Empire of Kilrah

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Emblem of the Kilrathi Empire

The Empire of Kilrah, also known as the Kilrathi Empire was the political body which ruled over the various clans or "hrai" of Kilrathi. It was a militaristic, xenophobic and expansionist power that sought to establish Kilrathi dominance over the known galaxy. It's former capital was the Kilrathi homeworld, Kilrah.

The Empire of Kilrah had established a reputation for itself as a brutal regime that exterminated or enslaved any species standing in way of it's continued drive for galactic superiority. It's native Kilrathi possessed a killer instinct that further fueled the Empire's highly militaristic society.

Clans of the Empire

The Empire was ruled by the Emperor who had an advisory council with members from eight prominent clans with Kiranka, being the Emperors clan. Clans include the Ka’ta, Kurutak, Sihkag, Ki’ra, Vak, Qarg, Sikhag, Ja'targk, Ki'ra, Kur'u'tak, Hhallas, Ragitagha, Caxki and Karshk.

During the 27th century, the Kilrathi came into contact with the Terran Confederation, and in turn encountered the human race for the first time. The Kilrathi immediately saw the "hairless apes" as nothing more than their next prey and continually harassed the Terrans from 2629 to 2634. On 2634.186, the Confederation declared war on the Empire of Kilrah for countless acts of piracy and unwarranted assault. For the next thirty-five years, the Imperial Fleet and it's legions engaged in a murderous campaign to exterminate the human race, destroying dozens of planets and slaughtering billions of humans as they encroached the Confederation frontier.

Throughout the War, the Kilrathi captured many Terran colonies, and they invaded entire sectors as they wore away the Terrans' territories capturing slaves and creating havoc. However, the desperate humans proved to be a resourceful foe, having reclaimed several sectors from Kilrathi rule and having endured nearly four decades of nonstop warfare. For many years, the Empire of Kilrah found itself stalemated with the Terrans, until they nearly destroyed the human homeworld of Earth in 2668. In 2669, with the tide of the war turned in favor of the Empire, they prepared for the final destruction of the human race.

The Empire of Kilrah collapsed in 2669 when a small strike force of elite Terran pilots led by Christopher Blair deployed the Temblor Bomb to Kilrah, completely destroying the planet and the Imperial seat of the Empire and killing billions of Kilrathi. The destruction of the Kilrathi homeworld and it's orbiting fleets left the Empire of Kilrah in ruins, forcing the Kilrathi to surrender to the Confederation and ending their Imperialist campaign across the galaxy. The remnants of the Empire would be forced to adapt to peacetime rule and would be succeeded by the Kilrathi Assembly of Clans, which faced numerous hardships in its efforts to restore stability to the shattered empire.