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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Sa'Kahn Quadrant
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Vigrid is the codename for a star system located on the frontier of the Epsilon Sector. It is a Kilrathi territory well beyond the reach of the Terran Confederation.

Little is known about the Vigrid System, as few Terrans have ever gotten the chance to explore it. During the year 2655, the TCS Tiger's Claw penetrated this system in its efforts to hunt down the remnants of the Kilrathi task force that destroyed the Terran colony at Goddard. Their goal was to destroy the KIS Sivar, a Kilrathi dreadnought carrying a planet-killer known as the Graviton Gun. The mission ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Sivar, scoring a decisive victory for the Confederation. The Claw then fled the system before the Kilrathi could counterattack.

The Claw undertook a number of missions on 2655.199. They include:

  • Several patrols that resulted in the destruction of at least one Ralari-Class Destroyer.
  • A massive strike that resulted in the destruction of the Sivar and her surviving escorts.


  • Vigrid is erroneously referred to as a sector in WC1.