Gilkarg nar Kiranka

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Gilkarg nar Kiranka
- 2655
Place of birth Kilrah
Place of death Kilrah, Kilrah System
Allegiance Empire of Kilrah
Years of service - 2655
Rank Kalralahr of the Kilrathi Fleet, Crown Prince, Heir to the Kilrathi Throne
Battles/wars McAuliffe Ambush, Vega Sector Campaign, Operation Thor's Hammer
Relations Kilrathi Emperor (Father), Ratha nar Kiranka (Elder Son), Thrakhath nar Kiranka (Younger Son)

Gilkarg nar Kiranka was the son of the Kilrathi Emperor and the heir to the throne of the Kilrathi Empire. He was the Kalralahr of the Kilrathi Fleet during the Terran-Kilrathi War.


Gilkarg was born to the Kilrathi Emperor and, in turn, was the Crown Prince of the Kilrathi Empire. Like all Kilrathi, he was bred for a lifetime of warfare, and by the 2630s was one of the great commanders of the Kilrathi armada. He raised two sons, Ratha nar Kiranka and Thrakhath nar Kiranka, who were Gilkarg's own heirs to the throne.

When the Terran-Kilrathi War began in 2634, Gilkarg was the natural choice to lead the Kilrathi fleets into battle against the Terran Confederation. He masterminded the decisive strike on McAuliffe in what became known as the McAuliffe Ambush, an engagement that nearly destroyed the Terran Confederation Navy. Gilkarg managed to capture the planet and inflicted enormous casualties on the Confederation, forcing them to retreat to regroup their forces. This would allow the Kilrathi to swarm across the Confederation frontier as they initiated their campaign to destroy humanity.

Unfortunately for the Kilrathi, the battle did not end as Gilkarg had intended. The Confederation fleet had survived despite its losses, and that meant that the Kilrathi could not expect a swift victory over the battle-hardened Terrans, and would be forced to continue the fight against them. In addition to this, his elder son Ratha was killed in action during the battle for McAuliffe, costing him both a son and his immediate heir. His younger son Thrakhath in turn became Gilkarg's sole heir to the throne.

Gilkarg fought the Terrans valiantly in the decades that followed, and commanded the Kilrathi forces in the Vega Sector during the campaign to conquer the region. However, in 2654, the Confederation destroyed the Kilrathi stronghold at Venice, forcing Gilkarg to abandon the sector. However, Gilkarg had other plans in store for the Terrans.

Gilkarg had overseen the production of the Proton Accelerator Gun, also known as the Graviton Weapon. Capable of increasing a planet's gravity 137 times, it could annihilate all life on a targeted world. With such a weapon, Gilkarg could strike through Confederation territories with ease, potentially reaching Earth itself within a short time. Gilkarg oversaw its development on Warhammer XII, and had the weapon installed on the KIS Sivar. When the Confederation encroached on Warhammer, Gilkarg ordered the planet destroyed to conceal the weapon's development, and the planet was swiftly destroyed with the Graviton Weapon. Gilkarg then attacked the Goddard Colony in the Epsilon Sector, effectively exterminating all life on the surface.

With the success at Goddard, Gilkarg retreated to ensure the Sivar's safety, but was soon pursued by the TCS Tiger's Claw. Despite Gilkarg's efforts to defend the Sivar and its signature weapon, the Claw and its pilots managed to track down and destroy the Sivar, foiling Gilkarg's plans for the swift destruction of Earth and its colonies.

Gilkarg was summoned to Kilrah and brought before his father in chains to face punishment for his failure to defend the Sivar and its strike fleet. Gilkarg accepted his fate and was executed by disintegration on order of the Emperor. In his stead, Gilkarg's son Thrakhath became the Crown Prince and immediate heir to the Kilrathi throne, and would assume his father's place as supreme commander of the Kilrathi armed forces.

Gilkarg standing before his emperor.