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The Mk. 40F Neutron Gun was an energy projectile weapon used by the Terran Confederation and Kilrathi fleets. As of 2654, the neutron gun was the most destructive gun type. It traded heavy damage in exchange for a short range, a tendency to heat up quickly and a high power requirement.The short range of the neutron gun was known to fool inexperienced pilots into deadly close range dogfights, klling some. Neutron guns were found on the Rapier II, Raptor and Jalthi. They were featured in both Weapons of the Terran and Kilrathi Fleets and Borger's All The Sector's Weapons Systems. Variants include the Mk. 40F Neutron Gun.

Wing Commander

Joan's Fighting Spacecraft -- Vega Sector Supplement for 2654.092

Neutron guns do heavy damage, but only at close range. No other projectile weapon provides an equivalent level of destructive capability. The down side is that neutron guns heat up rapidly and eat up power at an alarming rate. Also, the neutron gun's lack of range has led many fool-hardy or underskilled pilots into close-quarter combat for which they were ill-prepared. Some of those pilots never made it home.

Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

Joan's Fighting Spacecraft 2664.128 Update

Neutron guns cause the heaviest damage of all blasters, but only at close range. They heat up quickly and consume power at an alarming rate.

Wing Commander: Academy

Weapons of the Terran and Kilrathi Fleets

This weapon inflicts relatively heavy damage on its target. However, it is only effective at fairly close ranges, and depletes blaster power quickly.

Wing Commander: Armada

Gunnery Officer's Report

A relative of the mass driver, the neutron gun is found mostly on light fighters designed to attack at close range. Blasts from this gun apply piercing damage to armor and can obliterate another fighter at close range.

Wing Commander I & II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Using Your Ship's Guns

It eventually showed up as the second gun on the Rapier, but at the time the Raptor was the only ship that carried the neutron gun. The neutron was the most powerful gun in the Confederation's arsenal, carrying an explosive force that's 25-percent higher than the mass driver. It's effectiveness de-creases the farther away you get from your target and it uses blaster power quickly. As a pilot, it's best to get in close with this weapon, fire a few quick bursts and then wait for blaster power to reach maximum before firing again.