Hilo Base

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Hilo Base

Hilo Base is a military installation on the fringes of the Confederation. It is an undeveloped world dominated by a cold weather desert landscape dotted with small bodies of liquid. The planet had two recreational domes on its surface. One was a beach environment where it was seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit with the water at sixty-eight degrees. The Hilo Base Comm Officer noted: "The slot machines are loaded to make sure you can't lose too badly, the croupiers have curves you never learned in Calculus, and the dealers look like Don Juan should have, with very soft, sensuous hands."

The second dome was a winter skiing environment. The dome was twenty-eight degrees, contained three different grades of slopes, three chair lifts, and had two feet of fresh snow every morning. Skis were supplied. The chalet has a loaded bar, a band, and dancing all night.

The TCS Johnny Greene was ordered to divert to Hilo Base in 2667 on the orders of Admiral Wayne Banbridge after reaching Xanadu. Upon arriving at Hilo Base, the crew of the Johnny Greene learned that they were to perform a reconnaissance mission on the Kilrathi world of Vukar Tag.