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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag (January 11, 1999)

This week ace, Byydo and special guest Cpl_Hades talk some more about WCP, help an aspiring beta tester, and get some help from a nice Canadian family...

Philip K Morris

Hi, I'm writing to you as a result of the Mail Bag issued January 4th 1999. First off I would like to say what is everyone on? I have been a fan of the WC series since WC1 and I have never once been disappointed with any of the games.

I dunno, the AI in Armada kinda got on my nerves, but then I only paid about 9 bucks for the game so I guess I should be happy.

Second How can anyone say that WC4 is better than Prophecy? Prophecy is far superior in every respect.

I dunno, WC4 had better movies, more variety in armaments, more interesting ship design, better plot, and a whole lot more "neat" features that WCP lacked...

AS to SO more please. It was refreshing not to have the Movie Cutscenes to get in the way of the gameplay, And giving the whole thing away free was the idea of a genius.

Finally I would like to say Come on lets get a new WC game out ASAP.

...but not so soon that the initial release has bugs like P2D :) If game publishers stopped giving in to pressure to release stuff early, we wouldn't need the tons of patches that new games often require before they're playable at all. I used to get mad in the old days about how far Lucasarts would push back their X-Wing addons, but they always worked straight out of the box :) Something to think about, anyway... :)


Karl Frank

Dear Ace, dear Dismal Legionairre

This week we deal with the comparisons between WC4 and Prophecy, old folks that can no longer relate to WC, and everybody's favorite problems with Prophecy.

Well I know this message will be taken apart as the others, so I will keep myselfe as short as possible to avoid a big vulnerable side... :)

Uh oh, watch out Byydo somehow an intelligent person e-mailed us...

There is absolutely no doubt for me that Wc4 is the better one of the two games mentioned, as WC4 is my all time favourite. So I feel that I have to counter one main argument always brought up by the WCP lovers. WCP has much more different and better designed missions than WCP. This is simply not correct. Remember what we had in wc4. Planetary missions, stealth assignments, fly in a distortion field, disable enemy ships,... It wasn't only the plot that made WC4 a great game, it was also the rest. It is only that most people think back to WC4 more like to an interactive movie than to a game and so don't remember. Granted the engine of Wc4 might seem a bit dated for some, but I think the missions are really the best we did see so far, except some of the SO encounters.

I agree. WC4 was a lot of fun, I just with they'd carried some of those neat toys over into WCP. Let's hope the next WC game combines the action and gameplay of WCP with the little extras (such as area-effect weapons, leeches, and cloaks) that made WC4 so great.

I can't really argue with you, well I can try. I think that I mostly agree with you, there are a large variety of missions in WC4 that simply aren't present in WCP. I think the main reason planetary missions weren't included in WCP was that it would take too long to truly develop a good atmospheric flight engine. Of course there are also a lot of new creative types of missions in WCP that we see for the first time such as having multiple missions dedicated to knocking out a single capship, or the rescue the ejected pilot. I think the main problem in the WC4 vs WCP comparison of the first mailbag was that people the same people that cursed and hated WC4 because of it's movies were then cursing and hating WCP because of it's lack of movies. But overall you do bring up a very good comparison between the missions of WC4 and WCP, and I'm sure after witnessing some of the missions in Secret Ops that we'll be seeing a lot more creativity in the future.

Karl CFF Frank

Didn't catch his name...

Hi Ace..

Fine, Ignore me. I don't like you either :(

Im a big fan of the Privateer series and im lookin forward to the new one....Id like to know how I could get involved in something like beta testing the new one.....and hopefully get involved...

Step 1: Find a chicken (A)

Step 2: Find a knife (B)

Step 3: Insert (B) into (A)

Step 4: Empty the blood into a large cistern. Into this cistern, put ash, bones, flour, and divers other reagents of the Magick, and speaketh the Incantation of the hideous Shub-Internet. After bathing in the Vile Broth of Summoning, send an email to Origin's Human Resources Department and talk to them... I have a feeling they only hire professional Beta Testers, though...

Doug Fraser

I went out and bought the book the was just on you page and realised that your cover for false colors.... well is false. Just thought I give you the REAL cover of the false colors Wing commander novel.

Firstly, there was no need to send it twice, secondly, the actual False Colors cover is misleading since is gets the name of one of the authors wrong. Andrew Keith wrote False Colors, NOT William Keith. The cover featured on the CIC is the one that will be used for the second printing of the novel.


Barrie "Cpl Hades" Almond

I must have one of the new revised editions.

We'd like to just thank everyone who has written us this week and for all of you who have yet to to talk to Byydo and I, please drop us a line.

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