Shield Failure Imminent! (Terran card)

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Shield Failure Imminent!
WCTCG Battle Damage Shield Failure Imminent!.png
Rarity Uncommon
Equivalent Shield Failure Imminent!

Shield Failure Imminent! is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Battle Damage
Card Rating 2 Maneuver Points
Side Indicator Terran
Artist Credit William Hodgson
Card Title Shield Failure Imminent!
Defense Value -1

WCCIC Review

This is your standard anti-defense Battle Damage card. It's got an average rating so most fighters will be able to use it. Its effect is weak compared to other cards, but it's not bad. It might be just enough to win. You could think of this as an Attack +1, but remember that shield Failure Imminent is a Battle Damage card. They remain with a fighter until that fighter is destroyed or returns to its Carrier's Ready Area (like landing and getting repairs). That makes this card fairly useful. It's not a bad one to have in your deck.
Rating : 6.5