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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag (January 25, 1999)

This week ace, and Byydo talk to a bunch of stupid people and a of couple normal guys.


Dear Ace:

First of all, you guys are the best! Now on to the business. I just can't help but contribute to the WC4 vs. WCP debate.

Is this the only thing people have to comment on? How come nobody mails us wanting to complain about being offended by the pseudoSatanic influences in the Black Lance insignia? Or maybe someone asking how Hobbes in WC3 could fit into the cockpit of a fighter built for a human? Or maybe even why every spacecraft in Forstchen's novels seems to have a whole bunch of mass drivers?

Beats me, I guess that maybe we should put up a large sign on the mailbag page that says, "We've compared WC4 and WCP for 4 weeks now, let's move on."

IMHO, WC4 kicked much more butt that WCP. I mean, the flight and graphics engine were better in WCP, but the story was linear. It had its moments, like how Hawk got pissed off if you didn't attack the Kilrathi, but it didn't have the great cinematics with decision-making cuts. WC4 had a much more complex story, and the flight engine was good enough. Oh yea, and one last thing, what exactly is Super Wing Commander?

SWC was a version of Wing Commander for the Macintosh line of computers. It was a remake of WC1 with full speech, different graphics, and extra missions.

Indeed it was. It was also released for the 3do and it features the wonderful secret missions 1.5



Hey, do you think FMV's stuck with Wing Commander for a long time? I always thought that Prophecy and especially Secret Ops had ridiculous plot compared to WC2 (I haven't played the rest); part of it is because computer games won't get Hollywood-quality treatment for a long time, part of it is because the past couple of years have shown that quality voice-acting tends to be more achieveable than quality full-blown acting.

As an example, I found that in Prophecy, the plot developments from the in-flight comms to be much more exciting than the movies between missions. In Secret Ops, however, I missed those in-between mission movies because characters aren't developed. It made me realize that I didn't like in-between mission stuff in Prophecy because it really wasn't done well, not because they were frivolous.

By the way, rumor has it that Privateer 3 is the next project in the works. Let's hope FMV isn't there.

Future WC games will most likely use CGI characters and cutscenes. Games such as Blade Runner have shown that CGI can be used to create believable humans, and the technology will only get better. And, with the advent of DVD, developers can affordably put large amounts of high-quality CGI movies on a single disc, which keeps costs down and elimanates the constant disc-swapping of large modern titles.

-Henry "Bomberman" Wong

Wayne Leshko

The first, computer 486 8megs of ram, I owned, and the first game I ever purchased was wing commander, and I've been a fan ever since, I've called Origin several times with problems, in 1,2,3, and Prophecy, the best of the games was Wing Commander 3, I even went out and purcased the Wing Commander series for my new 233 k-6, win 95 computer, so that I could contiune playing the games in win. 95, please keep them comeing we want more wing commander games, newer ships,and weapons, it keeps this "Outlaw" happy and the computer always on. Thanks

Wayne M. Leshko

Erm... yeah...

That's great Wayne, but despite what some people might think, me and Byydo do not make up even a small portion of OSI. We cannot control any gaming development, or even have coffee with any Origin employee. Please, we're flattered, but stop that.

Wayne Leshko again

Hey when is the next of the series coming out, Wing Commander, and Privateer 3, you'd have a waiting fan here waiting for the next story line, and a new adventure in space flight, I own all the the Wing Commander, from the Kilrathi saga, to Prophecy, and special OPs, hurry were waiting, Outlaw

Gaah, didn't you already send us something?

I'm going to bed. I hope that if any somewhat intelligent people are reading this that they'll feel sorry for us and e-mail us next week with good things.

We'd like to just thank everyone who has written us this week and for all of you who have yet to to talk to Byydo and I, please drop us a line.

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