0 MB)

Date: June 28, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 8

Wing Commander IV Made Hollywood History Update ID

AD's found a nifty press release that should bring back some fond memories for quite a few Wing Commander fans. The document, dated February 7, 1996, announces the imminent release of Wing Commander IV for the PC. To celebrate the game's release, a massive launch party was held at the Beverly Hills Planet Hollywood with Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys-Davies and Tom Wilson. The event marked the first time that video game equipment was donated to the chain. WC4 also featured an unprecedented $1 million marketing campaign complete with theatrical trailers in nearly 600 General Cinema theaters. Copies of the game were even sold in some theater lobbies. How exciting! Check out the full press release here.
ORIGIN Systems Announces Wing Commander IV Lift Off; PC CD-ROM Interactive Movie to Make History at Planet Hollywood Event.
Date:Wednesday, February 7 1996
Origin Systems Inc. Product introduction 00203470

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 7, 1996--ORIGIN Systems, an Electronic Arts company and a developer of world famous entertainment software, today announced that it will ship Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, the latest version of its award-winning, space-combat interactive movie series, for PC CD-ROM on Feb. 9, 1996.

The new title, which breaks new barriers in the blending of Hollywood filmmaking and computer entertainment, will be unveiled on Feb. 8, 1996 at Planet Hollywood in Beverly Hills, California.

At the Planet Hollywood press event, Wing Commander IV stars Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell will make special costume presentations to representatives of the restaurant, denoting a historic first for the computer gaming industry. It will mark the first time the restaurant has accepted memorabilia from a CD-ROM computer game. The costumes will be on permanent display at one of the many Planet Hollywood locations around the world. Other Wing Commander IV cast members will also attend the event including John Rhys-Davies and Tom Wilson.

Wing Commander IV was shot on 35 mm film at Ren-Mar Studios in Hollywood and includes several moving cameras and more than 35 elaborate sets, delivering four hours of live-action video with a "feature film" feel to the cinematics. The graphics explode in super VGA color and are further enhanced with photo-realistic texturing. Player interactivity is expanded both in and out of the cockpit allowing game players to have even greater control of missions and drama. A fully-digitized interactive movie score is included along with Dolby Surround Sound.

Wing Commander IV follows on the heels of the highly successful Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, which sold more than 600,000 copies worldwide and was named "Action Game of the Year" and "Game of the Year" in 1995 by several computer game publications.

All of the highly-talented Wing Commander III cast members returned to film Wing Commander IV, including Hamill (Star Wars), McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Star Trek: Generations), Wilson (Back to the Future I, II and III), Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones movies) and Jason Bernard (While You Were Sleeping, Herman's Head.) Wing Commander III Hollywood scriptwriters Terry Borst and Frank DePalma also returned to write Wing Commander IV. Eric Goldstein served as director of photography, and Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts was the executive producer of the new title and directed the live-action portions of the game. more

Making the Game - Part 18 Update ID

The June 21, 1996 Component Manager Meeting agenda starts off with an interesting list of issues that really helps get a feel for this exact point in the Maverick Team's history - what the problems where, where the future of the series was to go and so forth. One line sums it up best: "We need to show Origin/EA that we can do this without CR." Other than that: monkeys have been ruled out for the Maniac Missions story (darn!), Captain Johnny is now in England and Billy Cain is a WINNER!

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (3.8 MB)

Date: June 21, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 6

Old Excalibur Finds New Use Update ID

It's a popular month for Excaliburs. JasonRocZ has updated Steele's our XWA mod ship for WC Collateral Damage. So far he's reworked the gun mechanism to include some motor equipment and circuitry. This is supposed to reflect the autotracking guns from WC3. He's looking at Chain Ion Cannons for the centerline guns and also testing out several different color schemes.

I have modified the existing Excalibur model that was originally done by Micheal "Steele" Boewes. I believe it is an excellent model. I showed this model a few months back, but unmodified as part of some screenshots. Here's an updated version with a slightly different look.

Making the Game - Part 17 Update ID

Two things stick out in the June 14, 1996 Wing Commander Prophecy Component Manager Meeting agenda. First is the arrival of the new Playstation Analog Joystick at Origin - a massive flight stick which makes playing Wing Commander IV PSX a breeze. Note the amount of work that's going into getting the PSX controls just right - the team must understand that Wing Commander IV will set the stage for Wing Commander Prophecy PSX and so it must work to correct the generally awkward controls from the WC3 port. The finished game will, in fact, ship with a host of optional configurations for all sorts of players. The other is that Jason Hughes is cleaning up Wing Commander 2 code for The Kilrathi Saga... if Origin was able to recover WC2 source code in 1996 then perhaps it is archived with the material at EA Mythic? We'll soon find out!

