Wiborg Works His Wing Commander Wall Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Dennis Mull is restoring items after a recent move, and he's hung some fantastic Wing Commander collectibles! One poster I particularly love is his framed Academy key art. He's also got a cool Privateer ad print as well as a Mike Winterbauer WC1 SNES canvas reproduction.
I’m just putting up my pictures after moving and one of them is an original Academy promotional poster.
Dennis has a wonderful collection - here are a few more shelves full of goodness!

See Sabre in Sci-fi Ship Sampler Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Hunter_13 found a cool starship size comparison video that includes a neat Wing Commander mention. There's a bunch of these types of videos and depictions across the internet, and we appreciate all of the Wingnuts out there who report these types of things because we can't catch them all ourselves! The clip begins with some familiar small ships like Tie Fighters and X-Wings and then progresses through a nice variety of sci-fi fighters before getting up to medium size vessels like what you might encounter in Star Trek. Eventually they reach large megastructures like the Death Star and Halo ring. Wing Commander 2's F-57 Sabre appears at about the 2:20 mark!
Here is 3D animation of the spaceship size comparison inside the Matrix city using Unreal Engine 5.

Sights and Sounds Abound in WC4 Remastered Demo Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

With nearly a thousand players now on the flight roster, the buzz continues for the WC4 Remastered playable demo. First up, ODVS has made another video that further compares the original music to FilmCompos3r's updated tracks. Give it a listen below:
Here I present a comparison of the original "Mission 1" music from Wing Commander IV with the reorchestrated version created for us by our resident composer Greg "FilmCompos3r" Nicolett.
There have also been additional playthroughs by prominent streamers, including Docteur J!
You can see what all this fuss is about yourself and try the WC4 Fan Remake demo here (900 meg exe).

Take a Closer Look at Space Engineers Tiger’s Claw Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

NakaKen is back with a more thorough look at the incredible TCS Tiger's Claw he built in Space Engineers. This time he goes through each of the key locations - flight deck, bar, barracks and briefing room - and shows how the original compares to the new version. It's really impressive. The video narration is all in Japanese, but YouTube will attempt to auto translate captions into your language of choice with a few clicks. You can grab this for yourself in the Steam Workshop here.

Little Rocket Man of the House Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I, too, have beef with RocketMan. [Editor's note: this post was written in 2017 and fell through the cracks for five years. Better late than never!] At about five minutes into the movie, he plays Wing Commander IV. Flying a Banshee: He targets an enemy Hellcat and goes after it: We change shots and he is magically fighting a VINDICATOR instead, which is also NOT A MISSION THAT EXISTS: He kills the Vindicator and then suddenly gets a GAME OVER screen that is not from the game at all: Also, can we talk about his weird dual stick setup? And here is MAN OF THE HOUSE. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is building a mission in Wing Commander Academy! He flies a Morningstar... but he forgot to add any enemies, his mission is just a blank nav point: But after a short conversation with Chevy Chase, he has somehow added an asteroid field?!
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Outfits for All Seasons Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

And now, all of Maverick's outfits that weren't uniforms from Wing Commander Academy. First up: space pajamas ("Red and Blue").

Undershirt to disguise himself from the Kilrathi ("The Last One Left"). Medical gown ("Expendable"). Swimsuit ("On Both Your Houses). Kilrathi cold weather survival jacket ("The Price of Victory). That's it, that's the whole post. Go home now.
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Sizzling Action Scene for Your Desktop Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Mac is back with a belated but very much appreciated birthday gift! In honor of our 24th anniversary, he's put together another super slick wallpaper. This one is inspired by End Run and the adventures of the corvette TCS Johnny Greene. It's being harassed by a wing of Dralthi with a Rigakh in hot pursuit. Another fabulous scene - and ready to fill your 4K displays!
Happy Belated Birthday to the Wing Commander CIC! Without them, my job as a YouTube Lore Guy would be much harder.

I would have liked to say something the day of, but at the time I was somewhere over the Pacific. So here's part of a thing I've begun working on.

The GOG Sale Discounts Wing Commander 75% Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

GOG has lots of discounts tied to certain holidays, such as the Lunar New Year or summer, but this week GOG is kicking off a new event just dubbed The GOG Sale. To celebrate it being the end of August, 3500 games are marked down up to 90% off. Wing Commander is a part of this too, and fans benefit with 75% off. That means all DOS and Windows games are less than $12! Complete your collection via the links below!

