Delta Prime

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Delta Prime
System Map - Delta Prime.png
Sector Gemini Sector
Quadrant Fariss Quadrant
Jump Links Gamma
Random Mission Opponents All Kilrathi

Delta Prime is a Terran Confederation star system in the Fariss Quadrant of the Gemini Sector. It is home to the Derelict and a jump point leading to the Gamma system.

In 2678, the system was included on the Terran Confederation Navy/Confederation Exploratory Services Akwende Projection.

Nav Points

Point X Y Z Description
Nav 1 0 0 0 Jump Point - Gamma
Nav 2 -10000 -11000 0 Derelict


Stellar Objects

Privateer Playtester's Guide


Behind the Screens

Wing Commander Privateer Playtesters' Guide refers to the location of the Derelict as Nav 2 but this is not reflected in-game.