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Wing Commander Secret Ops Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the best way to download Secret Ops?
Use one of the four resuming utilities we have in the Files or Secret Ops areas.

Is there any way to use multiple callsigns in Secret Ops?
Yes, either install two copies of Secret Ops or try the SOPilots Patch in the CIC Files area.

How many missions?
Secret Ops includes 56 missions, including both the winning and losing tracks.

How big are the episodes?
Individual episodes are about half a meg a piece.

What do the passwords do?
The passwords affect which fiction will be available to you. They do not affect actual gameplay.

Where can I find news about Secret Ops?
The CIC is updated daily with Secret Ops (and other WC) news. Important SO news will also be posted at the Official Site,

Will Secret Ops come out on CD?
Yes, Secret Ops was available as part of Origin's Wing Commander Prophecy Gold.

How many missions are in an episode?
Five to eight missions is a common number per episode

Will SO be released on magazine CD's?
The first (114 meg) Secret Operations download will be available on magazine CD's, but individual episode downloads will not. This will act as a 5 mission 'demo' for Prophecy Gold.

Can Origin send me a copy of SO on CD?
No, that would be a waste of money. Origin is giving away a free game, be grateful.

Where is Episode One?
Episode one is contained in the original SO download and can not be downloaded separately.

What does the speech pack do?
The speech pack adds voices during combat and in all the cut scenes. It is not necessary for play, but definatly adds to the enjoyment of the game.

What's with the voices?
The actor who plays Casey's voice has been changed, due to the fact that the original actor was unavailable. The rest of the characters' voices are done by the original actors in Prophecy.

What is WCP Gold?
Prophecy Gold is a packaged set of Wing Commander Prophecy and Secret Ops. It will be available in stores this October.

Does SO include Multiplayer?
No, nor was it ever planned to.

I keep getting the message 'you are unable to land', what does that mean?
This means that the Cerberus' hangar bay has been destroyed by alien bombers. You will need to fly this mission over again.

Will they make more after Episode Seven?
While Origin may use the Secret Ops concept again in the future, there will be no more free Secret Ops episodes per se. Episode 7 will end the storyline begun in episode 1.

What's the difference between the winning/losing/default fictions?
The differences between the fictions are minor. For example, winning episode one fiction references destroying a pair of Moray's in mission one. The losing version of this fiction references allowing these Moray's to escape. The default fiction makes no mention whatsoever of the Morays.

What do I do if the fiction's not there?
A server problem seems to temporarily render the fiction unvailable. Just check back later and it should be available.

What are SO's system requirements?
You can find a list of System Requirements here.

Where do I download episodes? The online distribution is over. You can find the game in Prophecy Gold.

Where can I find information about missions and ships? Look for the CIC's Guide to Secret Ops.

What do I do if it wont let me register? This is cause by a server problem. Simply keep trying or wait until the next buisness day to register.

Can I play SO with multiple characters?
Yes, but in order to play SO with multiple characters you must install it twice.

Where can I find the keyboard commands for SO?
You can find the keyboard commands by hitting escape and 'show keys' during flight. There are also more complete keyboard commands in the Secret Ops Documentation found on the Secret Ops site and in various CIC sections.

Can I customize the keyboard commands?
Sorry, no.

How do I take screenshots?
In all graphics mode, press the PrintScreen key and a shot will be created in your Secret Ops directory.

Will WCP Gold (including Secret Ops) be on DVD or CD?
Only CD.

Back to the Secret Ops area.

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