Joseph Khumalo

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Joseph Khumalo
Joseph Khumalo aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw 2654
Callsign Knight
Place of birth Kroonsdad, South Africa
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Years of service 2639 - unknown
Rank Captain
Unit 88th Fighter Wing, TCS Tiger's Claw

Joseph Khumalo, also known as "Knight", was a Terran Confederation fighter pilot assigned to the TCS Tiger's Claw. He was born in Kroonstad, South Africa in 2618. He was known as a reliable wingman who was steady under fire. Shortly after receiving his commission flew at the Enyo Engagement as a wingman for Maria Alvarez while he was a second lieutenant. During the battle, Alvarez and Khumalo attacked a Kilrathi transport. After strafing from its rear down its belly they turned to find a swarm of enemy fighters. Rather than maneuver away from his wingleader, Khumalo fired as quickly as possible and destroyed multiple enemy fighters which were attacking Alvarez. Alvarez replied "Ooh, eet's my White Knight", earning Khumalo his callsign. He also received a Ace Performance Service Ribbon for the dogfight. He was featured in Pilot Profiles in April 2654, at which time he held the rank of Captain.

Khumalo served alongside famed pilot Christopher Blair during the Vega Sector Campaign, where he saw extensive action against the Kilrathi. In 2655, Khumalo assisted fellow Tiger's Claw pilot Christopher Blair in the destruction of the KIS Sivar, the Kilrathi dreadnought that annihilated the Terran colony of Goddard mere months beforehand. Khumalo also served in Operation Crusade. During this time, he was offered a chance to become a flight instructor and to retire from front line service, but Khumalo ultimately rejected this offer, preferring to stay in the fight.