Listen to the Enhanced Battle Music Coming in WC4 Fan Remake Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Although the WC4 Fan Remake team just released the Remastered Demo, they're not slowing down at all. ODVS has published a new article at WCRespace.com about their resident musician, Greg “FilmCompos3r” Nicolett. You can read all about how he got started with Wing Commander, what his inspirations are for the remastered tracks and some thoughts on the future here. There's also a new video showing off the new battle music below!
Our resident Composer-In-Chief, Greg "FilmCompos3r" Nicolett, isn't just bringing the original score of Wing Commander IV up to modern snuff for our project. He's also extending it and improving on it where the technical limitations of 1996's audio technology fell short of George Oldziey's original vision for the game's soundtrack.

Here's a prime example: the game's original battle music was only 45 seconds long - which could get grating and repetitive during extended dogfights. As well as reorchestrating the music to bring the quality up to modern standards, FilmCompos3r added new varitations which allowed him to double the loop's duration and add variety.

Classic CVG WC1 Review Really Pops Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Out of Print Archive has posted another vintage Wing Commander scan, and this one's a beauty! It dates back to the May 1993 issue of CVG in the UK where they highlight the Super Nintendo release of WC1. The graphics design here is wonderful. It features solid blue tones, "high tech" beveled thumbnails and plenty of caution striping. As was common at the time, we get a cockpit overview, missile rundown and fighter identification chart. I would have loved this as a 13-year old. A really cool review!

Malcolm McDowell Talks Tolwyn & Commemorates CIC Birthday Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We're still riding high off the CIC's 24th Birthday earlier this month, and Klavs has something special to keep that train going. He commissioned Malcolm McDowell on Cameo to film a clip commemorating our latest milestone. It's really tremendous to hear him talk about his memories on the role. "I must say, I did love Tolwyn. A really wonderful character in many ways. Strong. Very, really cool. ... I'm thrilled that you liked my interpretation of him, because I really went for it, enjoyed it." Klavs put in a little extra to give him additional context that resulted in a longer four minute video. It's also really nice to hear him speak about David Warner and how he was glad that his friend got to reprise the role in the WC film. I love this so much - thank you Malcolm McDowell and Klavs!
The 32-year mark that Mr. McDowell references at the start of the clip is the age of the WC franchise in total.

Xbox Emulation Makes Surprising Strides With WC Arena Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Music_Guru tipped us off about some really exciting progress on the Xbox emulation front. I've known for years that people have been tinkering with this, but I had no idea that folks were this far along. illusion0001 over at Github has posted screenshots of Wing Commander Arena running on the Xenia emulator. The game apparently loads and allows you to go through the various game selection menus and even choose fighters, which is pretty impressive. Things crash when an actual game mode is launched, but this is still much farther into things than I would have expected. As the game still is not forward compatible with the Xbox One/Series X, this gives me some hope that something will persist in some form after Xbox 360 Live functionality is eventually discontinued. Until that point though, you can still buy the game for $9.99 and fire it up on you old vintage Xbox!
The menus work properly and the title screen shows demo gameplay at full speed. However, once in-game, no matter which mode is selected the game will crash after a few seconds.

Enthusiastic Response for WC4 Remastered Demo Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It’s been nearly a week since the demo for WC4 Remastered was released, and the game has been a big hit so far! Hundreds of fans have fired it up and the feedback is very positive. Players have been posting their recorded sessions online and word has spread to other news sites such as DSO and PC Gamer. If you haven’t yet tried it out, the WC4 Fan Remake team has posted helpful instructions on how to get things running. There’s even a tutorial on loading to a Steam Deck! Grab the main installer for yourself right here (900 Meg exe).

