Macmillan Harcourt

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Macmillan Harcourt
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Navy
Rank Captain
Commands TCS Johnny Greene
Battles/wars Vukar Tag Campaign

Macmillan Harcourt was an officer of the Terran Confederation Navy. As of 2667, he was the commanding officer of the TCS Johnny Greene, which became famous for its actions at Vukar Tag.


Captain Harcourt served during the Terran-Kilrathi War and by 2667 maintained the rank of Captain. It is known he had a family living on Earth during the 2660s. By 2665, Harcourt was the commanding officer of the TCS Johnny Greene, a Venture-Class Corvette serving on picket duty on the frontier. For two years, Harcourt and his crew staved off numerous Kilrathi raids along the frontier, but by 2667 had become increasingly discontent with their monotonous duties. Finally, in 2667 after an assault by enemy raiders left the Johnny Greene's oxygen supply damaged, Captain Harcourt diverted his vessel to Xanadu for repairs. Upon arrival however, Harcourt was ordered to divert course to Hilo Base on Admiral Wayne Banbridge's orders. Upon arrival, Captain Tor Ripley assigned Harcourt and his crew on a top-secret reconnaissance mission to the Kilrathi colony of Vukar Tag, an assignment Harcourt readily accepted. Prior to his departure, Lieutenant Commander Ramona Chekhova was assigned to Harcourt's vessel to oversee the mission; however, Chekhova's cold demeanor did not sit well with the Captain, and soon the two officers were competing for command of the Johnny Greene.

Harcourt guided the Johnny Greene into Vukar Tag amidst a series of Kilrathi war games. Upon assessing the situation, Harcourt and Chekhova made plans for a series of orbital flybys intended to collect full reconnaissance of the planet's surface. To avoid detection, Harcourt parked the Johnny Greene in a nearby asteroid belt, masking their presence. During their mission, Harcourt personally investigated the wreckage of the TCS John Bunyan, a corvette that had been lost in its attempt to recon the planet. Upon retrieving the ship's logs, Harcourt returned to discover the wreck of a second corvette. At this point Chekhova volunteered to ride one of the destroyed hulks to Vukar Tag and scan the surface while Harcourt created a diversion by attacking the Kilrathi fleet. Harcourt vehemently protested, but Chekhova convinced him it was necessary for the success of the mission, and Harcourt reluctantly complied.

When Chekhova was in position, Harcourt launched a head-on assault against the Kilrathi, clearing Chekhova's route to the planet. Chekhova retrieved the intelligence and relayed it to Harcourt just before she was shot down by the incoming Kilrathi forces. With the data secured, Harcourt honored Chekhova's sacrifice and retreated to the jump point at top speed, outrunning the Kilrathi and setting the foundation for Operation Back Lash.