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Movie FAQ

Have a question? Submit it here.

What is the full title of the movie?
The full title of the movie is simply ‘Wing Commander’. It is usually called Wing Commander: The Movie here so as to distinguish it from the various Wing Commander games (particularly the first, which was also only titled Wing Commander).

When will the trailer be available?
The trailer is available from our files section.

How was the movie made with such a small budget?
With much difficulty. One of the ways DA saved money was by filming it in Luxembourg, where there is no tax on people filming. That, and the fact that Digital Anvil was able to use their in house SFX people to develop the 3D sequences of the movie, kept the budget to a low 27 million.

How does the movie fit with the Wing Commander games?
The movie takes place about a month before the first Wing Commander game, in 2654. Blair and Maniac have just been assigned to the Tiger’s Claw.

Why didn’t Digital Anvil use the actors from the WC games?
The actors from Wing Commander III & IV are too old to play their characters in the Wing Commander movie. The Wing Commander movie takes place in 2654, whereas the games starring Mark Hamill & company take place some 20 years later. The exception to this is Admiral Tolwyn. Digital Anvil originally hoped to get Malcolm McDowell for the movie, but plans changed at the last minute as McDowell decided to accept the lead on Fantasy Island rather than reprise his role of Tolwyn – which is a fairly small part in the movie.

Why do the Kilrathi look different?
Chris Roberts was never happy with the look of the Kilrathi in the Wing Commander games -- thus the drastic changes between WCIII and IV. When doing the movie Roberts directed Animated Extras not to use the FMV Kilrathi as a basis.

Why do the Rapiers look different?
Technically, this is because the people designing the Wing Commander movie sets based the Rapiers around what was available -- a group of old British Lightning cockpits. For those obsessed with the Wing Commander universe, the Rapiers are the older version (Rapier I), not the F-44 Rapier II’s which enter service about half a year later.

How is Origin involved with the movie?
Origin simply sold Digital Anvil the rights to the movie, and have had no other involvement.

Is Microsoft involved with the movie?
No, Microsoft’s involvement with Digital Anvil does not extend to the Wing Commander movie.

Will there be a second Wing Commander Movie?
Possibly. Both Chris Roberts & Saffron Burrows (Angel) have commented on the possibility of a second movie, but nothing is set in stone.

Will there be a Wing Commander TV show?
Digital Anvil has the rights to produce such a TV show, if they deem it proper.

Will there be a Wing Commander Movie game?
No, Digital Anvil was granted the rights to do only the movie and various movie merchandise – Origin would have to do a movie game, and they are currently involved with other projects.

Why does the movie use the designation CSS rather than TCS?
Both of these terms have been used interchangably since the first Wing Commander game. The term CSS has more historical significance, as that it was what the Confederate States used during the American Civil War.

The screenshots I've seen imply that Maniac dies! Does he?
No, absolutely not, although he is apparently badly wounded.

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