Symphonic Remakes Visits Gemini Sector Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Symphonic Remakes has masterfully remixed the music of Wing Commanders 1, 2 and 3, and their next project is to take on Privateer! Their first track is an energetic yet mysterious take on the game's introduction. It's a beautiful rendition, but it almost sounds weird to listen to without hearing the pirate say, "Who are you that flies so good? Are you insane!?" I would describe the Oxford background music as cutesy and pastoral while the New Constaninople tune is serious and profound. It's all good stuff! Listen below:

Amazing Tiger's Claw Built in Space Engineers Engine Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

NakaKen has an incredible creation to share! He's been building the TCS Tiger's Claw in Space Engineers, the game that gives you the building blocks to put together your own intricate spaceships! The new video below is a fly through that shows off all of the amazing little aspects of the design. From afar, the ship almost gives off some WC Arena Battlecruiser vibes. This is super cool as is, but it gets even more amazing when you go inside. There's a fully fleshed out flight deck stocked with Hornets on elevators. They can launch through the main bay or out the side ports. Digging in a little further, there's a bar with a TrainSim, a red light briefing room and more! What fabulous attention to detail. You can download the blueprint/mod for the ship at the Steam Workshop here.
There are also multiple videos that show off the construction process necessary to get this far:

Revisit Wing Commander in Concert Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we've got a new video of the awesome 2017 Mountbatten Festival of Music concert where the Bands of HM Royal Marines performed the Wing Commander Overture. A few clips have been posted over the years, but this is a nice capture posted by their official YouTube account relatively recently. It's been five years since this first hit the news, but it's no less thrilling today!
The dramatic, high impact piece Wing Commander, which proved to be the perfect opening fanfare for the Mountbatten Festival of Music at the iconic Royal Albert Hall London.
In 2018 the group performed the piece again at the Beating Retreat parade.
The TV theme Wing Commander composed by Kevin Kiner & David Arnold, arranged by WO1 Ivan Hutchinson RM and performed at Beating Retreat at Horse Guards Parade.

A Bird's Eye View of Classic WC3 Poster Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We've gotten some questions lately about the classic Wing Commander 3 Warbirds poster, which is just gorgeous, so we wanted to take a moment to put it front and center for everyone to enjoy. The regular game came with a black and white version, but Premiere Edition owners were treated to this beautiful foldout in full color. You can also grab it in a concise PDF here (9 megs). You can find all kinds of other WC documentation here!

Welcome & Happy Birthday! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Welcome and happy birthday! Today's not just about our celebration - we're also celebrating the community's many years of dedication to Wing Commander fandom. As we talked about just a few days ago: "The point of a fandom is not to build a cathedral to a brand but to provide a shared starting point from which you connect with others, expand your thinking and grow to become better people." Like everyone else, we're not out of the woods yet, and there are still many challenges everyone is facing every day. Nevertheless, we wouldn't have made it this far without each other. WC fans have come up with some great things this year that we're excited to share. To set the mood and kick things off, FekLeyrTarg put together this adorable and amazing little short - I love it!

WC4 Remastered Demo Released! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

This is a big one, folks! After years of hard work, the WC4 Fan Remake team is super excited to finally unveil the first playable demo for Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom Remastered. Today's release is a fancy update to the original WC4 Demo released on October 19, 1995. As we've seen through their many technical articles released over the years, it takes a lot of foundation building (design, art, sound, coding, user interface and much more) to reach a milestone like this. Detailed instructions have been published to help people get things going. There's even a snazzy demo trailer below! You can grab the installer package here (900 meg exe). Keep in mind that this is still a beta level artifact and the team very much appreciates your feedback. Give it a try and have fun!
We are supremely proud to announce that the first playable demo of Wing Commander IV - The Price of Freedom: Remastered is now available to download! You can download and play it now from https://wcrespace.com

Every Script at Your Fingertips! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Everyone's got Wedge's website bookmarked for quick access to scripts from the various Wing Commander games... and while that's served us well for decades, we're ready to unveil your first look at something better! LOAF has spent the last year painstakingly extracting the exact text scripts from a wide variety of Wing Commander games. And we don't just mean titles like "WC1" and "WC2." As it turns out, there's differences between disk versus CD editions, console port versus original and so on. There's also more to the game than cutscenes. LOAF's also pulling in comm chatter and other peripheral text. There's still a lot to add, but the magnitude of what's already been gathered is incredible. You can find the live working file here! Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Missing Wing Commander 2 Music Reorchestrated and Restored Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

