Ramona Chekhova

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Ramona Chekhova
2635-2667 (Aged 32)
Place of death Vukar Tag Orbit, Vukar Tag System
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Navy
Years of service -2667
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Battles/wars Vukar Tag Campaign
Awards Purple Heart
Medal of Honor

Ramona Chekhova was a female officer from the Terran Confederation and an intelligence specialist of the Terran Confederation Navy.


Ramona Chekhova was an officer of the Terran Confederation who held the rank of Lieutenant Commander by 2667. She quickly became known among her subordinates for her cold and domineering personality who demanded respect from all around her, even from those who exceeded her in rank. However, she was also at times an impractical tactician, and was known for her occasional impulsiveness on the battlefield.

In 2667, Chekova was present on Hilo Base when the TCS Johnny Greene was reassigned to perform top-secret reconnaissance on the Kilrathi planet of Vukar Tag, where Kilrathi activity was increasing. Chekhova was assigned to the Johnny Greene to oversee the mission, much to the chagrin of the vessel's commanding officer, Macmillan Harcourt. Chekhova quickly earned the dislike of the crew for her authoritative persona and attempted multiple times to take charge from Captain Harcourt.

While en route to Vukar Tag, Chekhova ordered the vessel to speed towards the jump point at full acceleration, bluntly ignoring warnings that the vessel could not sustain the stress of the maneuver even with the presence of four engines. After rescinding this order, Harcourt reprimanded Chekhova and confined her to her quarters for her brazen move.

Upon arrival at Vukar Tag, the Johnny Greene parked in an asteroid belt and investigated the hulk of the TCS John Bunyan, which was lost in its attempt to scan Vukar Tag. When Harcourt investigated the vessel, Chekhova accompanied him, and successfully retrieved the ship's logs. Seeing the critical nature of the situation and Vukar Tag's formidable defenses, Chekhova formed a crack plan in which she would pilot the John Bunyan's hulk to planetary orbit and scan the surface while Harcourt created a diversion to ensure the Kilrathi did not intercept her. Harcourt protested but Chekhova, desperate to complete the mission convinced him to press on with the attack.

While Harcourt carried out his assault, Chekhova piloted the wrecked John Bunyan to Vukar Tag, and successfully photographed the surface and with it, the planet's sole point of interest: the ancestral home of the Empress Graknala. Chekhova transmitted the data to Harcourt and ultimately perished when the Kilrathi discovered the ruse and destroyed her craft. Chekhova's sacrifice ultimately allowed Harcourt and his colleagues to escape with the intelligence, which proved vital to the success of Operation Back Lash.

For her sacrifice, Chekhova was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and the TCN Inter-Congressional Medal of Honor.