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (3.3 MB)

Date: June 14, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 8

Plastic Carrier Pleases Crowds Update ID

Stefan Schoenhoff has completed his plastic Wing Commander model. The finished Yorktown class carrier is about 5 inches in length, and Haliwali's finished painting it to match the TCS Victory's scheme. Autodesk Inventor was used for the digital design, and a 3d printer output the physical ship. The pictures below are a bit blurry, but the end result is pretty cool. Up next he's trying to work out how to do a Tallahassee class cruiser.

Making the Game - Part 16 Update ID

The Component Manager Meeting agenda for June 7, 1996 is, as always, an interesting read. One thing that caught my eye was that assets from MCA (including fonts and other artwork) were being sent to EAUK. In more plain English, this means that material created externally for the Wing Commander Academy TV show was being sent to Erin Robert's group in England -- the people who developed Privateer 2 (and later StarLancer). How much work went into an Academy game concept? We know from the Point of Origin scans that EA's separate 'Darklight Conflict' game was also almost converted into one.

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (5.3 MB)

Date: June 7, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 11

Gaming Standards And The Mighty Micro Update ID

Rvcontre is putting together a neat YouTube series called 'The Gaming Standards.' He's creating a six-part documentary about Wing Commander and its time. Part four looks at the beginning of Chris Roberts' career and his early days at Origin. Ultima, Times of Lore and various BBC Micro games (like Stryker's Run) all make an appearance!
Thank you again for all the advice, suggestions, and encouragement. This part covers Chris Roberts and Origin briefly. I wanted this to just be a 30 sec blurb at the beginning of the look into WC proper but it kind of ballooned to a short segment so I'll extend the series a bit. Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy it!

Making the Game - Part 15 Update ID

Today we have a theoretical (and unused) mission series put together by Captain Johnny way back in June 1994. It details an encounter with the mysterious Prophecy aliens in a setting steeped in Wing Commander lore -- Olympus Station at Ghorah Khar. Any fan projects want to try making these into real missions?

Unknown Mission Series
Download (1.4 MB)

Date: June 4, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: John Guentzel
Pages: 4

Wingnuts Hold on to Pembroke Update ID

The community replay of the Wing Commander series has made its way to the first WC2 addon, Special Operations 1. Although most players will now work on securing the gains made in Enigma, anyone can join the fun at any time. Each discussion is broken down by system at the bottom of this update. It's definitely not too late to start in at Wing Commander 1 and sync back up with everyone else later this spring. Congratulations as well to Lorien who has managed to keep Blair alive in every mission to date. Heading into SO1, he's beating the Kilrathi 683 to 0. Here are his notes from K'Tithrak Mang.
K'Tithrak Mang 4: Tensions are running high at today's briefing. We all know what we're about to hear: That this is the mission to take out K'Tithrak Mang. Angel will be leading the main strike force going in. She assigns me to run a forward to patrol to keep the Concordia safe. Apparently, the Admiral personally requested that. Well, to hell with the Patrol and to hell with Tolwyn. If he's going to court-martial me then it might as well be for something big. I order Sparks to refit my ship with Torpedoes and boy does she comply, loading me down with six. Hopefully that will be enough to take the starbase down.

Some Stealth fighters are waiting in the asteroids for me, but they represent no problem on my way to K'Tithrak Mang. I arrive at the station to find no defenders except for a single ship that I recognise as a Bloodfang, Prince Thrakhath's private fighter. He challenges me to a dogfight and the battle begins. Frankly, Jazz could stand to take some lessons from him and probably would have had he escaped. After a lot of twisting and shooting the Bloodfang finally explodes, I think I saw the flash of an escape pod but I don't have time to check as Thrakhath's 4 Drakhai wingmen decide to avenge his death. I spend a lot of time on afterburners dodging Neutron fire as I gradually work them away from the group one-by-one and take them out. Finally, nothing stands before me but the station. Same tactics here as against the Ralatha, but I release the torpedoes earlier as the flak gets extraordinarily thick close in. The station finally detonates after the second torpedo hits and I set course for the Concordia.

There's quite the reception committee when I land back on deck. Angel congratulates me on being magnificent and in my best Tri-D impersonation I reply "That's my job". The Admiral interrupts our kiss and I steel myself to face him, ready for the worst. He certainly doesn't disappoint with the list of crimes I've committed but lets me off the hook with a "Well done" and a promotion back to my original rank. Angel orders me to her quarters with champagne as the Admiral personally leads the cheers for me.