FekLeyrTarg is back with some new music for Wing Commander 2. He's identified a couple of missing tracks from the conversion between DOS WC2 and the Kilrathi Saga. In order to restore the pieces, he's researched how George Oldziey reorchestrated the music and done his best attempt to duplicate (with some tips from DMJC). The results sound fantastic to me! The clips have been set up in video form below, but they are also available to download. He doesn't currently have a method to integrate them into the game, but that could be a future project! Fans have done much more impressive things via KS patches so far, but they haven't had these files to work with until now.
One thing missing from the Kilrathi Saga Windows Ports of "Wing Commander" and "Wing Commander II - Vengeance of the Kilrathi" is the legendary OriginFX logo. So I rearranged the original MT-32 MIDI file by Herman Miller and George Sanger similar to how George Oldziey did it with the soundtrack of the first two "Wing Commander" games for "The Kilrathi Saga". Original video by DOS Nostalgia.
One music track missing from the files of the Kilrathi Saga Windows Port of "Wing Commander II - Vengeance of the Kilrathi" is the track "Thrakhath's New Plans", which was supposed to be played during Thrakhath's and Khasra's argument in the intro of "Special Operations 1".

Using Patch93's Roland SC-55 Soundfont, the programs SynthFont 2 and Adobe Audition as well as some full reverb, I rearranged Dana Glover's original MT-32 MIDI track similar to how George Oldziey did it with the other tracks found in "The Kilrathi Saga". Original video upload by Dave Caspermeyer.

Last, but not least, FekLeyr has also highlighted a third issue regarding a pair of Special Operations tracks that actually are included with Kilrathi Saga but don't play. He's put them together here so you can see what the experience should have been like:
In the Kilrathi Saga Windows port of "Wing Commander II - Vengeance of the Kilrathi", two cutscene music tracks are unused in the two Special Operations expansions despite being in the game files and used in the original MS-DOS release. The first track "Mutiny on the Gettysburg" was used in the brig cutscenes in SO1. The second one "The Tribunal" was used for Zack "Jazz" Colson's trial in the intro of SO2.

Original composition by Dana Glover. Reorchestration by George Oldziey. Original video upload by Dave Caspermeyer.

Dream Come True: Flying Your Own Centurion Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

FekLeyrTarg was just on a roll this year, so we let him run with yet another cool tech demonstration! He's combined a green screen, the Privateer 3D models archive and some AI-generated scans of his head to create a nifty clip of him flying a Centurion. Not a bad effort at all! There's lots of potential here!
Produced for the Wing Commander CIC's 24th birthday, this is a proof-of-concept of using an AI-generated depth map on a subject in a 3D-generated environment for extra depth and lighting information. Once again, the models used are from the Privateer 3D Archive.

Early Wing Commander Movie Trailer Upgraded Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Back in 1999 a trailer for the Wing Commander movie leaked and broke the internet... or at least the website! This 3 minute trailer featured not just a sneak peak at the highly anticipated video game based movie, but ended up also hiding alternate takes and snippets from deleted scenes that ultimately didn't make it into the final film. That video has only been available in very low quality (and low framerate) DivX video (10 meg avi). First, here's a raw export of the VHS:
...until now. A recently recovered VHS contained an slightly earlier version of this same trailer! While the actual edit on this tape is the same, keen observers will note that this is a slightly earlier version of the trailer than was leaked online as it also features some less-finished CG effects in a few places. I spent some time and effort to remove color noise left over from the VHS capture (over which I had no control or access to). While the capture was more or less properly reverse-telecined I also spent some time attempting to repair the various deinterlacing artifacts and noise. With that, enjoy! And if you're going to party like it's 1999, what better way than to put this on loop and try and spot all the differences between the trailer shots and finished film. Here's my cleaned up version:
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Download Index Refresh Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The Downloads section is where we index all of our downloadable items, from soundtracks and official patches to fan-created tools or enhancements. This time of year is when we usually comb through the news archives to bring our index (in excess of 240 gigabytes!) up to date. We've done a thorough refresh so every file, patch and program is at your fingertips and easy to grab.

Highlights include the French, German and Spanish translations of WC1 DOS, the latest version of WCDX, Prophecy controller profiles for Saitek joysticks, the soundtrack to SegaCD WC1 and ODVS's various HD video packs.

Strategies and Tactics for Simulator Missions! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

This year almost marks 25 years for Wing Commander Prophecy, so we wanted to add a little something in here to recognize that upcoming milestone. This is the "Hint Book" included with the Deluxe Edition of Prophecy. Fans that weren't around in the late '80s and early '90s might not be familiar with how the first strategy guides were literal booklets full hints on how to get through games. This is a small streamlined guide intended as a mini companion to the full scale Prima Official Guide. There was a specific focus on the game's simulator missions as well as general tips. You can download it in one PDF here (13 megs).

