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Wing Commander CIC Mail Bag - August 10, 2009

After a four-year hiatus, the CIC Mail Bag is back! This time we even brought guest commentator LeHah!

Subject: Wing Commander CIC Forums Contact Us Form - Site Feedback
Date: 7/14/2009 6:49:49 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Kross1218

I just got the game operation flashpoint cold war crisis. I haven't had it in years. But I cant remember the controls. lI need help with swithching between guys in your platoon. And how do i get in to vehichles when I mark the playable? If you can help it would be great.

ChrisReid: We *could* help, but what would really be great is the feeling you'll experience once you figure it out for yourself

LeHah: A quick Google search will pull up a wiki for the game series. A longer Google search will make you wonder why you're playing it in the first place.

Subject: IP address ban
Date: 12/26/2005 5:57:27 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: scottandfiddle

Dear Sir

My IP address has been banned! I was wondering why this is! If I have offended anyone I do apologize about it but I only speak my mind and by this IP Ban I fell that my roght to free speech is being comprimised! I have only disagreed with one person who has only provoked me into an argument! since I've started using this forum. I have written to you about him before! When I felt I have offeneded someone I have apologized which you'll be able to see! Please Help me

Your Sincerly
Scott.Miller (a.k.a socttandfiddle)

Subject: Re: IP address ban
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 00:33:06 -0000
From: Scott Miller
To: KrisV

I was banned as a administraor (ChrisReid) provked me into an argument and gave me stikes for telling non offensives jokes! My freedom of speech not being comprimised? I don't think so! He also gave me another strike (which caused the ban) after a big argument which I won over the mantu! My ban before the IP ban was unjust and I posted unregistared messages to prove to him he'll never get rid of me!. Plus no-one said posting threads as unregistared wasn't allowed!

Plaese atleast deal with ChrisReid or unban me

Your Sincerly
Scott.Miller (a.k.a Scottandfiddle)

ChrisReid: There is no such thing as an appropriate joke. That's why it's a joke.

LeHah: You don't understand: Being banned helps your freedom of speech. Now you can go everywhere else on the internet with that same freedom and bother everyone thats not us!

Subject: IQ
Date: 02-09-2009, 19:50
From: RD
To: ChrisReid

ChrisReid: This one is in response to me saying at that bragging about his 127-point IQ was tacky:

I only mention it cause I'm in the upper "above average" range... a low-genius is around 150 and the really smart genius's are up inthe 160+ 180+ type area.

Actually, N.American average used to be bout 110 back in the 1990's... but since bout 1998 its been falling... its now like 94 (which is really sad). I think its a case of too many "lazy Americans" and the country getting into importing everything rather than actually making anything (less high-IQ jobs, less college/university grad's, more low-paid part-time jobs, etc)

Its just unfortunate for me that I'm like a young Einstein in that I tend to suck at the higher levels of math (except I'm 33 and have early-age arthritis, so I hardly qualify as "young"). Kind of ticks me off too... if my health didn't suck so much and my math was way better I could have really made something of my life.

Its a real shame, cause I can understand the basics tenents of complex stuff like Stephen Hawking's "exploding blackhole theory" thru to more fictional stuff like Jump-Points and the (theoretical math) part of how the TARDIS can be bigger on the inside and stuff like that.

ChrisReid: Sorry Einstein, your writing and social grace ranks up there with your math.

LeHah: You may very well be a genius, but I don't think I want to talk to someone who can explain the TARDIS to me in that fashion. (I'm sure theres an off-color reTARDIS joke in there, but that might violate Scottandfiddle's Freedom Of Speech)

Subject: Contacting the CIC Staff
Date: 1/29/2006 7:10:24 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: kshazzam

Are there anyone near my area who would be able to help me with my old games WC Prophecy?? I live in Farmington, New York. I have window XP on my computer. I will be free from work starting February 2 until March 9th. Please feel free contact me in person due to my hearing impairment. Please do not discriminate because I love this game and all of the wing commander games.

Kenneth Kressler

Subject: Fw: Contacting the CIC Staff
Date: 1/31/2006 5:20:01 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

This is the second notice, please reply to my questions.

Subject: Re: Contacting the CIC Staff
Date: 1/31/2006 1:29:05 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: banditloaf
To: kshazzam

As we have informed you several times already (the first several politely, even) we are not the company which developed Wing Commander. is an entirely independant fan site run by a small group of people spread all over the world with no budget whatsoever. We are not technical experts and we certainly don't shuttle people around the country to help install video games.

We do maintain, at our cost, a message board specifically to help connect people with technical issues with others who may have solutions. The message board can be accessed at . Registration is not required for users looking for technical support... and in all likelyhood you will not even need to post, as there is an extensive backlog of already solved issues. I do not run Wing Commander games in XP myself, but my understanding is that installing Prophecy in that operating system is as simple as remembering to click the Win98 compatibility tab beforehand. If you do post there, though, I am absolutely sure that you will be helped to tbe best of anyones abilities.

Wing Commander was developed by Origin Systems, a (now defunct) studio of Electronic Arts. If you are interested in contacting Electronic Arts regarding technical support, their corporate website is . Electronic Arts is the most profitable entertainment company in the world... if anyone is going to fly an expert to Farmington, NY to help install a ten year old computer game, it will be them and not the five-person hobbyist group. I will caution you, however, that in all likelyhood they will also think that you are crazy.

Ben Lesnick

ChrisReid: Dont let the 'second notice' bit fool you. As LOAF mentioned, we got a number of requests from this person and told him a bunch of times that we weren't Electronic Arts and weren't coming to fix his computer.

LeHah: I wish I could find something to say to this that hasn't been thought of by anyone who read it before this comment of mine.

Subject: Re: Landreich campaign Andrew Carnegie
Date: 8/19/2008 8:10:45 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

ChrisReid: In response to being banned at

I would like to discuss the Andrew Carnegie canon issues in the forums.

And if I'm a jerk in the forums, it usually happens because I'm upset or something.

ChrisReid: Oh, you were being a jerk because you were upset? Well, let's just unban you then!

LeHah: hehehehe, you're an upset jerk

Subject: Re: Contacting the CIC Staff
Date: 8/11/2007 4:18:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: marowski

I don't have a question, I simply wanted to thank you all for being there. I'm a big Wing Commander fan, and have been a user of your site for years. I must admit, I rarely post on the forums, but I read them often. I also have collected a lot of stuff from your site, and love the interviews and comments from the creators. Heck I love everything about it!.

So that's it. Just thanks! And Happy 9th Birthday CIC!

Best Regards,

Glenn (Mirage) Marowski

ChrisReid: We wanted to post this one to show that not every email we get is awful, and we appreciate the feedback!

LeHah: Thanks, "Mirage". You're the type of person that makes this site great. Keep on truck'n.

Subject: FW: Contacting the CIC Staff
Date: 8/11/2008 6:44:32 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Patrick

Hey guys,

I’ve been visiting your site since you had the star field background (which I stole for my desktop wallpaper back in the day) at WCHS. Congratulations on 10, 12 years! It’s been great visiting over the years; many an hour have I wasted reading over the same back story, tech specs, etc over and over. Your ships database is busted in places, by the way. Keep up the great work and most especially, ‘thank you!’


ChrisReid: And thanks again here too! The ships database should be fixed now!

LeHah: No, Patrick, Thank YOU.

ChrisReid: Thanks for all the material this time around! Email if there's something on your mind, and we might feature it in the next issue of the CIC Mail Bag.

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