After the celebrations, I try to think back on the dogfight and work out if we've since the last of Prince Thrakhath.

Making the Game - Part 14 Update ID

The plot thickens! On May 31, 1996 the project is in the very earliest stages of development and plans are focusing on things like the makeup of the team, sharing resources with other projects and who will be contracted to write and direct the game's story elements.

There's a lot to read here - it confirms, for instance, that "Maniac Missions" was still a serious project with a planned development team at this point, and that Origin had some involvement in the Wing Commander Academy animated series. There is also a timeline attached, which shows individual deadlines for each element of the project's development. The most surprising thing is that final testing is, at this early date, scheduled to go until April 28, 1998 - some five months after the game ultimately shipped.

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (4.3 MB)

Date: May 31, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 9

Excalibur Joins the Lego Fleet Update ID

Deacan's spotted another nifty Lego Wing Commander model. This time it's an Excalibur rendered in LDraw that was virtually created by Big Jim. Although a physical mockup hasn't yet been done, the ship was made to be completely buildable by real Lego pieces.
I designed this to be built and there are no hidden gaps or anything that might prevent someone from making these if they had the right bricks. I will make more MOCs as I have time, but until then, please enjoy and review my Wing Commander III Excalibur!

Making the Game - Part 13 Update ID

The May 24, 1996 Component Manager Meeting agenda has an interesting list of writers considered for Wing Commander V. The choices are interesting - several are unknown and several others are best known for writing in animation: Larry Ditillio (He-Man and Babylon 5), David Carren & Larry Carroll (G.I. Joe, Ninja Turtles), Christy Marx (G.I. Joe). Marx may have an earlier connection to Origin (or Ellen Guon) - she made a cameo appearance in both Secret Missions 2 and Freedom Flight as as Confederation marine. Now, can anyone say without looking it up: who wrote the finished script?

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (4.3 MB)

Date: May 24, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 7

Ascii Sector Keeps Growing Update ID

There's been another incremental upgrade to Privateer Ascii Sector this week. Version 0.3.2 is the first Win32 release, so users no longer need to run the game through a program such as DOSBox. The second big addition is the inclusion of music and sound effects. Chris Knudsen has been carefully collecting a variety of classic Privateer audio files to complement the retro look of the game. He's also interested in testing the Windows performance on a variety of systems. Wingnuts can grab the latest release here and post feedback to

My somewhat loose plan at the moment is to program ship boarding and on-ship character combat for 0.4. Following that I might add planetary combat missions for 0.5, where you'll engage in combat against a horde of Kilrathi, Retros or pirates alongside Confed forces in randomly generated cities. These will probably be a new type of mission for the Mercenaries' Guild. I'll also start work on the scripting part, where players will be able to script 'quests' or 'stories' that other players can load into their game.

Parallel to all this, I'll continue to expand the gaming univers with new systems and add small new features and fixes here and there. I think I'll call it version 1.0 when the gaming univers is complete (all four quadrants have been established). I can then continue to add new features for the scripting language based on player/user feedback. I'll also be working on Linux and Mac versions.

Making the Game - Part 12 Update ID

We're introduced to an interesting point in this May 7, 1996 Component Manager Meeting agenda: will Wing Commander Prophecy have an 18 or a 24 month development cycle? Corporate, of course, will ultimately win and enforce the shorter timeline... but it's very interesting to see the game being planned in the hopes of having an additional six months of development. Also: who is the Production Designer at this point? Because he seems to be having all the fun - building new destroyers and drawing a ship for Maniac Missions? I'd give my left eye to see these things.

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (4.1 MB)

Date: May 17, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 8

EA Wraps 2008 Books Update ID

Electronic Arts released its year-end financial totals this week. Their 2008 fiscal year ended on March 31. The company's overall revenue for the year hit a record $3.67 billion, but the company ended with a net loss of $454 million due in part to how it measures income from online games. Twenty-seven games sold over a million copies, and fifteen of those sold more than two million. Console game sales accounted for the majority of income for the year. XBox 360, PS3, Wii and PC sales each accounted for roughly 10% of the business. The PS2 alone contributed 20% and combined DS, PSP and cellular games were approximately 15%. PC sales were down 28% compared to 2007 while modern console sales increased over 90%. Looking forward to 2009, EA expects overall revenue growth of more than $1 billion to approximately $5 billion total.

Making the Game - Part 11 Update ID

We are going to round out May, 1996 with four more Component Manager Meeting agends. This one is May 10th. I'd love to know more about the Confederation destroyer 'test' the Production Designer has been working on through several of these reports - especially since the finished game had no human warships other than the Midway. Another interesting fact? An early title for the 'Kilrathi Saga' project was 'Kilrathi Wars'...

