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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag - August 10, 2005

LOAF, Hades, Halman, & ChrisReid tackle some important issues in the August 10, 2005 edition of the CIC Mail Bag!

Subject: Your pic spotted
Date: 6/20/2005 2:43:14 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Christof


I’m a frequent visitor of WC news. Today, some dude posted some ‘funny’ pictures on the university newsgroups (not reacheable from the ‘normal’ internet). One of these pictures depicted Chris Reid performing some weird spiderman acrobatics...

Just so you know that picture is floating around on the internet somewhere :)


ChrisReid: There is a striking resemblance there.

Halman: This is why Chris is no longer welcome on the the subway in 5 major US cities.

Hades: We'll be trying to get Chris to recreate this scene in Atlanta's MARTA system while wearing a flightsuit next month.

LOAF: That's right, folks, on a slow day even someone e-mailing us to suggest that all asians look alike is front page Wing Commander news.

Subject: Contacting the CIC Staff
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 16:07:44 -0500
From: Ken


Do yourselves a big favor? Why bother helping many people who have Window XP and the computers are too fast? And I have a biggest problem is you guys are giving a hayfever for me go through your technical forum and how can I understand what are you trying to say. I personally asking all of you guys as designers to reproduce the ALL Wing Commander games with the update versions for our new systems. I don't want to make a big fuzz to go over your stupid technical forums. Yeah, I am too dumb and stupid. Why are you guys wasting all of us to figure these games to make them work again on their new systems, huh???

PLEASE, do this way, produce the wing commander games for Window XP so everyone will keep their PEACE and not to bother with your FRAKING forums!!!


ChrisReid: Take a chill pill Ken.

Halman: You're right. Helping people with technical problems on the tech-support forum is an awful idea. You also might want to see a doctor about your forum related hayfever.

Hades: Reproduce ALL of the games? Do you think we've got elves in the back making the things? FRAKING hell.

LOAF: You can tell how awful a fandom is by how readily losers adopt their fake expletives. Wing Commander is great so you don't see wingnuts going around saying 'harakh' or 'kass'richak' over and over... but then you have Battlestar Galactica and Freespace jerks who are sure that the fact that their shows replace fuck with 'frak' or 'frell' is the most intelligent thing ever to have happened.

There Aint No Justice.

Subject: Fan Directory Submission
Date: 7/11/2005 9:18:16 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Jack

Hey man…

OH MY GOD!!!!! I talking to a friend about Malcolm McDowell yesterday, and it made me think to search the net for WC Games… I had no idea how big it was/is/ever got!!!!

I’m a 22year old Aussie bloke in the state of Tasmania (you know the Tazzie Devil?) I started playing WC in 1993, then went on to WCII on PC, and III and IV I bought on its release day for PS… but I haven’t played any of them for about 8-9 years I suppose… Even lost all copies… I had a couple of the books too!!!

I’m blown away! Looking on your website, seeing screen shots from the old locker room…. Cockpit shots… brings back memories!!!

Man, can you fill me in with: 1 How the hell do I get hold of the games I need? I’ve been on Amazon and saw there are plenty, but from what I could figure, its still in the 3”5 disks… Is there any CD’s available for these games? I want them all! 1 through to 4, Special Ops, and any that I’ve missed out on playing over the last few years!!!

If they do only have them on floppy disks, obviously I can transfer them to CD? And what about my system? I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about computers themselves- I just love games! I’ve got a fairly new Acer Pentium 4 with like… I dunno… 40GB?? 80 GB?? Bit different from the 2MB upgraded to 4MB that I used to run WC1 &2 on HA HA!!! And do I need to buy any extra programs to play?

Finally, did I read right? I s there another due out soonish??? If so, I’m gonna have to catch up on the ones I’ve never laid eyes on… Phrophecy, Aramada and Privateers…..

My god… so many lost years to catch up on… I know I might sound like a freak- but I’m guessing you’d probably understand! Imagine if you strolled upon all this one day!!

Theres like nowhere in Australia I can get these games… I need your help!!!

Thanks mate, anything you can do to help would be great!

I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Halman: I've heard that you can buy stuff from people on ebay.

Hades: Australia even has its own Aussie eBay. Sounds like someone has missed out of a lot of Wing Commander.

LOAF: This is the most genuinely excited e-mail I've ever read. It reads like he has to catch his breath after each paragraph.

ChrisReid: It took a lot of energy to reply to this email when it was originally sent.

Subject: Shared Server Echo - your site is hosted on
Date: 7/21/2005 1:33:51 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time


The web server that hosts your site, ECHO.PROPAGATION.NET has suffered a hard drive failure that has caused all of the web content to be lost. We saved the email that was on the server and its restored. All of the passwords and account settings for your domain have been restored as well. Your web site content is now being pulled from tape backup and should be fully restored within the next 6-10 hours depending on where your domain is located within our backup indexes. Rest assured all of your content will be re-loaded and is safe.

We appreciate your patience during this inconvenience. If you have further questions or issues please do not hesitate to call upon us.

Network Operations Center
Data Center Servicesv

ChrisReid: The funny part is that we left CI Host five years ago because they have such crappy service. They don't even know who still uses them and who doesn't.

Halman: It's because of snappy service like this that the CIC switched hosts years ago.

Hades: It's good to know that our old server is doing as well as it ever was. Although I don't remember our server with them being called "echo."

LOAF: Remember when the Hard Light Freespace forums were hacked into and they sent everyone a warning saying that their passwords had been "compromised"? But then it turned out "compromised" was too big a word for Freespace fans and they all just went about their business without realizing that they'd all had their identities stolen.

That was a fun day.

Subject: new game
Date: 7/12/2005 4:31:02 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Andy

i'm an idea guy, and a fan of the game. i have some ideas for a new online (flight sim-rpg-strategy) an mmorpg sequel for wing comander. reply if intrested.

Halman: Woah, it's a good thing that EA didn't have that idea years ago.

LOAF: I feel for you, buddy, because I, too am an idea man with a brilliant idea that's sure to change the world: a duet version of Major Tom. The woman would be ground control and the guy would be Major Tom. It'd be the biggest hit song ever made.

ChrisReid: The next email makes more sense if you're familiar with this picture/commentary from our DragonCon 2003 gallery.

We really freaked the hell out of this girl.
Frosty: Totally not my fault.
LOAF: Hullo missus. My names is Frosty and I thinks you haves beauuuutiful hair.

Subject: DragonCon 2003
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 05:08:31 +0800
From: Jenny

umm hello there lol...

yeah so oddly enough I was looking at pictures online and I ran across myslef... lol How strange then I went to your site and read the comentary about the picture

How funny, when I saw the picture and the comment I couldn't stop laughing. I remember that night. I was the one in the green shirt that was freaked out. Funny story to that I guess.

You see I wanted a picture of you guys and then I thought someone asked if they could take my picture and then everyone looked at me strangely so I asked if you wanted me to take your picture.. everyone looked at me strangely so I got all giddy and blushed. because I felt stupid. anyhoo I just thought I would let you know I saw the picture and it's awesome.

~The freaked out girl

oh and here is a picture of you guys

Halman: Frosty has that effect on everyone. And he seems pretty excited in that picture.

Hades: This rates pretty highly on the list of most awkward DragonCon moments ever. Poor Jenny handled our weirdness very well though.. I probably would have run away screaming.

ChrisReid: It's pretty cool that she found us after two years.

LOAF: Wait, our flightsuits are blue?

ChrisReid: Thanks for all the emails this year. Email if there's something on your mind, and we might feature it in the next issue of the CIC Mail Bag.

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