Jacob Manley

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Jacob Manley
- 2681
Callsign Hawk
Place of birth Ella Minora
Allegiance Terran Confederation

Union of Border Worlds

Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force

Border Worlds Militia

Years of service - 2681
Rank Colonel

Jacob Manley was a Terran pilot from the Terran Confederation. He served extensively during the Terran-Kilrathi War, and later transferred to the Union of Border Worlds in the 2670s. He returned to the Confederation during his later years.


Jacob Manley was born on Ella Minora in the Terran Confederation, spending his childhood on the planet Mylon II, once described as an "economically depressed industrial world." He lived there with his family, who were quite impoverished, but Manley was still able to attend school and proved to be an able student.

When he graduated, Manley enlisted in the Terran Confederation Navy and was assigned as a communications technician on the famed TCS Tiger's Claw before re-enlisting in the OCS.

During his service, his homeworld of Mylon II was attacked by the Kilrathi, where Manley's entire family was slaughtered along with countless Terran civilians. Upon learning this, Manley became marked by an intense hatred for the Kilrathi and would become known for his bloodthirsty demeanor in the ongoing war. He eventually became a pilot and soon befriended famed Terran ace Major Michael Casey, who shared Manley's hate for the Kilrathi. During his early service, Manley lost three wingmen on a single mission against a Kilrathi, an incident that left him badly shaken until Casey helped to restore his confidence.

Manley steadily established himself as a deadly opponent in combat and eventually adopted the callsign "Hawk." He craved warfare against the Kilrathi and openly called for their extermination.

Manley was eventually stationed to the Astoria System where he remained for much of the 2660s. There, he met Tamara Farnsworth, another rising pilot with whom he worked alongside in their fight against the Kilrathi. In 2668, he fought at the Battle of Earth, where he was noted for his bravery. By 2669, Manley had achieved 96 kills and due to receive a Century Award when Colonel Christopher Blair deployed the Temblor Bomb against Kilrah, destroying the planet and finally ending the War. Manley finished the war with the rank of Colonel and was removed from active duty service for his dangerous flying style.

Manley became a flight instructor for the TCSF but was removed after he ordered a rookie pilot to perform a dangerous maneuver that ultimately killed him. Colonel Manley eventually re-enlisted in the Border Worlds Militia, and became a pilot on the BWS Intrepid.

During the Border Worlds Conflict in 2673, Manley took an active role in defending the newly-formed Union of Border Worlds from rogue elements of the Terran Confederation, who sought to initiate war between the two sides. Manley reunited with Tamara Farnsworth, also a Colonel during this time, and became wingman to Confederation defector Christopher Blair. After Colonel Blair was given command of the Intrepid by Captain William Eisen, Manley and Farnsworth both took part in advising the Colonel on the appropriate course of action to undertake in combat. However, this led to a rivalry between the two colonels, with Manley's bloodthirsty persona often clashing with Farmsworth's cautiousness and restraint.

Colonel Manley flew with distinction on Blair's wing and their campaign on the Intrepid ultimately exposed the Black Lance's conspiracy in the conflict. In 2681, Manley was assigned to the TCS Midway at the personal request of Captain Daniel Wilford, where Manley became commander of the Black Widows Squadron. He soon established himself as the top pilot of the vessel. It was also while on the Midway that Manley was again called to defend the Confederation with the emergence of the Nephilim.

During his service on the Midway, Manley met Lance Casey, the rising son of his deceased comrade Michael Casey. When Casey lost three wingmen in one of his first missions, Manley intervened and helped Lance recover from his initial trauma, repeating the service Michael Casey had extended to him.

During the fight against the Nephilim, the Confederation often came to the aid of the Kilrathi, who, due the terms of their surrender, did not possess sufficient forces to defend themselves against the invaders. Manley was incensed by the Confederation's willingness to lend aid to their former enemy, and on some occasions fired upon friendly Kilrathi forces to satisfy his own lust for revenge. This put him at odds with Casey, who objected to Manley's unruly conduct.

Jacob Manley was ultimately killed in action against the Nephilim when two waves of enemy fighters overwhelmed him in combat.

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

A veteran from the Kilrathi war, Hawk finds it difficult not to see everything in terms of war. Luckily for him, the universe doesn't wear the mantle of peace very often, and there is always somewhere that needs the talents of a natural-born strategist and commander. Hawk sees every conflict in black and white, and never has qualms about the wisdom of any decision that he makes.

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