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (3.6 MB)

Date: May 10, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 7

Rapier Vanguard Grabs Texture Upgrade Update ID

JasonRocZ has gone back and cleaned up the Rapier Vanguard model to be used in the WC Collateral Damage mod. The pictures below represent the first draft and current version of the design. There's quite a noticeable improvement in the textures and their accuracy compared to the actual ships in Wing Commander Arena. The colorization mimics the improvement that we saw in screenshots released from progressive builds of Arena last year.

It's been some time since I've updated this model. This one was much tougher to do changes on than any other model I've worked on. It's at 1198 polygons out of the 1200 limit. Should I change anything? Any requests? Hopefully you will see the drastic changes made here.

Making the Game - Part 10 Update ID

This collection of emails between the team's designers shows the thought process that went into designing MED, Wing Commander Prophecy's mission editor. A lot of it is Greek to me, but I'm sure those who have toiled with editing Prophecy by hand over the years will appreciate what it all means. What's more, thanks to Captain Johnny (whose comments appear in the last email in the set) we may soon be able to play around with MED ourselves...

MED E-Mails
Download (1.1 MB)

Date: May 7, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Jorg Neumann
Pages: 7

The Big Transport That Could Update ID

In sharp contrast to the tiny 1/1000 scale paper Clydesdale that Péricles unveiled last week, his 1/200 scale model is quite a monster. Where the last design could be placed next to coins for reference, this one might be better sitting next to hubcaps or dinner plates. The basic structure of the ship is coming together well now, and three sizes of the design should be ready to release soon. After this transport is complete, Péricles plans to move on to the Venture and Stiletto. We can't wait! Check out more pictures over at or Paper Commander.
Well gentlemen, I present the final steps of the construction of the Clydesdale. In this sequence of pictures we see some aspects of the final assembly. The model in these pictures is a big 1/200 scale. The size creates some new issues which require care and technique, mainly for not leaving openings or white corners. In general these are filled out with scraps of the textures from a second print of the model made in paper of finer thickness.

Making the Game - Part 9 Update ID

Today we have the May 3rd, 1996 Component Manager Meeting Agenda, with comments and status updates from all the groups working on the game. What interests me the most here is the amount of control this group seems to have over the entire Wing Commander property - they're monitoring the big titles in development, Wing Commander V and Maniac Missions, but also keeping tabs on Wing Commander IV Playstation, The Darkening and even sending representatives to LA to make sure that MCA/Universal is not "fucking up the property" on Wing Commander Academy TV. I also think everyone can take something different away from these -- for example, I imagine some 3D artists probably understand what it means that the art team is all learning Alias better than I do.

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (4.2 MB)

Date: May 3, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 9

Prophecy High Res Patch Updated For Vista Update ID

HCl's Prophecy Enhancement Pack is a super cool thing. It runs WCP in high resolution, adds online multiplayer, allows DVD quality videos to be patched in and fixes bugs that were part of the original game. Recently, as adoption of Windows Vista has gradually increased, a small number of people reported problems running the upgrade's high res installer. HCl has investigated the issue and developed a workaround. If you have experienced crashes while running install.exe in the Enhancement Pack, unzip install_gui.exe into the game folder and run it instead. Be sure to report your results afterwards to help make future improvements even better.

Here is a fix for the High-Res patch installer. It should solve a crash which is most common on Windows Vista, but may also occur on XP in certain circumstances. If you are experiencing trouble running the regular installer, give this fix a try and let me know if it solves the problem for you.

Making the Game - Part 8 Update ID

The organization of the game continues! Today we see a collection of documents laying out the goals and organization for the Wing Commander V Playstation team. The project was headed by Billy Cain... and it shows! Just check out the mission statement: "Our mission is to make Wing Commander 5 PSX the #1 selling version of Wing Commander, ever, on any platform (not including WC5 PC, because we would hurt their feelings)." The plans for Prophecy PSX were unique - it was to be the first time that a console version of a Wing title was developed alongside the PC project.

