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Question Archive

Game 5

Questions for Week 5 (starting August 3, 2004):

Question 9: Name an inhabited Confederation world that was the victim of a Kilrathi biological attack.
Answer 9: Locanda IV

Question 10: Name the gas giant of the Kilrathi system in which the Tarawa hid in order to affect repairs?
Answer 10: Igrathi

Bonus 9: Name the planet that is the capitol of the Haka clan circa 2670.
Bonus Answer 9: Baka Kar

Bonus 10: Name a large gas giant that inhabits the same system as Buford's World.
Bonus Answer 10: Thor (Note: Buford's World is also known as the Hell Hole)

Questions for Week 4 (starting July 27, 2004):

Question 7: Which race of creatures is led by the Teehyn Ree?
Answer 7: The Firekkans

Question 8: Which race was like a hive, multiplying when they found new fertile worlds, dying off when the resources were used up, sending a small number of survivors to seek new, untouched worlds?
Answer 8: The Hari

Bonus 7: Which race of primitive sentients inhabits Rostov III?
Bonus Answer 7: The Mopoks

Bonus 8: Which race consists of carbon-based arthropods that communicate through scents and pheramones?
Bonus Answer 8: The Double-Helix

Questions for Week 3 (starting July 20, 2004):

Question 5: What fighter's yaw rate is enhanced by a horizontally rotating thrust pod?
Answer 5: F-108 Panther

Question 6: What class of ship seems to have been the primary battleship for Kilrathi inter-clan civil war for at least a centruy before contact with humanity?
Answer 6: Fralthi Class Cruiser

Bonus 5: What is one type of ship that would mount Mark 33 engines?
Bonus Answer 5: The only known ship type to mount Mark 33 engines were the transports upon which the Tarawa type escort carriers were built. (Note: These escort carriers, however, did not mount Mark 33 engines)

Bonus 6: The Kilrathi scientist Hajjnah gave the Confederation blueprints detailing what ship, when he defected?
Bonus Answer 6: Jrathek Class Medium Fighter

Questions for Week 2 (starting July 13, 2004):

Question 3: Geoffrey Tolwyn headed what Agency circa 2673?
Answer 3: The Strategic Readiness Agency (SRA)

Question 4: What organisation provided entertainment for the crew of the Tiger's Claw on 2654.140?
Answer 4: The TCSO

Bonus 3: What organisation "offers the most challenging missions, and a premium compensation plan?"
Bonus Answer 3: The Mercenaries Guild

Bonus 4: What organisation participated in a 'restorative action' on Veratek in the 2660s?
Bonus Answer 4: The Intergalactic EPA

Questions for Week 1 (starting July 6, 2004):

Question 1: Name the character that said the following:

"You and your grandfather have never learned the inner truth that peace and war can be one and the same, the pursuing of a policy that in the end, no matter what the means, can lead to ultimate victory. All you ever see is the path of the sword."

Answer 1: Baron Jukaga (End Run)

Question 2: Name the character that said the following:

"You had him, too. You should have put a bullet in his head when you had the chance."

Answer 2: Lt. Col. John "Gash" Dekker (WC4)

Bonus 1: Name the character that said the following:

"I could force you to do this, but I won’t. The way I see it, you can either co-operate, and let the fleet blast it to Kingdom Come... or you can keep running the rest of your life."

Bonus Answer 1: Admiral Terrell (Privateer)

Bonus 2: Name the character that said the following:

"Can I please have my clothes back, boys?"

Bonus Answer 2: Captain Ian "Hunter" St John (Freedom Flight)

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