Kien Chen

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Kien Chen
Callsign Bossman
Place of birth Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Earth)
Place of death Firekka System
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Years of service 2637-2655
Rank Major
Relations Chen Mingxing (spouse)

Kien Chen, aka "Bossman", was a Terran Confederation fighter pilot assigned to the TCS Tiger's Claw. He was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2615. He held a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Confederation Net university system. He was married to Mingxing Chen and had a daughter born in March 2654. Chen was originally known for an irreverent, spontaneous flying style which he abandoned after seeing replacement pilots killed in action attempting to imitate his success. He changed his callsign from "Ripper" to "Bossman" to reflect this appreciation. As of 2654, Chen had 17 years of service with the Terran Confederation Space Force during which time, according to Tiger's Claw bartender Sam, he had flown everything in the Terran fleet and destroyed at least one of every class ship the Kilrathi had. He was featured in Pilot Profiles in April 2654, at which time he held the rank of Major.

Chen was a natural leader and among the most admired pilots on the Tiger's Claw. He was calm and co-ordinated, never getting distracted on the battlefield or taking unnecessary risks. He was also known for giving out advice to his fellow pilots, most of which was reliable. His reputation in this regard was so esteemed that even his superiors often looked to him for advice.

Chen participated in some of the most important battles of the Terran-Kilrathi War. During 2654, he participated in the Vega Campaign, which resulted in the liberation of that sector during the fall of Venice. He also assisted in Operation Thor's Hammer, which saw the destruction of the Kilrathi fleet that destroyed the Goddard Colony.

On 2655.271, Chen was on patrol in the Firekka System with Major Jeannette Devereaux when they were ambushed by pilots of the Kilrathi Imperial Guard during Operation Crusade. Hopelessly overwhelmed, Chen fought off the attackers and was killed in action, but he bought Angel the time she needed to escape. Chen's death was a major blow to the morale of the crew of the Tiger's Claw, and he was given a traditional space funeral.

Kien Chen is survived by his wife and daughter, who, as of 2655, were living in San Francisco, California.


Alternate History

According to the Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook, Lt-Cmdr Chen was killed during a patrol in a system in the Roberts Quadrant, Vega Sector. He and his four wingmen encountered a Kilrathi corvette and three dralthi as escorts. The enemy were all shot down, (with Chen accounting for two fighters himself), though one of the Rapiers had suffered critical damage. Chen dismissed two of the wingmen and sent them home to the carrier while Chen remained with the damaged wingman to act as an escort. During the flight back Chen and his wingman encountered four Dralthis on patrol. According to the recovered fligh-recorder, Chens wingman was probably destroyed early in the fighting. Chen managed to destroy two or maybe three Kilrathi before his ship was severely damaged. His ship reactor suffered an overload and Chen was killed instantly from radiation poisoning. His remains were recovered and given a traditonal space burial. Chen was posthumously recommended for the Red Comet award and a Bronze Star for valor which would be his second.


Bossman has received several naming variations. In the Wing Commander film, Bossman's fighter is marked as Lieutenant Commander Charles Chen, Whereas the same scene in the movie novelization reads as Vince Chen.