Wing Commander V Playstation Bible
Download (4.8 MB)

Date: April 30, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 11

Final Assault On K'tithrak Mang Update ID

Wingnuts are playing through the whole series again and posting their battle accounts to the Forums. The community replay of Wing Commander 2 is now entering its final stage. This week covers the K'tithrak Mang series. Here's DaveO's screenshots and recollections from Enigma:
In the Observation Room, I meet up with Hobbes and Jazz. Hobbes tells me that Downtown is dead, and that he was ambushed by ten Drakhri. Hobbes wonders why he feels the way he does, and Jazz sympathizes and tells him that he felt the same way when he lost his brother on the Goddard colony. I try telling Jazz that I understand why he’s bitter, but he says I don’t really understand his feelings. Hobbes tells me that he’ll be on the flight deck. I meet up with him again later in the barracks, and I ask him if he’s ok since he spent the time on the flight deck just staring into space. Hobbes tells me that even though he treated Downtown like a friend, he really loved him as a son and regrets that he never told this to Downtown. I tell Hobbes that there is still some of the Kilrathi Sukhar May’ya that Paladin brought and that now might be a good time to finish the bottle.

In the briefing room, Angel tells us that enemy fighters have been pursuing us for several hours. We must not let them find us since they would bring more reinforcements, and we lost our support from the William Tell which was destroyed after it jumped out of the system. The Concordia will be forced to do a very dangerous double jump. All fighters will be launched to do a patrol sweep after the first jump. Due to the importance of this mission, Angel will be flying on my wing in a Broadsword. After clearing any resistance, the Concordia will jump again to its designated second jump point. At the first enemy encounter, there are a few Drakhri. I take out this wing with just my forward guns. After we jump, Angel and me see a wing of Sarthas along with a Kamekh. It’s hard to tell if I destroyed any fighters with my rear guns since there is flak going off around us. Angel takes down the shields of the Kamekh, and I finish it off with a barrage of guns. I establish communication with the Concordia, and tell it that the jump point is clear. I then give a kill count score for the mission and land.

Making the Game - Part 7 Update ID

Today's document is the April 30, 1996 version of the Wing Commander V/Prophecy org chart, along with job descriptions (dated May 7, 1996) for the various leadership roles. They don't sound too bad - I could have been a Producer! How does it all stack up compared to the team that finished the project? The obvious change is Richard Hilleman as Executive Producer. Those who followed our Point of Origin series will remember that Mr. Hilleman took over the Maverick Team on a temporary basis after Chris Roberts left - Rod Nakamoto was later brought in to run the project. Hirings at the newly formed Digital Anvil will soon disrupt this chart, too - Billy Cain (presently in charge of the PSX version and not listed here) will replace Phil Wattenbarger as Lead Designer and several of the artists will also move on (including Chris Douglas and Dean McCall).

Wing Commander V Organization Chart
Download (5.0 MB)

Date: April 30, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 11

Saga Shakes Down Its Superfighter Update ID

The WC Saga team has released an updated version of its Excalibur model. The latest incarnation was mocked up by limdaepl. Accuracy and faithfulness to the authentic design was their goal, and they've done a good job getting many of the details right.

Making the Game - Part 6 Update ID

This is more like it! The Component Manager Meeting Agenda for April 26, 1996 has information from what each portion of the Wing Commander V/Prophecy development team is doing. One thing that should catch the eye of Wing Commander fans is that the team is developing an overall story arc and 'universe fiction' -- and that it's being shared with Erin Roberts, who is currently developing Privateer 2: The Darkening in England. There's also an interesting reference to planning for "Maniac [Missions]" with Mark [Day] - I wonder if any material on that project survives?

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (4.3 MB)

Date: April 26, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 6

Arena Arrow Targets Secret Ops Update ID

JasonRocZ has posted new photos of the Arrow model for the Collateral Damage fan project. WCCD is a Secret Ops mod set just prior to the Wing Commander Arena timeframe. Check out the Arrow from Arena here. The pictures below reveal some of the characteristic elements of the newer design such as the more sharply angled stabilizers, beefier engine cowlings and modernized textures.

The newer model doesn't have any gun mounts on it yet but... they'll get there...

Making the Game - Part 5 Update ID

Today we present the first Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda document. I know I promised that these would be exciting... but not yet! We'll see Maniac Missions references and outlines and discussions about who should write the story in the next few days... but today is just the agenda for the first meeting (April 19, 1996), since no previous minutes or long range calendar had yet been determined. Does everybody have stuff to do?

Wing Commander V Component Manager Meeting Agenda
Download (279 kb)

Date: April 19, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 1

Expanded Ascii Sector Released Update ID

Chris Knudsen has brightened our day with a surprise release of Privateer Ascii Sector version 0.3.1. A big new addition is the introduction of character combat. Players have health ratings and personal inventory, and they can now attack others on various bases in order to complete new types of missions. Half a dozen new star systems have been incorporated into the sector and a handful of bugs have also been fixed. You can grab the latest version of Ascii Sector here (1.1 megs). Help provide your feedback at or visit the PSA Forums.
Thanks everybody! Hope you enjoy the new features!

