KIS Sivar

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Type Dreadnought
Manufacturer Kilrathi
Primary User Kilrathi Empire
Introduction 2654

The KIS Sivar was a Sivar-Class Dreadnought that entered service in 2654 with the Kilrathi Empire.

The KIS Sivar was a variant of the long-running Sivar line and the centerpiece of the Kilrathi's plan to crush the Terran Confederation in the 2650s. In the contested Vega Sector, Crown Prince Gilkarg nar Kiranka, Kalralahr of the Kilrathi armada was secretly overseeing the development of the Proton Accelerator Gun, also known as the Graviton Weapon. Developed on Warhammer XII, the Graviton Weapon could destroy an entire planet by increasing the gravitational force of the planet 137 times. This weapon would be used to crush the Terran colonies with ease, and the KIS Sivar would serve as the platform for this weapon.

After the loss of Venice in 2654, the Kilrathi had no choice but to abandon the Vega Sector. Gilkarg ordered the Sivar to fire on Warhammer XII to erase all evidence of the super-weapon's development, and in the test that followed, the Sivar completely destroyed the planet and all life on it. The Sivar and its task fleet then relocated to the Epsilon Sector, where they planned to destroy the Goddard Colony. The Sivar fired on the planet, killing all 250,000 Terran colonists on the planet before fleeing into deep space with its strike fleet. Enraged at the massacre, the Terrans sent the TCS Tiger's Claw into Kilrathi territory to track down the Sivar and its super-weapon.

In the campaign that followed, known as Operation Thor's Hammer, the Tiger's Claw pursued the Sivar and its large fleet of escorts. The Proton Accelerator Gun had put a severe drain on the Sivar, and the fleet required resupply before the Sivar could strike again. In several weeks of fighting, the Tiger's Claw managed to destroy the Sivar's escorts and eventually caught up with the Sivar itself in the Vigrid System. After a prolonged assault by pilots Christopher Blair and Joseph Khumalo, the Sivar and its super-weapon were completely destroyed, and the Tiger's Claw thereafter retreated to Confederation space.

The loss of the KIS Sivar and the Proton Accelerator Gun was a severe blow to the Empire's efforts to defeat the Confederation, and the technology was lost forever. Gilkarg nar Kiranka was executed as punishment for the loss of the Sivar and her accompanying fleet.