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Sector Vega Sector
Locations Warhammer XII

Warhammer is a star system in the Vega Sector. Prior to its fall in 2654, It was the main research and development center for the Kilrathi Empire.

Warhammer was a major Kilrathi military center in the Vega Sector during the Vega Campaign of the 2650s. It hosted 12 planets, including Warhammer XII, which served as the major research center for Kilrathi technologies, namely superweapons. It played a vital role in the Empire's plans to conquer humanity.

In 2654, the fall of the Kilrathi Sector Command at Venice meant that the entire Vega Sector had fallen to the Terran Confederation. Warhammer would soon fall to the Terrans no matter what the Kilrathi did. However, before the system fell, Kalralahr Gilkarg nar Kiranka, the Crown Prince of the Kilrathi Empire, commissioned the activation of the Graviton Gun, a superweapon that could increase the gravitational force of any planet 137 times, destroying everything on the surface. He collected this weapon from Warhammer XII and had it deployed via the "KIS Sivar", a highly-advanced dreadnought also created at Warhammer XII.

When the Terran fleet closed in on Warhammer, Gilkarg ordered the immediate destruction of Warhammer XII as a means to cover up the Graviton Gun's existence. The Gun was fired on the colony, eradicating all life on the surface. The remaining shipyards were then destroyed and the Kilrathi abandoned the Warhammer System. Gilkarg would later use the Graviton Gun to wreak havoc on the Terran colonies as a means of forcing his way through to Earth itself.

It is unknown if Warhammer remained in Terran control later in the Terran-Kilrathi War.