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Class: Heavy Fighter
Length: 36 meters
Mass: 18 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 320 kps
Cruise Velocity: 200 kps
Acceleration: Average
Max Y/P/R: 6/6/6 dps
Fore Shield: 11.0 cm equivalent
Aft Shield: 10.0 cm equivalent
Front Armor: 15.0 cm
Right Armor: 10.0 cm
Left Armor: 10.0 cm
Rear Armor: 14.0 cm
Guns: Laser Cannon (2), Mass Driver Cannon (2)
Missiles: Claw IR (1), Stalker HS (3), Porcupine Space Mine (2)

Are we really so sure the Gratha did not serve beyond 2668? - Wedge