Beta Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)

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Beta Wing
Date 2654.284.0600
Fighter Scimitar
Wingmen Ian St. John
Objectives Escort refugee laden Drayman back to the Tiger's Claw
Notes Escort refugee laden Drayman back to the Tiger's Claw
Previous Tau Wing (Rostov System)
Phi Wing (Hubble's Star System)
Next Theta Wing (Hell's Kitchen System)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong


Major Pitak Puzaki
1st Lieutenant Marsha Shannon

Ship Type:

Scimitar's; assigned to the TCS Eagle's Talon


Refugee ships are flooding the system. A Kilrathi carrier is moving this way. Civilians are fleeing the devastation inflicted by a massive Kilrathi raid on the three planets. Water and fuel supplies are low in many areas. Beta Wing is ordered to escort a Drayman, loaded with civilians, to the safety of the Eagle's Talon.


Four Salthi jumped when 42,000 kilometers from the Drayman's jump point. Break and attack ordered and all Salthi destroyed using guns. Basic strategy was to maneuver into a rear or side attack, where their defenses are weakest. In following position, we saved guns until they looped up or down.
Three Krant destroyed 10,000 kilometers from the jump point. Slides, roll and turn are effective as we use Darts against the weak sides, followed by mass drivers. Two more Krant attack and we use almost constant bursts of the afterburners to evade their attacks and maneuver into a favorable attack position. One is downed with a Javelin HS, one with guns.
At rendezvous with Drayman, we position ourselves to the rear and set speed to 120 KPS. Four Gratha initially attack the Drayman, but all respond to taunts. Targets attempt to lead us away from the transport, but we constantly shift attack to the closest enemy fighters. Two destroyed with Javelins from the rear, two hit and killed with mass drivers. One enemy pilot ejects and we radio his location to space rescue units.

Preflight Conversations


So, Maverick. Here we are defending Hell's Kitchen...
...and its third planet, Toadstool, the most miserable world in the sector.
Its hot and muggy, with nothing but overgrown fungus for trees...
...and no way to dry anything out.
Only reason anyone lives here is to harvest the molds and funguses...
...that go into the best antibiotics and vaccines.
Still, Toadstool's only got facilities for a few thousand folks...
...and refugees from the big colonies we've lost will be arriving soon.
There's more than 100,000 people coming in from Gateway alone.
It's gonna get ugly down there on the planet, Maverick. Mark my words.

Joseph Khumalo

Back in a Scimitar again, eh, Maverick?
Just be sure and remember her limitations, and you'll be all right.
She's slower than anything in the Confederate fighter fleet...
...but she's still a match for most of the Kilrathi fighters.
Try to get in close, where your mass driver guns are most effective...
...and don't forget that two of those missiles are dumbfire.
They just fly straight out ahead of you, with no guidance system.

James Taggart

Och, laddy, I ran into that Khajja bloke, not long ago.
'E's the coldest furball I've ever seen!
I was flyin' with Dragon, out of Yellowjacket squadron...
We ran into Khajja the Fang while we were flyin' watchdog on a tanker.
We shot 'is wingmen to bits, and put 'is own shields and lasers out...
...but still 'e keeps comin'!
We're tight on is tail, but 'e holds 'iscourse and fires off a missile.
One shot, right up the tanker's tailpipe, and she blows, big as day!
An' while Dragon an' me are dodgin' 'er debris...
...the hairy bastard makes 'is escape!

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Hell’s Kitchen System, 06:00 hours, 2654.284.

Peter Halcyon
I don't have to tell you that our backs are against the wall here...
Of all the systems the Confederation held in Vega Sector...
...only Hell's Kitchen, Planck's Star and Alliance are still ours.
We've got refugee ships coming in from all over the sector.
For the next few days, we'll be busy making sure they arrive safely.
Maverick and Hunter will take the the first run...
Here's your flight plan...
You'll fly to Nav 1 to meet a Drayman jumping in from Chengdu.
Bring her straight back here to the Claw.
She'll be heavy with passengers, so she'll be moving slow.
That 'sport will be carrying hundreds of civilian refugees, Maverick.
I'm talking about children and old people...
...not trained soldiers or mercenaries.
So I want you to be very careful on this one.
The colonel quickly runs over the remaining assignments.
Peter Halcyon
One more thing, people...
We know there is at least one Kilrathi cruiser already in this system.
We expect the enemy patrols near jump points to be heavy.
We believe several Kilrathi aces are on board...
...including Khajja the Fang, whom some you have already met.
James Taggart
Bloody glad to hear it I'll be glad to 'ave another go at 'im!
Peter Halcyon
So everyone look alert out there.
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 16:00 hours, 2654.284.

Peter Halcyon
That was quite a feat, bringing a 'sport in through all those fighters.
Especially with Khajja leading one of the enemy squadrons!
Christopher Blair
Just did what had to be done, sir.
Ian St. John
Was bloody good, Colonel...
...gettin' the chance to do the Fang for all 'e's done to our mates!
Peter Halcyon
Let's run over the mission report...
You racked up 8 of the hairballs, Maverick...
and Hunter got 4 of them.
And you took out Khajja the Fang.
Damn fine flying, taking that hairball down!