It's important for me to point out, though, that the most important new feature (character combat) hasn't got all that much use yet. You can get character assassination missions, but that's about it. Character combat will become a lot more interesting in v0.4 where you'll be able to disable an enemy ship, board it, kill the crew and make off with the cargo (doing this will reward you with a lot more cargo than simply blowing it up).

Besides working on these future versions, I'm currently moving away from programming in Borland Pascal 7.0. Instead, I'll be programming in FreePascal and use SDL for all video, keyboard and mouse functions. FreePascal and SDL is platform independent, which means that I will be able to compile the game for Windows, Linux and (theoretically) Mac. I'll also be able to add sound effects and music.

Making the Game - Part 4 Update ID

Today we have an important starting point for Wing Commander V/Prophecy: the original set of requirements for the "Wing Commander Editor", which became something called MED. The team realized that if they spent time to create an easy-to-use mission layout tool at the start of the project, then later development would go much more smoothly. Unfortunately, MED was never released to the public - so we can't say whether or not the goals set forth here were accomplished. One interesting thing to note is the inclusion of Playstation functionality - the same tool would have been used for both the PC and (aborted) Playstation version of the game.
Wing Commander Editor Specs
Download (684 kb)

Date: April 18, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Jorg Neumann
Pages: 7

Blackstar Chronicles, Just in Time! Update ID

There's good news from Spacetime Studios, a company made up of an amazing list of Wing Commander veterans including Anthony Sommers, Chris Douglas, Cinco Barnes, Jake Rodgers and Reece Thornton. They've worked out an agreement to keep the rights to the "Blackstar" universe, the setting of the MMORPG they had been previously been developing for Richard Garriott's NCSoft.

Their new title, Blackstar Chronicles, will be a traditional single/multiplayer experience which includes Wing Commander-inspired spacecombat and a truly brilliant style of artwork. A beautiful PDF with details on the game can be found here. Here's the official word:

AUSTIN, Texas – May 8, 2008 -- Spacetime Studios, LLC announced today it has acquired the rights to the Blackstar IP from its previous publisher NCsoft. Spacetime Studios, an independent game development studio made up of industry veterans, now fully owns all the tools, technology and intellectual property from their previous publishing deal. Set in the far future, Blackstar is a fresh universe full of wildly original space fighters, horrifying demonic enemies and epic drama. “The IP lends itself to almost any kind of gameplay that one could ask for, and was specifically designed to be a long-term franchise,” said Cinco Barnes, creative director and co-founder of Spacetime Studios. “It’s a nice sweet spot when you own all the puzzle pieces and we now have extraordinary flexibility in where to take the game universe next.”

“After two years of development, the Blackstar universe is quite near and dear to our hearts” said Gary Gattis, executive producer and co-founder of Spacetime Studios. “Owning the IP as well as the engine and tool set puts a tremendous amount of potential in our hands. With all the developed components under the Spacetime team’s control, the options for the IP are diversified.”

The new “Blackstar Chronicles” development underway is a space fantasy combat game based on the single-player traditions of “Wing Commander” and the multiplayer feel of “Descent.” “The Blackstar Chronicles is a very powerful product,” said Jake Rodgers, art director and co-founder of Spacetime Studios. “The Blackstar universe has the potential to be something special and it’s great that we are able to bring the IP to fruition.”

Making the Game - Part 3 Update ID

This is a very simple update for introducing a complex subseries. This coversheet represents the Wing V Component Manager Meeting Archive - a series of weekly status updates on all individual parts of the game. Each one includes meeting minutes, talking points, notes, plans for the next week... and since this was the 1990s, a Dilbert cartoon. They're an invaluable tool for learning exactly how the game was developed - and we'll be looking at each one soon.

Wing V Component Manager Meeting Archive
Download (489 kb)

Date: Unknown
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: Billy Cain
Pages: 1

Making the Game - Part 2 Update ID

Today we have a second take on the Wing Commander Prophecy concept, this one by Captain Johnny himself. It's shorter and less dramatically different - I think everyone will appreciate that this version comes a lot closer to the chosen plan than the Chris Douglas version presented yesterday. It also features a new pilot, an older ship and two alien races, organic ships... as well as many opportunities for reintroducing previous characters as available.

Wing Commander V plot proposal
Download (543 kb)

Date: Unknown
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: John Guentzel
Pages: 4

Making the Game - Part 1 Update ID

We are proud to present a new daily feature which represents a major part of our mission -- the preservation and study of Wing Commander's history. Thanks to several very generous material donations we have been able to put together an impressive archive of documents relating to the development of Wing Commander Prophecy.

