Humboldt Quadrant

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Humboldt Quadrant
Sector Gemini Sector
Allegiance Terran Confederation

The Humboldt Quadrant lies in the Gemini Sector and consists of the 119CE, CM-N1054, Freyja, Gemini, Junction, Padre, Pender's Star, Pentonville, Pollux, Prasepe, Pyrenees, Troy and Varnus systems.

Of Gemini's four Quadrants, Humboldt was the sparsest, offering few mining and refining opportunities and a lot of empty space. Noteworthy exceptions were the Junction system, which contained three habitable planets and six jump nodes (a fact that made the system one of Gemini's most essential commerce nodes) and the Troy system, which via the Gemini system was a vital commerce node between the Gemini and Sol Sectors (a fact that, unfortunately, also led to a booming trade in illicit narcotics in the system during the late 2660s, most notably Brillance). Like most of Gemini, the Quadrant suffered massive de-populaion during the Nephilim War.

119CEHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
CM-N1054Humboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
FreyjaHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
Gemini (star system)Humboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
JunctionHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
PadreHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
Pender's StarHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
PentonvilleHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
PolluxHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
PrasepeHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
PyreneesHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
TroyHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector
VarnusHumboldt QuadrantGemini Sector