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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Deneb Quadrant
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Canewdon is a star system in the Epsilon Sector. It is currently listed as a territory of the Union of Border Worlds.

In the year 2668, convicted Terran traitor Major Zachary "Jazz" Colson was due to be transported to Earth for his execution, and was ferried through Canewdon on the prison ship TCS Bastille. The vessel was due to deliver Colson to the TCS Alcatraz.

Unfortunately, during the voyage, operatives from the Society of Mandarins hijacked the Bastille and fled with Colson, distracting Terran authorities by attacking a civilian convoy. The Terran Confederation was forced to hunt the traitor down as a result.

Afterwards, Major Todd "Maniac" Marshall arrived with the new Wild Eagles, an elite group of test pilots for the advanced Morningstar Heavy Fighter. Canewdon was to serve as the test ground for this new starfighter. The tests ended in disaster when one member of the squadron, Captain Maria "Minx" Grimaldi, hijacked a Morningstar and attacked her fellow squadmates, killing one and permanently injuring another. Colonel Christopher Blair attempted to stop Minx, but failed due to her Kilrathi allies intervening, allowing her to escape.

Finally, the Kilrathi Dorkathi-Class Transport KIS Gamal Gan was captured in Canewdon after its engines failed. Among those interrogated from the vessel was a Terran crew member, who was aligned with the Society of Mandarins, the faction that employed Jazz. Using the information gathered from the traitor and the Gamal Gan, the Special Operations Division launched an operation to track down Jazz to Ayer's Rock.