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Game Notes

  • The success / failure outcomes at the end of each series is based on your performance throughout that series, not just how you perform on that last mission. If you are unsure which system you are in, go to your locker.
  • The mission branching means that you won't fly every mission or go to every system in the game in one run.
  • You may sometimes need to manually select Nav points which is done by clicking the point in your Nav map which is accessed by pressing the N key.

Mission Tree

Clicking on the system name will bring you to the first mission in that system.

<imagemap>Image:Wc1-mission-tree.png|WC1 Mission Tree|400px circle 117 14 12 Alpha Wing (Enyo System) circle 66 41 14 Beta Wing (McAuliffe System) circle 17 65 13 Zeta Wing (Gimle System) circle 66 89 13 Gamma Wing (Dakota System) circle 16 114 14 Theta Wing (Kurasawa System) circle 66 139 11 Epsilon Wing (Venice System) circle 117 64 11 Alpha Wing (Brimstone System) circle 117 114 12 Gamma Wing (Rostov System) circle 167 40 11 Delta Wing (Gateway System) circle 167 90 11 Eta Wing (Port Hedland System) circle 167 140 11 Beta Wing (Hell's Kitchen System) circle 217 64 12 Epsilon Wing (Cheng-Du System) circle 217 115 13 Kappa Wing (Hubble's Star System) </imagemap>

We are in the process of adding the alternate text to mission articles. Currently only the very first missions have been updated. --Dundradal 20:51, 9 August 2010 (CDT)

The Memoirs of Lt. Colonel LaFong are articles based off sections of Wing Commander I & II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide. These articles trace LaFong's career from the Academy through the mid-2660s. While his actions are similar to that of Commodore Christopher Blair they are two distinct individuals.

Note - All currently displayed times of missions are at best accurate only for the day (if that). We need to update them to accurate date/times in the future. --Dundradal 04:18, 8 July 2010 (UTC)


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