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The Empire of Kilrah lands occupation forces on Enyo and positions orbital guns to hold 250,000 Terran colonists hostage. The Terran Confederation launches a two-part tactical response. In Phase One, a force of Raptors is modified to carry additional Porcupine Space Mines and few missiles. The heavy fighters deploy their mines around the system's primary jump point and then engage the larger Kilrathi fleet. The attack has no hope of success but forces the Kilrathi to maneuver away from the jump point and then further scatter to hunt the Raptors. Phase Two begins with a radio signal sent to detonate the minefield followed by the arrival of the Confederation fleet through the jump point. The fleet quickly targets the orbital gunships, destroying them with limited casualties suffered by the colonists. Both sides then regroup and fight a traditional fleet action which ends with the Kilrathi in retreat. Overall losses are roughly equivalent on both sides. During the battle, Captain Maria Alvarez and 2nd Lt. Joseph Khumalo attack a Kilrathi transport. After strafing from its rear down its belly they turn to find a swarm of enemy fighters. Rather than maneuver away from his wingleader, Khumalo fires as quickly as possible and destroys multiple enemy fighters attacking Alvarez. Alvarez replies "Ooh, eet's my White Knight", earning Khumalo his callsign.