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Blah!A True Story (part two of four)

Okay, it's not a story... but it's pictures!

After the premiere, Chris Roberts hosted a Q&A session. I yelled out, "What happened to the human traitors?" and he explained that it was too confusing for test audiences. After that, everybody recognized me as the "human traitors guy." These were taken from our seats in the center of the front row on the balcony.

The incredible Captain Johnny and the somewhat forgettable LOAF at the after-premiere party. Isn't Johnny's Prophecy shirt cool?

The same thing, except with Chris standing in for LOAF.

Dan and company head back to the limo, heading to the after-premier party. We kinda sorta ditched the others, who were off with their "dates." When we got to the party, which was at the Coppertank nightclub, they stamped my hand with a 'minor' thing -- but amazingly enough Chris (who is almost year younger than me) got through by flashing his ID and forcing his way in. Fortunately, the stamps wore right off... at the party, David Ladyman (of IMGS fame) was kind enough to introduce us to people - including the various other IMGS people. It hit us later that we'd talked to people like him and Tuesday Frase -- people who we've idolized as the creators of our fantasies since our childhoods. Cool!

At the after-premiere party we got to talk to Chris Roberts! Talk about a childhood fantasy fulfilled. Unfortunately the picture sucks because our cameraman, who was most certainly not Dan Finkelstein, was rather drunk. Roberts explained that the he was glad the traitor section had been removed, because it meant he could use the Jazz subplot if he did another movie. Notice Origin co-founder Richard Garriott in the background.

We found this building near Digital Anvil and just had to get a picture of us in front of it. We assume it's where they store the massive amounts of money the CIC generates.

Chris and LOAF accross the street from Digital Anvil. Unlike Origin, Digital Anvil is in the middle of the city and easy to get to.

Chris and LOAF in the lobby of Digital Anvil. At the after-premiere party, Chris Roberts invited Chris, Dan and me to come take a tour the next day. Dan had to leave earlier, so it was just us CICers. It was very impressive, there were props and pictures from Wing Commander everywhere, and we got to see pictures and such from all the upcoming games. Although Chris told us to be there at noon, the very attractive receptionist told us that he didn't usually get in until two or so - what a job!

Coincidentally, Hadrian was on the phone with the receptionist later that afternoon when we were in the lobby again. It must have been kinda funny to see CIC people in your lobby and talk to them on the phone at the same time.

Here he is again! When we got to Digital Anvil the next day, our old nemesis was lying on a couch, taking up all the space. We took turns standing around while we waited for somebody to show up and show us around.

Read the Next Part!

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