Phi Wing (Hubble's Star System)

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Phi Wing
Date 2654.283.0600
Fighter Scimitar
Wingmen Kien Chen
Medal Silver Star
Objectives Proceed to Nav 1.

Destroy any bogies encountered.

Notes Proceed to Nav 1.

Destroy any bogies encountered.

Previous Omicron Wing (Hubble's Star System)
Next Win Series:
Gamma Wing (Rostov System)
Lose Series:
Beta Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong


Major Pitak Puzaki
1st Lieutenant Marsha Shannon

Ship Type:

Scimitar's; assigned to the TCS Eagle's Talon


Code Red missions as the main Kilrathi forces in the system are attacking Hubble IV. Phi Wing is ordered to investigate a report that a new group of bogies has disappeared in an asteroid field at Nav 1.


We discovered four Krant in the asteroid field at Nav 1. They appeared to be heading toward the Eagle's Talon and an immediate attack was ordered with both Scimitar pilots attacking the lead Kilrathi ship.

Traveling at 300 KPS, mass driver cannons were used to clear our path through the asteroids. Shannon broke left and nosed down until below and behind me. I launched a single dumb-fire missile while the enemy targets were still in formation. Evasive measure taken until blaster power reached maximum levels. Constant jockeying for advantageous position, with cannons used only when close and sure. A single Javelin attack was successful, but three Krant destroyed by guns.

Four Gratha observed attacking the carrier. Break and attack ordered at full afterburners. Constant sliding tactics, mass drivers in tight, and remaining Javelins eliminate two targets. Taunting is constant.

Two Jalthi join the attack. Target locked on trailing Jalthi and Shannon is ordered to attack it. I engage lead Jalthi. Dramatic speed changes and frequent slides employed. Shannon destroys one Jalthi, I take out two Gratha and a Jalthi with Gatling.

Preflight Conversations


We're scheduled to leave Hubble's Star tomorrow.
I just can't shake the feeling thatwe're running out on these colonists...
I mean, if we cut out, who's going to protect them?
I'd feel better if the Tiger's Clawcould stick around another couple of days.
Orders are orders, though.

Talk to HUNTER

Hey there, Maverick. 'ave a minute, mate?
Rumor 'as it those Kilrathi buzzards sent in another ace.
I'd love to get a crack at 'im, mate. Maybe I'll get a chance yet.
I 'ear every available man's being sent to defend a colony under attack.
Of course, knowing my luck, I'll get stuck on some bleedin' patrol.
Ah well, the colonel knows best. Shotglass Another round for me and Maverick.

Talk to ICEMAN

Ian St. John
Come on, mate. You can be a bit friendlier than that.
Michael Casey
No reason to be friendly, St. John...
...not after the way we all flew back at Port Hedland.
No excuse for letting the hairballs kick us around that system.
Maybe we'll even it up here at Hubble's...

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Hubble’s Star System, 06:00 hours, 2654.283.

Peter Halcyon
We've got another Code Red situation here, people.
As you know, we've dispatched most of our fighters to defend the colony on Hubble's Star IV.
The main strength of the Kilrathi in system is now attacking Hubble's IV...
...but thirty minutes ago, another flight of bogies jumped into the system.
These vessels disappeared among asteroids about 50,000 klicks from our position.
With most of our fighters away,we're especially vulnerable... I'm sending just one wing to recon these bogies...
...and perhaps make a quick strike against them.
Maverick, you and Bossman are going to go see what's behind those asteroids.
Computer, display Phi.
The bogies were spotted at Nav 1...start looking for them there.
Go see what they are, and evaluate any threat they pose to our position here.
If the situation looks good, you can engage. Maverick, that's your call.
Once you've handled them, return to the 'Claw for reassignment.
Any questions, Maverick?
Very well. Report directly to me when you return.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 16:20 hours, 2654.283.

Peter Halcyon
I'm glad you both made it back in time to assist. I wondered if there would be a ship for you to come back to.
Christopher Blair
All we saw at Nav 1 were some Krants, sir. No sign of a strike force.
Peter Halcyon
No, that force came here...and they brought their best with them.
Fortunately for us, Bakhtosh Redclaw won't be going home...ever.
You both did well. Repelling that assault surely cost the Kilrathi dearly.
I've read the report of your performance in the assault...
You wasted $K, $C...
and we show Bossman with $L.
And most importantly, the 'Claw repelled their attack.
$C, stop by my office in a half hour.

Colonel Halcyon’s Office. 16:50 hours, 2654.283.

Peter Halcyon
We’ll be leaving Hubble’s Star soon, and I need to make some personnel changes.
Effective immediately following the jump, you’ll be reassigned.
I need you in Star Slayer Squadron, flying a Raptor-class heavy fighter.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. You won’t be sorry.
Peter Halcyon
Good. I’m glad to hear it. That’s all, then, Major. Dismissed.

Hangar Deck. 17:00 hours, 2654.283.

Peter Halcyon
For meritorious conduct in confronting the Kilrathi enemy, in the Hubble’s Star system,
on or about 2654.283, the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Silver Star to Major Blair.
Your courage is exemplary of the Confederation’s finest defenders.
Good job, Maverick. Congratulations.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir.

Filled with pride, Maverick meets the applause of his fellows.

Win/Lose Series

Win Series

Next Mission: Gamma Wing (Rostov System)

Lose Series


Primitive alien village, Rostov System.

While the Kilrathi starships conquer the Human fleet at Rostov, Kilrathi marines round up the native sentients, the Mopoks, and execute the Human scientists and soldiers who defended them.

Next Mission: Beta Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)