Terran Confederation Armed Forces

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The Terran Confederation Armed Forces are the collective military forces of Terran Confederation. It is tasked with defence of it's territory and executing the authority of Confederations policies. The TCAF includes the Space Force (army), navy and marines. It is headquartered in a starbase orbiting one of Jupiter's four Galilean Moons. The TCAF was called upon to defend it's people and planets against Kilrathi agression during the Terran-Kilrathi War of 2634-2669.

Terran Confederation HQ as seen in 2681.
 I am the heart of the Confederation.
A servant of peace ...
A deliverer of freedom ...
A guardian of worlds ...
As I pave the road to victory
I shall not fear the enemy
For he cannot conquer justice.
As I light the righteous fire of peace
I shall hold life sacred
For it is my duty to rise against evil.
In my comrades I do trust
For we are one anothers’ eyes.
Even in the face of death
We wear our rank in faith
That justice will right all wrongs

/Confederation Oath of Service