Just over twelve years ago the development team first met to put together a plan for what was then called Wing Commander V. It was a project full of firsts -- the first Wing Commander game designed for the ground up for the PC and the Playstation simultaneously, the first one to include multiplayer and the first one without Chris Roberts at the helm.

We would like to thank Prophecy Lead Billy Cain, Designer Captain Johnny Guentzel and Joe Garrity's Origin Museum for all the help and material provided for this project. We'll be running through all the dated documents in order and then providing a series of interesting undated ones. We will end by looking through Billy Cain's project bible for the game! Lets get started!

Today's document is the earliest yet identified -- so early, in fact, that it dates to just days after Wing Commander IV hit store shelves. This is the first of two rough plot pitches for the game... this one by Chris Douglas, whose artwork defined the style of Wing Commander III and IV. Mr. Douglas didn't go on to continue work on Prophecy... but his story is certainly very interesting.

Obviously the first thing you will notice is how different (and interesting) this pitch is -- military governor Blair, the return of Prince Thrakhath, Lt. Connor White and the TCS Eagle. I think that a close study, however, reveals some similarities -- and gives you a good idea of what basic elements potential script: the new character, the two alien races, the requirement that Blair be included in the story.

Wing Commander 5 Game Design Document
Download (2.5 mb)

Date: Feb. 15th, 1996
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: John Guentzel
Pages: 15

Final Standoff Installment Creeps Closer Update ID

The Standoff website has been updated with a progress report on Episode 5, and the Characters page now has entries for Saxman, Popsicle and Henderson. It sounds like they are still hoping for a 2008 release. Here's the official word from Eder:
Yet again, we've managed to go several months without an update. Honestly, every time we celebrate the release of another episode, it gets a little harder to get back to work ;-). Still, once more into the breach...

That's not to say we have not made progress, though. Although things have been all too quiet lately, Standoff continues to make small steps towards completion - and this time, we're really talking about completion, since finishing this episode means finishing Standoff entirely. And about time :-P.

So, what have we been up to this year? Well, since most of the other graphics are done (you won't see much in the way of new ships this episode :-P ), I've been concentrating on pre-rendered cutscenes. Episode 5 has quite a few of them - indeed, even the intro this time will be pre-rendered, as there was no way this particular intro could be created as an in-game cutscene in any reasonable amount of time. This one will be particularly interesting, you'll see... :-)

In the meantime, Quarto, Pierre and Pedro have been working on missions. I'm actually rather disappointed in their progress - Quarto keeps promising me that next update, I won't have any red left on the progress chart, but... well, see, it's still there, next to in-game cutscenes and fiction :-P. Still, there is steady progress. Just, you know, not much of it. So, if you want to see Standoff's Episode 5 out this year, feel free to drop by the forum and let those lazy bastards know what you think about that... :-P

Oh, and since we don't at the moment have too much to post in screenshots, we've finally updated the characters page, adding profiles for the last three cutscene characters - Saxman, Popsicle and Henderson. That's gotta count for something. :-P

Built Vak-Tough Update ID

JasonRocZ has released yet another new Kilrathi ship for his Collateral Damage Secret Ops mod project. This is the famed Vaktoth heavy fighter, which made a pain of itself throughout Wing Commander III (and an object of slight pity in Wing Commander Prophecy.) These are all amazingly well done and they arrive faster than light... but I'm looking forward to seeing elements of this project beyond just the ships. The Vaktoth is available in both original (left) and stylized (right) versions:

Countdown to K'tithrak Update ID

Wingnuts are playing through the whole series again and posting their battle accounts to the Forums. The community replay of Wing Commander 2 is now entering its fifth week. This week covers Enigma missions 1-3. Lorien recalls Tesla:
Two weeks later, the Concordia jumps into the Tesla system. The time has just flown by and Sparks comments that she hasn't seen me much lately. I'm really coming to appreciate her no-nonsense approach to the situation as she checks to make sure the thing with Angel is for the right reasons and re-assures me about my importance to the Concordia. After all, Tolwyn hasn't sent me home yet.

Today's mission promises to be an exciting one. There's a Kilrathi listening post in the system and we're to take it out using the single torpedo on an Epee. Delivering a torpedo run in the fragile Epee will be a challenge, but I'm up for it. No, wait, that's someone else's mission. Instead I get to patrol the system with Stingray. Yay. We set off in our Rapiers to find some Jalkehi in the asteroids, I still don't like dogfighting in asteroids but the Jalkehi like it even less. Nav 2 contains a suprise, a Free Trader being bombed by Grikath. Stingray engages one as I swoop in on another in the middle of a torpedo run. My shots arrive just as the torpedo drops off it's mount and detonate it, taking the Grikath with it. Stingray and I double-team the remaining Grikath with Stingray claiming the kill. The Free Trader turns out to be Paladin's Bonnie Heather and we escort it back to the Concordia. No doubt something big is happening. Angel seems distracted as well, keeping herself busy in her work.

