Lance Casey

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Lance Casey
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Forces
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Unit Diamondback Squadron, Black Widow Squadron, Wolfshead Squadron
Battles/wars Nephilim War
Awards Confederation Flying Cross, Bronze Star
Relations Michael Casey (father)
Kylie Sarah (mother)

Julia Casey (sister)

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Lance Casey was a pilot of the Terran Confederation assigned to the TCS Midway and the TCS Cerberus during the Nephilim War.


Since Jack "Dallas" Slayton calls Casey 'Frosty' in the cutscenes of Wing Commander: Prophecy, many people assume that this is his callsign.

Lance Casey was portrayed by Steven Petrarca in Wing Commander: Prophecy. His Voice-Actor in Wing Commander: Secret Ops is unknown.