Potter Quadrant

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Potter Quadrant
Sector Gemini Sector

The Potter Quadrant lies in the Gemini Sector and consists of the 41-GS, 44-P-1M, Aldebran, Auriga, DN-N1912, Hind's Variable North, Manchester, Metsor, ND-57, Newcastle, New Constantinople, New Detroit, Oxford, Raxis, Saxtogue, Shangri La and XXN-1927 systems.

Given its location adjacent to the Terra Quadrant, the lack of jump nodes leading into the territory of the Kilrathi Empire and the defensive forces stationed in the adjacent Clarke Quadrant, it's not surprising that Potter Quadrant became the heart of what little civilization Gemini ever had. Large population centers in the Quadrant included the sector capitol at New Constantinople, the heavily industrialized world of New Detroit, and the planet Oxford, whose famous University was renowned for its collection of rare and valuable books until its final closure in 2670. The Quadrant was originally settled due to rabid consumerism and provided R&R for the military - housing the highest number of pleasure planets in Gemini - and it was generally the safest of the four Gemini Quadrants during the later years of the Terran-Kilrathi War. The area suffered heavily in the Nephilim War, particularly with the destruction of the sector capitol. By 2700, a new capitol - fittingly called New New Constantinople - had been established and the area had largely been re-settled.