Fariss Quadrant

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Fariss Quadrant
Sector Gemini Sector

The Fariss Quadrant lies in the Gemini Sector and consists of the 17-AR, Beta, Capella, Castor, Crab-12, Death, Delta, Delta Prime, Eden, Famine, Gamma, J900, KM-252, New Caledonia, Nexus, Palan, Pestilence, Regallis, Rygannon, Sherwood, Telar, Valhalla, War and Xytani systems.

Fariss is best known for its abundance of mineral resources, contained within the Quadrant's plethora of asteroid fields. At the height of its productivity, the Fariss Quadrant contained more mining bases by itself than in the closest five neighboring Quadrants combined. Several of these asteroids were "tapped out" of resources during Gemini's history; the abandoned mining bases housed on the surfaces of larger asteroids became havens for Gemini's underworld.