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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag (February 8, 1999)

This week ace and Byydo get verbally abused for the first time, talk about actors who could have played Blair, and talk with Wayne for the third time.

Why did Origin use Christopher Walken in Privateer rather than Wing Commander? He would have made a better Christopher Blair.

Wow, I never thought of that... You're right, Walken looks a lot more like Blair from WC1-2... I don't want to put down Mark Hamill or anything, but I do agree that Walken would make a great Blair. However, Mark Hamill's presence probably sold a lot of copies of WC3(it sold one to me, anyway :) and Hamill was pretty good in his own right... But I can't help feeling that a darker, less "Skywalker-ish" Blair might actually have made WC3 (and 4) better (even though 3 is already my favorite WC game)

I haven't really thought about this much. Walken is a great actor but he always plays psychopaths that end up shooting people. I don't know if he could really do a very convincing Blair peformance.

Wayne M. Leshko

Dear Ace,

Well I own all the Wing Commander games that were ever sold on the open market, please keep this site up, as I get most of my news about Origin products from this site. The big question, is when is the next of the Privateer, and Wing Commander worlds comeing out, I waiting for a new world to fight, for and seek out new advertures, in your world, my call sign is Outlaw, I hope you bring back the same intense story lines that you have put out in both Privateer 2, and Wing Commander 3 4, and WCP, any hep needed in developement from a true fan, just let me know. Thank you for the best in the gamming world, Wayne M. Leshko,

Hey, I just found out that a small pair of needle-nosed pliers is great on those pesky hangnails... If your pliers have a serrated contact surface, you can use that in place of a coarse nail file, it works great. Also, you can use those same pliers to tear out your own thumbnails to distract yourself and alleviate the pain of getting mail after scary mail from this guy.

"The blood! It's too red!"

Raven Lleyiout

Hello ace, Byddo, and whoever (if anyone) else.

What is it with people and my name? :) How hard is it to type "B-y-y-d-o"? :)

First off, I want to make Byddo mad

Not likely, I only get mad when I want to :)

How come no one ever wants to make me mad anymore?

and have him get drunk

I don't drink :)

and trash his room,

Why would I do that? :) Why are you so intent on picking a fight with me? :)

so I want to say that the Church of Satan's symbol and the Black Lance insignia have NO similarities at all except they both have pointy edges.

Well, take a look at this week's comparison, good ol' Nutty found us another pic on the Church of Satan's page, this one looks even more like the Black Lance crest :) You can, of course, still say that these two pics look nothing alike, but then again you can also say the sky is green, bears eat elephants, and Rage Against the Machine is a talented band... but it doesn't make it true :)

And now, if LOAF ever reads this part (I have no doubt he will),

What? LOAF doesn't read the CIC... :)

This e-mail goes to LOAF.

I don't know where you get all of your sources and information,

Umm... All of their WC info comes from WC, if you're referring to their news sources then you're SOL, they're not gonna tell you :)

and how you and Chris Reid got systems named after you on the WCP map (lower left corner somewhere),

It's basically because they're really really cool.

Yeah, apparently this guy can't piece together that since Chris and LOAF not only get great news but also get systems named after them that they're cool.

but stop using the information for everything you say!

Hehehe, I have no idea what the hell you're trying to say :)

I think it's something along the lines of, "I don't know anything, I hate you because you do so I'll write to your mailbag and hope that people will like me."

It annoys me, and I am verry irritable.

Hehehe, obviously :)

Astounding that a person can get irritated by people giving out WC information at a WC information site.

(insert insult here)

Okay... "Thou art an ignoble beast. Begone, heinous scalawag!"

You're dumb.

Also, this really should be an intelligent part of the CIC,

It's hard to make it an intelligent part of the CIC when we get mail from stupid people like you :)

Indeed, A+ for helping improve the overall intelligence of this mailbag.

not a part where ace and Byddo sharpen their tounges.

Boy, you just like to complain about everything, don't you? :)

Funny that you're the only one to complain and we haven't ever made fun of you.

Sure, they answer some stuff well every once in a while, but the insults outweigh the answers.

ace, he's being mean :((((( make him stop :(((((((((((((

Leave Byydo alone, you're hurting his feelings.

And the mass driver was only cool in WC2.

Erm, it was also cool in WC Academy, (because it used the exact same engine as WC2), WC1(it was lethal on the Raptor and Scimitar, and just remember how much more effective the Dralthi with mass drivers was in SM2), WC3(where it was a great tailgun), WC4(where it made that cool noise), and WCP(where you could charge it up and take out a Vaktoth in one shot). I forget what it was like in Armada, but it was probably cool :) The only time it really really sucked was in Privateer :)

Shhh Byydo, you're intelligently responding to his statement, insult, insult!

Please boys and girls, if you're going to complain, don't just do it to get attention, and for everyone's sake, please be more witty than this guy.



We'd like to just thank everyone who has written us this week and for all of you who have yet to to talk to Byydo and I, please drop us a line.

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