The Little Transport That Could Update ID

In real life, clydesdales are bred to be as big and strong as possible... but not here! Péricles, the man behind the amazing Paper Commander models, is putting together a Clydesdale transport... a really small one! This adorable paper transport is in testing right now and will be available for download in the near future (they won't all be this small - users will be able to choose between 1/200, 1/700 and 1/1000 scale versions.) The model is based on the 3D version created by Eder for the Wing Commander: Standoff mod.

So Much for Fly-Through Bays Update ID

Stefan Schoenhoff, self described 'avid fan, insane models' is growing a ship! He says: "OK, so my PoE class just got a new 3D printer, and the teacher told us to build something with Autodesk Inventor. Now the thought crossed my mind 'Hey, I could totally put a WC ship in here!'" His ship of choice was the Yorktown-class light carrier, seen in Wing Commander III as the TCS Victory. Apparently this sort of process takes quite a while, but we're looking forward to some pictures once the 3D printing is complete. Until then, here's the model in Inventor:

WC Composer Clone's Home Update ID

LeHah reports on an Upcoming Film Scores article about Kevin Kiner's work scoring Lucasfilm's upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars omni-series. Kiner is known to Wing Commander fans as the man responsible for the Wing Commander movie's wonderful score - and it sounds like he's moving even further up in the world:
Kevin Kiner has been in Prague recording his orchestral score for the upcoming animated feature film Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This Lucasfilm Animation production will be released theatrically by Warner Bros. on August 15 and is the first in a series of animated Star Wars films, the others to be broadcast on television. Kiner has already scored more than a dozen of these episodes. Dave Filoni (Avatar: The Last Airbender) is the supervising director of the series and also helms the feature film, and George Lucas is producing. Kevin Kiner is best known for his Wing Commander score, and has also written the music for the 1993 horror film Leprechaun, the Star Trek: Enterprise TV series and the comedy The Pest.

And All the Ships at Sea Update ID

Wing Commander novelist William Forstchen is keeping a blog at in order to promote his new alternate history book, Days of Infamy. The latest entry may be of interest to Wing Commander fans, since it details his adventures visiting an active United States Navy aircraft carrier, along with the importance of 'experiential' research:
We were talking one day as we were working on Pearl Harbor and I mentioned to Newt that I felt I had a real grasp of Civil War battles, from a lot of experience as a reenactor etc., but I did not yet quite have the feel of what it must have been like aboard a carrier, in the heat of action. Yes, I had visited the fabled Yorktown at Patriot’s Point in Charleston Harbor and spent nearly a day crawling around every inch I could get access to, but it was not “alive,” at that moment, it is a museum, a wonderful museum that if you are within five hundred miles of Charleston you must immediately go and visit, but it is not alive. A Civil War analogy. Take a look at a cannon at any battlefield park. You can learn a lot from studying it, even simulating loading it, but imagine actually firing it for real. That is what I sought.
.... but his lack of aircraft carrier experience didn't stop him from writing several great Wing Commander books set aboard them! It's also interesting to note that the Wing Commander IV team visited the USS Lexington early in that project's development cycle in order to get the look and feel of the real thing down correctly.

Fourth Fralthi Forms Update ID

Michelle D, creator of a pretty fantastic Gratha model is setting sights on an even more detailed Fralthi project, thanks to the recent release of high resolution Wing Commander FM Towns artwork. You can follow the progress in this thread - and if past experience is any indication, it should be a great opportunity to watch a model develop! Here's the earliest part, a surprisingly detailed skid:

Review New Gemini Gold Intro Update ID

John Cordell was nice enough to send along an advance copy of the Privateer: Gemini Gold intro movie! He explains:
I've managed to complete the Privateer Gemini Gold HD intro during the last weeks. Indeed I thought I would never find the time to do it but then... and it would be a shame to hold it back until the next version of Gemini Gold is complete, would it? Also there might be some "space" to improve it! I would like to hear your feedback and suggestions about it. But this is also a call for help. If somebody would like to contribute Mr. Burrows i would be more than happy to make him show up again.

Another team member, Don, is already working on the Privateer Outro. But it is too early to show anything yet.. For now, please enjoy the movie and have a nice weekend!

You can download it here (22.6mb).

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