Cake! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

And then there was cake! Yum-o. Thanks Lacey!

How Long Have You Been With Us? Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's our birthday, and that means it's time for our birthday poll! Sound off and let us know how long you've been visiting the CIC! Last year, we saw that 1 in 6 have been followers since our WC adventures that predated the CIC. Of course, we love our new visitors just as much!

The old poll asked about the different types of major story themes we see throughout the series. It seems like most people like to save the universe in large epics like WC3/4. We can certainly understand why!

Thanks! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

And that's a wrap! It may not have been one of our longest birthday news slates, but hopefully you agree there's been some fantastic stuff here to enjoy. I've talked about it here a number of times already, but many of the key pillars of our tough and tight-knit community are medically high risk - and they're still dealing with a hell of a lot due to the ongoing pandemic, taking care of our families, and the state of things in the world. People successfully forced their way through a lot to get here today, and they'll do it again tomorrow, next week, next month and next year to keep supporting each other.

With this week's milestone behind us, that also means we're entering our 25th year. A quarter century is pretty crazy to think about. We're extremely fortunate that we got to do 2019's birthday party live and in person with LOAF, Ali, ace, Blonde, Dundradal, Joe and myself all together and on camera. None of us could have imagined that it would be one of the last trips that we would take for a long time. It would be lovely to recreate something like that for next year's big event, but that's still a long ways away. The only thing we know for sure is that we'll be here - and we hope you will be too!

You Are Cordially Invited... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

To the Wing Commander Combat Information Center's 24th birthday celebration! TONIGHT at 7:00 PM Eastern US (4:00 PM Pacific and 11:00 PM GMT) in #Wingnut on Discord!


  • Explosive antics!
  • A long-awaited experience!
  • Songs you've longed to hear!
  • Your dream come true!
  • Strategies and tactics!
  • Clarity
  • Refreshment(s)
  • Cake?! ...and more!
So join us in Discord, channel #WingNut! You can stop by any time to join the fun!

Toths and Prayers Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Our thoughts are with Salman Rushdie this afternoon. Did you know that he was the basis for the character Hunter Toth in Wing Commander: Privateer? Toth’s VDU image was even taken directly from the dust jacket of The Satanic Verses!
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Wow, I Never Thought About That... Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we've got a scan helpfully uncovered by the Out of Print Archive. It's a review of the 3DO edition of Super Wing Commander from June 1994. We've seen an uptick in SWC sharing lately, which is nice to see. We always love it when under appreciated parts of the WC universe get their chance to shine. This official remake of WC1 is certainly an oddity, but it's also fascinating in so many ways! On the subject of SWC, I noticed this tweet was "doing numbers," as the kids say. You've got to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes, and this is a funny exchange. A lot of the comments seem to reference Chris Roberts, and we would like to point out that he wasn't involved in this one.

Happy Birthday CIC! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We're happy to announce that today officially marks 24 years of operation here at WCNews.com! We first opened our doors in the summer of 1998, and it's been an action-packed thrill ride ever since! Through the highs and the lows, we've been here together for well over two decades now. Sure, despite all odds, we somehow manage to post Wing Commander news here every day, but the point of the site is more than that. It isn't even just about building a massive archive or tribute to a series we like. LOAF summed it up best here:
The point of a fandom is not to build a cathedral to a brand but to provide a shared starting point from which you connect with others, expand your thinking and grow to become better people.
Hopefully each day (all 8,766 of them!) we further those ends a tiny bit more. One way that we do that is to host an epic party around our anniversary every year. It's coming this Saturday: join us in Discord #Wingnut on August 13. Festivities kick off at 7:00 pm EDT (4:00 pm PDT and 11:00 pm GMT). We'll have some cool goodies to share, but it'll also be a great chance for people to catch up with each other. Hope to see you there!
Wing Commander CIC Party Balloons

A Quick Look at a (Physically) Tiny WC Game Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

I don't really watch a lot of YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels or Tik Toks, but I doubt there's a lot of Wing Commander content out there in those formats. There is at least one clip, however, in the form of BigJim's take on Wing Commander Prophecy for the Game Boy Advance. It seems really hard to do any topic justice in 60 seconds, but given that time constraint, this isn't a bad rundown of the game's features. I do cringe at the horizontal content positioned in the middle of a vertical video, but it's still worth a watch!

