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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag (January 4, 1999)

This week ace and The Dismal Legionairre (aka Byydo) deal with the comparisons between WC4 and Prophecy, old folks that can no longer relate to WC, and everybody's favorite problems with Prophecy.

From: Arnav Manchanda

Dear Ace,

Many members on the CIC board have been saying how WC:Prophecy is not as "replayable" as WCIV or WCIII. I tend to disagree - WCIV was great and all, but it was mainly movies (but good ones! - I'm not saying no to that). Prophecy has much better gameplay and fairly varied missions. I also love it when you get different wingmen every time that you fly - the comm-chatter changes and it's very entertaining. It also has some extra missions that no 'movie' talks about - for instance, if you don't get the cruiser on the last mission in CD1, you have to fly 5-6 extra missions, and I just discovered these a few days ago!

That's all I have to say, and I welcome responses...

Thank you for your patience,

- Arnav Manchanda, aka Dexter ICQ: 6228797

I'm glad someone FINALLY brought that up :) After WC4 was released, there was a plethora of angry fans who thought the gameplay was sub-par compared to WC3... It seems everyone then decided that WC4 was the standard to be matched, and that WCP, which is actually more like the beloved WC3 than WC4 was, is now considered inferior due to its lack of movies :)

I must agree with my companion, for almost a year we listened to people complain about how WC4 was inferior and how there were way too many movies only to now hear that there aren't enough movies. People need to make up their minds.

From: "Philip Burnham"

So, you had to kill him off.

*The Dismal Legionairre licks the blood from his fangs.

How could you terminate the game's greatest asset.

I told him that Moray was mine, but did he listen? Nooooo......

The loss of Christopher Blair in Prophecy hardly came as a surprise, but for me it was bad news.

"He's not really dead, as long as we remember him..."

Remember that not all CD games buyers are teenagers.

Some of us were around when Star Wars came out, the first time!

When you are well into your 40s like me, you look around the game and realise that anyone who was your age in WC3, WC4, and now Prophecy, is dead or off the casting list.

*cough* Rachel *cough* CAG *cough* Wilford *cough*

I suspect however that I am not alone in reminiscing over the good old days in deep space.

Remember that we old timers tend to have lots of money. If I don't find any old duffers in WC6 I may not buy the DVD; THX enhanced game pack for dual voodoo graphics chip set 3DFX cards; force-feedback joystick and virtual reality headset. That can add up to a lot of money, especially as I anticipate playing the game on a multi-cluster Pentium III.

So you're saying you'll only buy games about old people? :)

I am sure that these words of warning will result in Colonel Blair being miraculously saved from the final scene of Prophecy.

Hehehe, I think you're leaning on the wrong guys :) I think you'd have a lot more luck if you tried to convince Origin/EA instead :)

Would it be too much to hope for that we revive admiral Tolwyn, Hawk, Vagabond and all the ageing chums.

Hehehe, do you want Wing Commander or Resident Evil? Those guys are all dead :)

If you are stuck for a plot, look to George Lucas and make Wings III to V the trilogy and start all over again with new "space age" Wings I and II.


Need I say more.....

*The Dismal Legionairre blinks

Philip Burnham

From: "~Amn Binapal~"

Ace, "Dear Ace",

Hello, "Hello",

First things first. Okay great page guyz, this is the best Wing Commander Page, I have ever seen.

You started off good didn't you...

Okay, now I got Wing Commander Prophecy and Wing Commander Secret Ops, from X-Mas. I beat WCP in 3 days, no cheating, except i had to use invunability on the last 3 missions.

I'm not even gonna say it...

This is game was fun. But it suffered some major problems: ---------------------------------------------------------------------

1. What the hell were these bugs? I mean they never explained them? Who were they why the hell were they in The Kilrah system? What the hell did this game have to do with "The Prophecy". I mean, The Kilrathi were good in this game, but then what waz all this "Prophecy" crap about?

Did you bother reading the manual or anything? Apparently not :)

2. Okay, the ending waz just dissapoiting. They killed Blair, I mean that waz so crappy.

We all miss him, but it's a war, people die all the time.

We don't even really know that he's dead :) he could have survived when tower 7 fell back through the wormhole into alien space...

He died just like that, and no one gave a damn when he died except for Casey.

I think they were all too busy trying to save the Confederation from the bugs.

I mean they could of ended the game off some other way, inseted of killing Blair.

Yeah, but then they'd get accused of dragging the tired old Blair character around as dead weight.

Blair was the best WC characther ever,


they completly changed his characther from WC4 to WCP, I mean what the hell is wrong with the director, Adam-or-something like that. Chris Roberts could have made this game so much better.

And? He wasn't a pilot anymore, he was an old man flying a desk :) That's bound to change someone's personality some :)

3. Wasn't the video quality sussposed to get better?


They used like special expensive filming stuff for WC4 and didn't for Prophecy.

I mean it got worst, just a bit. The quality of the video in WC4 was really good, but this was terrible.

They had to cut down the video because it was killing the company to shell out millions to make movies that never even gets released on video :)

Oh ya, and why the hell did they take out all the "in-movie" questions. There was like no video's, nothing like the previous games. The ship looks cool, but you can go to like 3 rooms in the whole bloody game! That pissed me off!

That's because having to wander around the ship like you were lost whenever you wanted to talk to somebody pissed off everybody else. OSI had to choose whether to piss off them or you, and they made a decision.

4. Only 3 CD's? Okay from WC3 with 4 CD's, they WC4 with 6, now were down to 3! There wasn't enough missions, when this game started to get interesting, it ended.

WCP had more missions than WC4 :) The reason WCP was only 3 CD's is because Origin didn't feel like dropping another $12 mil on a game like WC4, which didn't make enough money to justify that tremendous expenditure. You may like WC4, but in today's market it's just not profitable to make games like that- and without profit the WC series would definately be cut altogether.


Great page guys, but this game was crap compared to the other WC games, I mean what happaned? E-mail me back if you can comment or answer any of my questions.

We'll just skip the e-mail back and just go straight to putting this up.


From: Scott Evans

Dear Ace

I have been a WCcommander


and Privateer fan from the begging. I really became hooked after WCArmada and WC3.

Umm, you were a fan from the beginning but you didn't get hooked until WC: Armada?

WC4 was superbly done. I then purchased WC prophecy expecting the same riveting, cerebral, high action game play I have come to love from the WC commander universe.

Umm... You got riveting, cerebral, high action game play from Armada? WC Armada? The one where the enemy pilots did *nothing* but pull that stupid burnout maneuver? :) The one with no plot whatsoever other than in the documentation? :) Are we talking about the same game here? :)

What I got was a mindless shootem up with great graphics.

Really? You must have picked up a Descent:FS box by mistake ;)

Mr Ace please tell the people from Origin not to screw up the privateer adventures like they have the WCgames. If Origin stays with this type of mindless format for WC I will not spend another dime on WC.

Oh believe me I'll call up Origin first thing tomorrow and tell them not to screw up their privateer adventures like they have the WCgames, I'm sure they'll understand.

"You're a mean one, Mr Ace, You really are a heel, You're as cuddly as a cactus, you're as charming as an eel, Mr Ace, You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel!"

I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. Yours Truly S.E

Wait... Your email address begins with "www."? :)

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