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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag (January 18, 1999)

This week ace, and Byydo chat about Super Wing Commander, let special guest Psychopath speak with an old friend, help a guy with lost documents, and finally finish up the WCP vs. WC4 debate.

Brandon McKown

Hey guys, you rule!

Hey Byydo look, people are learning

Ok now that's over with, let me get to my spiel...

The first time I ever became a fan with Wing Commander was when I played Super Wing Commander for the 3DO (also on the Mac). The ships (especially the Tiger's Claw) and the whole atmosphere of the game (the dire situations, the green pilots and all that) were great aspects that made me respect Wing Commander.

Indeed, those are very reasons why WC1 is still my favorite.

I have always wanted a remake of this game, either a conversion to the PC or a whole new redesign of the game using the VISION game engine, preferably the former. It would be a nice touch to the WC Universe, and it would surely make every fan cheer.

I couldn't agree more. Fans who have never been blessed with the privledge of playing SWC have been constantly dreaming of a conversion to the PC for as long as I can remember. The sad fact is that it simply isn't possible for Origin to remake WC1 or make a PC SWC because I doubt that it would make even close to as much money as a new game would. But maybe someday if the movie is a huge hit and there will be a market for a 50's WC game.

I kind of agree with you, I've been wanting to play SWC for awhile... It wouldn't be as difficult as a remake of WC1, because the game is basically done, all they'd have to do is change some of the code... The problem is, as neat as it may be, SWC is an old game, and wouldn't sell as well as a new game with flashy graphics and sound- making the project harder to justify to EA's accountants. Something that they might be able to do would be to include it in their next Kilrathi Saga-style bundle... That would probably be the best way to go about things, at least in my opinion.

A fellow fan, Brandon T. McKown

Adam "Cougar" Cherry

Dear Ace,

As a damn loyal and proud WC fan, I loved both WC4 and WCP. They were both really great games and had real great things about them. WC4 obviously had the stronger plot. When I played this game, it seemed to shed alot of light on the WC universe, the characters, everybody. The story was really riviting and I looked forward to every one of the movies. I did, however, feel like the game was too short, maybe a little bit too easy especially once you got that Dragon.

Uh huh.

Hehehe, I will *never* understand how *anyone* could think WC4 was easy :)

I burnt through all those CDs really fast and felt that it was too short to buy. Better game to rent.

If you just rented it you'd miss out on the whole branching mission structure :)

Prophacy had a much better flight engine. The wingmen were 100% improved, the cap ship attacks were much more realistic,

I guess I still prefer the old-style capship attacks...

and the dogfights were great.

I agree completely.

Graphics, movement, and flight stratagy were much better and more effective than the previous games. Being more interested in the piloting aspect of the game, I liked this game much more.

Mmm Hmm.

I'd also like to bring WC3 into this whole battle. Out of all the games this was my favorite. WC3 was the turning point of the entire series. There was a vastly improved game engine, actors, and an intense story line. I still play it occationally and it has a great replay value. I'll never get tired of saving Confed and winning the war as everybody's favorite hero, Blair. The fact that he was played by Mark Hamill brought back all those great Star Wars memories.

Yeah, out of all the WC games I believe that WC3 had the best combination of plot and flying. If the next WC game has WC3's combination then I'm sure almost everyone will be pleased (almost).

WCIII was great, IMHO the best of the series... Of course, I'm probably biased because WCIII was the first WC I ever played :)

I'd like to point out that you guys are right, it's pretty obvious that WC is not finished with Blair yet. People don't die when towers don't get miraculous sucked into wormholes in Hollywood (or wherever they happened to film it). Remember that people never die in the movies unless you see them die (not even then if you watch X Files). So I look forward to seeing Blair in the next game.

Yeah, we'll probably see Blair sometime in the future, although I don't know what form he'll be in.

That's all I have to say. You guys rock, this is the best website I've found on any topic anywhere on the web, and so what if I haven't looked very hard.

Hrm, I was going to say ace's Happy Homepage was pretty good too, but then I remembered that it's not about any topic, in fact there's really not much of anything there, so yeah, I guess you're right.

Thanx Ace, Byydo and nice job with that book cover.

Yeah, Byydo's our little graphical wonder.

-Adam "Cougar" Cherry


Dear Ace:

I have the original WC that hasen't been used in years. I put in on my 10 yr olds Christmas computer and realized the blueprints/documents are missing. Can you tell me how to get another copy.



This is an all-too-common problem. The manuals and copy-protection documents are no doubt well out-of-print, making it somewhat impossible to get new ones from Origin. I'm going to assume you're honest and not part of a fiendish w4r3z scheme intended to bring about the destruction of OSI by means of stealing their software, but if you're fibbing and you're really a fiendish pirate, then... well... shame on you, you bad man. I'll suggest that you try to find a little program called Neverlock. The shareware version of this program can be downloaded from the internet(look for it on a search engine such as Hotbot, and it allows the user to disable the copy protection schemes on older (mostly pre-1992) games. It's only legal to use on games that you legitimately own. Any other use is piracy and is illegal, and will make ace cry.

***Don't email the CIC or any of its staff members asking where to find this program.


Hello ace and Byydo, anyone else,

You know... that false edition of False Colors could be worth something.

Yeah, as toilet paper.

*Psychopath runs to the toilet with the false edition of False Colors out and a few minutes later comes out satisfied, with more then half of the novel missing.

Don't you think there's a trend that there are people that just dislike something about the newest WC game, while singing the praise of the previous WC game.

Then they're traitors, reminds me of a certain group of people who just hate WC so they think of some of their own stuff to make WC 'better' in their own minds.

So whenever the next big WC game come out, someone's gonna complain about some flaw, and then point out how great Prophecy was.

Hmm, I think I know what group of people would be the first to bitch about the next WC game. I think it's from some club around here somewhere.

Well, one could say, just enjoy the game as they are and don't compare them.

That's hard to say, considering that there are people who just likes to bitch about everything Origin makes and then make their own ideas about how great they can turn WC into and then bitch about how their own ideas are legitimate in their 'own universe'. Examples from these ignorant people include a bullshit WC faction and a space submarine that cloaks at will and can totally destroy an entire fleet with a spread of torpedoes.

But someone has to compare the games to kill the time.

Why kill time. Why not kill people?

I suddenly have one of those headaches again

I wish I had a cyanide capsule

We'd like to just thank everyone who has written us this week and for all of you who have yet to to talk to Byydo and I, please drop us a line.

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