Stalker HS

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Stalker HS Image recognition from 2665

The Stalker HS was a Kilrathi Empire version of a Heat-Seeking Missile.

The Javelin HS was found on the KF-227 Salthi, KF-100 Dralthi, Dralthi II, KF-402 Krant, Gratha, Jalthi, Hhriss, and the 2669 variant of the Bloodfang

Its tracking system relies on the heat signature emitted from an enemy craft's engines and has the best probability of hitting a target when fired from a rear aspect.


Class: Heat-Seeking
Strength: 10,500 ESK
Max. Range: 9,000 meters
Eff. Range: 6,000 meters
Velocity: 800 kps
Max. Y/P/R: 10/10/10 dps