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Movie Merchandise
A number of companies have purchased licences to produce Wing Commander merchandise.

Cinema Secrets, Inc.

Cinema Secrets sculpted a couple of Wing Commander masks. The masks in production now are based on the armor worn by the Kilrathi warriors in the movie.

Harpercollins Press

The esteemed publishing company has decided to produce a large number of Wing Commander Movie books, any one of which is enough to excite any hard core WingNut. To write their Wing Commander novels, HarperCollins selected veteran author Peter Telep. While Peter Telep has had no previous experience with the Wing Commander universe, anyone who’s read his Space: Above and Beyond novels knows that he’s the perfect choice for this role. To do an oversized Wing Commander ‘fact book’ HarperCollins selected Wing Commander alumnus Chris McCubbin and his company, Incan Monkey God Productions - who’s resume includes the documentation for several Wing Commander games, as well as multiple Wing Commander official guides. Read on to find out about the specific books. HarperCollins books can be published from any of the online booksellers, although the CIC reccomends Barnes & Noble, as that they are the compay promising the books earliest, on January 15th.

Wing Commander (ISBN 0-061-05985-4): The adult adaptation of the Wing Commander movie’s story. This Wing Commander book will feature a fairly exact retelling of the movie’s epic tale, while adding the specific details that can’t be properly conveyed in film. This book will also be used by the author to provide background for the next two Wing Commander books, which will be entirely his own creation. Although it was originally reported that the book will be available in hard cover, this has turned out not to be true. This book is scheduled for a March, 1999 publishing date and will probably be available by early February. This book will retail for $5.99. This book includes a four page color photo insert. 256 pages. (Cover art seen here is not the final version).

Wing Commander Confederation Handbook (ISBN 0-061-07553-1): The Wing Commander Confederation Handbook may easily be the book that taunts WingNuts in their dreams - described by the author as “a collection of documents from various sources that describes the world of the film”, the Confederation Handbook may be the concise Wing Commander source we’ve all been waiting for. It includes all of the following: spacecraft, weaponry, badges, uniforms, patches, ship stats, flight tactics, pilot profiles, a timeline, Kilrathi language, shield specs, pilot evaluations, flight deck & marine boarding party protocols, Kilrathi psychology & tactics, jump drive physics, Blair’s past & the first encounter with the Kilrathi. The handbook was written by Chris McCubbin & Melissa Tyler. It was designed by Sharon Freilich & Jennifer Sophrer and edited by David Ladyman. The team worked with Peter Telep while working on this book, to allow for maximum continuity. This book retails at 18.95. 128 pages. (Cover art seen here is not the final version).

Wing Commander Junior Novelization (ISBN 0-061-06556-0): This is the adaptation of the Wing Commander Movie for younger readers. Fear not, however, as it’s basically the same as Peter Telep’s adult Wing Commander book, with all of the sex removed. Because it’s essentially the same book, the continuity problems of having two different people write the same story are avoided. This book retails at $3.99. (Cover art seen here is not the final version).

Wing Commander Pilgrim Stars: Pilgrim Stars is Peter Telep’s second Wing Commander novel. It was published late 1999.

Wing Commander Pilgrim Truth: Completed, but sadly put on hold until a publisher can be found.

X Toys

Wing Commander was the first line of action figures & supplies from X Toys, a company started by former employees of toy giant McFarlane. Several action figures were produced: Marine Blair, Blair in Flight Suit, Maniac Marshall, Devereaux, Commodore Taggart, Kilrathi Pilot, Kilrathi General and Pilgrim Traitor. Rapier and Dralthi models were to be produced but were later cancelled. Only one prototype model of each was produced.


An official Wing Commander Movie magazine was published by Starlog. Titled “Starlog Movie Hits Wing Commander (ISBN 0-934-55168-5)”, the magazine focuses on the behind-the-screens aspects of the film. Edited by David McDonnell. It can also be ordered from Borders & Barnes & Noble.

United Cutlery

The United Cutlery company is known for high quality swords and knives, many of which are based on those seen in science fiction. They produced a Wing Commander ‘hidden knife’ based on the Pilgrim Cross’ seen in the movie. The picture shown is one of the preliminary designs for the Pilgrim Cross’ used in the movie. United Cutlery merchandise can be purchased through their web site.

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