Chi Wing (Kurasawa System)

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Chi Wing
Date 2654.279
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Kien Chen
Other Friendly Ships TCS Formidable at Nav 1.
Objectives Proceed to Nav 1.

Escort Exeter to Tiger's Claw.

Previous Omicron Wing (Kurasawa System)
Next Epsilon Wing (Venice System) (Win Series)
Gamma Wing (Rostov System) (Lose Series)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

It was gut wrenching when Colonel Halcyon said that the Formidable was in bad shape and needed assistance. I'd served aboard the destroyer during my final year at the academy. In an experimental program started just five years into the war, prospective pilots passed their final tests in a sort of trial-by-ordeal, on-the-job training aboard the Exeter.

I thought of the Formidable's Commander Della Guardia, one of the finest men I'd met since plebe year, and how he'd taken a personal interest in my naval career. The most amazing thing was that every pilot who trained with him felt the same way. He treated his subordinates with respect, even while demanding compliance. He never told you what to do without explaining why it needed to be done. We appreciated his philosophy and it was exactly what we were looking for during that difficult year. In many ways he was an enigma among Naval officers who had attained the same rank. He shattered stereotypes.

I snapped back when I heard the Colonel order Bossman and me to guard the Formidable against further attacks. He gave us the coordinates and dismissed the squadron. Bossman and I shot out of the room as if we had plasma-jet packs on our shoes.

"As soon as you launch, hit the burners and head for the Formidable!' I shouted. "We won't bother with a formation for this trip."

The colonel had mentioned a minefield, but we must have just skirted the edge. When I first saw the Exeter, five Dralthi were just coming in for their first pass. Bossman was waiting.

"Break and attack," I radioed and jammed the afterburners to full. I headed for the largest group, turned slightly to the left, and watched the right VDU. When the readout showed 1000 meters I yanked the joystick directly to the right and felt the rear begin to slide. It was a perfect move, and my nose came around to face the lead Dralthi. I was ready with full guns and sent three quick volleys at him, then launched a Dart into the middle of the pack. The lead target exploded and I hit a trailing ship with the missile. I switched to neutrons to preserve blaster power and flipped the afterburners to full again.

Bossman had weakened the next target to find my sights and I smashed through the final defenses with neutrons. Next, I target each of the remaining three Dralthi and gave them my personal thoughts on their cultural heritage. I was firing hard and fast with the lasers before they had a chance to turn and attack the Rapiers. Before I knew it, all five Dralthi had fallen to my guns. The Rapiers were untouched.

"It looked like the Kahuna of space combat was flying with you on that mission," Bossman said incredulously. "The way you were pounding on those pilots, I could have just stayed back and watched. Come to think of it, that's about all I did."

The blood was really pumping as Bossman and I turned into position behind the Exeter and headed for the Tiger's Claw. "If Commander Della Guardia only knew," I thought. He would know soon enough.

We were pumped for the four Krant that jumped us on the way back to the carrier. I targeted each in turn and went through a series of taunts designed to make the cats look at the Rapiers as they would at flightless birds. The actual words can't be repeated here. I watched to see which would turn to face us, then targeted one of the others, locked in, and told Bossman to attack my target. I wanted to make sure he went after of the other ships that were trained on the Exeter. I turned away from the locked target and burned after the other attacking Krant.

To make a long story short, we eliminated the final threat to the Exeter by going after whatever ship was targeting the destroyer. Bossman relied on his neutrons and full guns, while I used a combination of Javelins, Spiculums, and guns to hit the enemy. With the Formidable in close proximity, I avoided using the Pilum Friend-or-Foe.

After the debriefing, I found out I was being reassigned to the Star Slayer Squadron flying Raptors. I wasn't looking foward to giving up the Rapier, but I didn't say anything to the colonel. When he told me that Commander Della Guardia wanted to see me, I shot out of the room like a laser beam. Even in war there are good times. I was sure this meeting would be one of them.

Preflight Conversations


Good morning, Major. How's tricks?
Have you seen the news trids that they're showin' in the mess hall lately?
Mostly reruns, last I saw.
I mean, can't we ever get any new shows? What happened to the Confederate News Network?
It's getting harder to know what's going on before everyone else does around here.
After all, I've got a reputation as an omniscient bartender to uphold.

Talk to HUNTER

Say there, mate. Got a minute?
I've 'ad a chat with the Colonel. 'E says we'll be flyin' together soon.
Let me give you a few notes on my style...before we launch.
Right off, I'm not as crazy as some people say. I've just got me own ways.
Long as we take a crack at any fuzzballs we see, I'll be 'appy.
Also, it never 'urts to check out ev'ry angle. Even if that means going against the plan.
After all, you just might find something you'd miss otherwise.

Talk to ICEMAN

Looks like we've got the hairballs on the run.
But I won't sleep well until they're out of the sector...
Still, I'd like to get my hands on one of them...
...face to face... answer for what they did to my family on Vega VII!

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Kurasawa System, 06:00 hours, 2654.283.

Peter Halcyon
All right,'s what we've got.
We've received a tight-band transmission from the Formidable, an Exeter-class destroyer.
She's just come from a scrap, and she's in rough shape.
Your mission will be to rendezvous with her, and guard her against further attack.
Hunter and Waxman, you get the duty. Hunter will fly lead.
Christopher Blair
Excuse me, sir?
I served on the Formidable back at the Academy.
If possible, I'd like this mission.
Peter Halcyon
Very well, Maverick, you and Bossman get the nod. Maverick will take the lead.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir.
Peter Halcyon
Here's the flight plan.
Computer, display Chi.
You are to proceed directly to the Formidable, which jumped in at Nav 1.
The destroyer has reported a minefield between Nav 1 and the Claw.
Once you've arrived at the rendezvous point,you'll escort the destroyer back here.
You should return via Nav 2, and avoid the minefield entirely.
Be on guard. The Kilrathi would love to take out an Exeter-class ship.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 15:00 hours, 2654.283.

Peter Halcyon
Good to have you back. What's the status of the destroyer?
Christopher Blair
She's been put into tow, and is powering down for repairs.
Peter Halcyon
Good. You've earned us one more ship we have to use against the hairballs.
Both of you have done a fine job out there.
Let's review your performance...
Maverick, you destroyed 6 of the Kilrathi fighters.
and Bossman killed 4.
Why don't you go and see Commander Della Guardia on the Formidable?
She's already asked to meet her escort.

Win / Lose Series



Primitive alien village, Rostov System.

As the Kilrathi fleet flees Rostov before the advancing Human warships, a handful of Kilrathi marines are stranded on Rostov’s jungle world, where they are captured by the native sentients, the Mopoks.

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Lose Series


Primitive alien village, Rostov System.

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