Mark Hamill Speaks From the WC4 Set Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we've got a great video interview with Mark Hamill that comes from "The Disc, Issue 5" of the Interactive Australian Gaming CD-ROM Magazine. It was dug up from the archives and posted by Mr^Burns. The conversation happened on the set of WC4 in 1995. Mr. Hamill talks about how the filming is going and what's new & improved for the sequel to WC3. The actual video portion is tiny postage stamp square in the middle of what would have been an already low res interface, but this would have been a rare treat to be able to see and hear him talking about the games in this era!
The Disc Issue 5 - Interactive Australian Gaming CD-ROM Magazine (1995)

French Translation of WC1 Complete Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

After several months of diligent effort, Greg14 has completed his French Translation of WC1 made with the WC Toolbox. See the game in action is below! French Wingnuts can grab the update package from a link in the description of the YouTube vid below. Greg is continuing to research methods to translate WC2, WC4 and the Kilrathi Saga. You can also find a previously translated update to WC2 here.

One Week to Party Time! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

We're entering the home stretch here in the lead up to the CIC's 24th Birthday Party. Next Saturday we'll all be gathering in Discord #Wingnut to celebrate with everyone. I'm excited for the cool things that we've got teed up to share, and it'll be wonderful to catch up with so many people again. Stop by on August 13 at 7:00 pm EDT (4:00 pm PDT and 11:00 pm GMT) - or join in any time beforehand to hang out! See you there!

Cockpit Mystery Solved Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Back in 2016, we reported on Joe Garrity's discovery of Deluxe Animation animation files that seemed like they could be unused Wing Commander art. The files were located on a 5.25" disk that once belonged to Origin artist Daniel Bourbonnais and were dated between 1991 and 1992. We published an analysis that concluded that while it was possible the art was intended for Wing Commander it was also just as likely it could be connected to another project.

Now, we have the real answer! Mr. Bourbonnais himself has identified the material. He writes: "I drew the hands for the throttle controls animation on Wing Commander in 91… [but] oh, that was a demo I created to get freelance work. It is in a video on YouTube. Daniel Bourbonnais computer artist or animator." That video is available here: :

The animation in question starts at the 2m27s mark and includes many impressive elements not found on the original diskette. While the art isn't connected to a Wing Commander game it was done just after Mr. Bourbonnais completed his work on Wing Commander II in 1991 and became a freelancer (and as noted originally, it does reuse some Wing Commander cockpit elements!). The entire reel, which also includes the spectacular 1990 'We Create Worlds' painting, is a blast from the past full of similar spec artwork.

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Get the Point! Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Gen Con, the largest tabletop gaming convention in the US, starts today. In 1995, Mag Force 7 gave out these stunning Wing Commander promo cards at the show… and special guest Mark Hamill was on hand to autograph them! There was even some new lore on the show floor! Mag Force 7’s staff made these cool shirts for the event complete with a new Terran Confederation Marines fighter squadron designation!
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Spanish Mag Considers WC2 A-OK Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we've got another fun vintage magazine scan submitted by Maxi de Sokar. It's a Spanish publication, OK PC, that highlights the DROSoft translation of Wing Commander 2 and Special Operations 1&2. Right off the bat, there's a glaring mistake. The box art on the second page is obviously a combo pack for Secret Missions 1&2, and if my translation is correct, there's nothing in the text that references these games. It's just the art they chose. After thirty years I can excuse the error - rather, I appreciate these kinds of finds like a coin collector might value mis-printed money. The screenshots are just as gorgeous as ever, and seeing these takes me back to when you might have flipped through these in print back in the '90s and been dazzled by the cutting edge graphics. This is a very cool find!

It Was a Good Day Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Andor isn’t the first television show with a sci-fi rifle problem: a model sheet mixup caused “Glory of Sivar” to accidentally assign all the Kilrathi soldiers Confed laser rifles! Here’s the sane rifle used by Confederation marines on Repleetah followed by the distinct Kilrathi rifle used in other episodes:
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